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Chat in English Part 189 (1001)
GOD[]   投稿日:2014/11/29 16:50:12  ID:SoSWOFSP.net
( ´・ω・)  Let's have reiko (iced coffee) and chat!
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Chat in English Part 188

GOD[]   投稿日:2014/11/29 16:52:17  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Who the hell made another one?


害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 16:58:39  ID:dnwgZWov!.n(2)
This thread is superior, as iced coffee is better than too-sweet cafe au lait.

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:01:36  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)


イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:02:21  ID:hCgAGob3.net(5)
You young people have faster reflexes.

We've had iced coffee for the past 3 or 4 threads though...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:04:59  ID:ISuBw1/b.net
A Japanese newspaperman was indicted on charges of insulting the South Korean President.
He wrote the article about the President's unfaithfulness during a passenger ship sinking in the sea.

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:14:56  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Shut up oyaji!!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:32:53  ID:hCgAGob3.net(5)
You young people have no respect these days! Things were so much
better when I was young. Children would stay healthy from playing
outside all day, and they had much better manners! It's bad parenting
these days, mark my words...

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:49:49  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
LOL stop embarrass yourself!

Bad manners? Haha

Go back to your fucking country!

You British imperialist!
So when will you go back to the country? Tomorrow? Next week?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:51:47  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
30s big bros
40s uncles
50s- daddies

↑this is my personal view.
My mouth waters when I see mature whities in their 40s with silver hair.
Anderson Cooper is an uncle among uncles :-P

>> igirisu-jin
coincidence! I was just having dinner yesterday at Ootoya in Shinjuku with an aussie.
I'm a kind of home boy and don't eat out often, so that's a really cocindence.
I mean, the topic.

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:53:19  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
I've been having a sore throat in recent weeks now

The oyaji is the cause!!! Because British have bad teeth and bad breath...

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:54:41  ID:hCgAGob3.net(5)
Well that went right over his head...

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:56:44  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Is it just me or this thread stinks like 加齢臭....

Oh I totally forgot it's the oyaji lol

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 17:59:00  ID:hCgAGob3.net(5)
My youngest housemate often calls me 「お兄ちゃん」.
Though when I'm cooking, it changes to 「パパ」...

A couple days ago, I tried Ankake Spaghetti, and it was quite nice,
I guess. The taste was good, and it was completely different to
Italian style spaghetti.

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 18:01:24  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
The oyaji should stick to British food and sandwiches

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/11/29 18:14:34  ID:VUMruaFE.net(2)
as far as i know, that Anderson Cooper dude is gay,
so you have a chance.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 18:17:30  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
ewww, what a horrible guest house ... it's like some loli-con anime .... (||゚Д゚)

well, we have lots of spagetti a la japonaise.
you should already know tarako spa, and now I recommend you this one.

This is super good for survenir even to your gaijin friends who can't eat fish.
It's small in volume, light in weight, doesn't go bad, and, this is most important, everyone will like it!!!
(yuzu kosho is mustard with yuzu citron, which is a must as well in your kitchen)

you can get it in a supermarket, where it is probably next to tarako spa sauce.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 18:20:12  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
yeah, I can remember when he came out, I was in Kassel, Germany with an American dad.
He too told me how gay people reacted to the news like "everybody knows it already!!"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 19:22:48  ID:Js+Zug7N.net(2)
Thank God!

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 19:27:55  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Aw you're very welcome!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 20:36:21  ID:Js+Zug7N.net(2)
Thank Heaven!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 20:50:11  ID:nA70b444.net
Was the Aussie guy cute? Does he like men too?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 20:52:31  ID:dnwgZWov!.n(2)
Do Caucasians look older to you than Japanese of the same age?
(I ask because many Japanese folks thought I was far older than I actually am.)

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 20:55:07  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
I think white people easily get look older especially if you have blonde hairs...

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 21:00:47  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Like white people have lots of winkles and even そばかす and their skin looks so dry...

They need to hydrate their skin like putting face cream or whatever

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 21:24:46  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
he's gay and fortunately cute, yay!!

of course yes. Asians all in all look younger.
I think one of the reasons of it is we are shorter in height.
according to a recent study, short persons get old slower.

besides, the japanese are mad keen on anti-aging.
I totally can't make out why Westerners (even ladies) like thier skin tanned.

you know some old caucasian guys have big moles and warts by UV.
they are gross!!! that's why I avoid tanned mature guys to sleep with, haha XD

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 21:45:31  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
any guys already tried new doughnuts at 711?

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 21:56:24  ID:B7gOccPw.net(11)
Omg I'm 186cm it's a bit tall for Japanese so I get old quickly like white gaijin?

That's something I really want to avoid...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:19:53  ID:VUMruaFE.net(2)
i usually don't eat doughnuts.
they are a tad heavy to me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:22:37  ID:CccwMRnJ.net
It's not just whites. I have absolutely no clue how old black people are.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:23:07  ID:3KSh5v5C.net(2)
Always the cute ones T_T

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:37:16  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
they are cute at least for me.
but you don't need to be jealous at all,
coz they're oyaji in their 50s and I doubt if they are still cute for you (^∀^;)

Lucky me, I have soft spots for what are in small demand!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:43:11  ID:lcfyTmLp.net(7)
I'm going to go to 711 and get some doughnuts later.
if they're almost as yummy as mr. doughnut
no reason to stop by Misudo anymore!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:46:16  ID:ZaTnL90R!.n
>1 Thank you GOD for making the thread.

>28 I am exactly 186cm too. And I will age even faster because I am a white gaijin too. Maybe if I somehow got my grandfather DNA from my mother I won't get grey/bald hair even at 70 years old.
My dad on the other hand started getting grey hair in his 30s... but atleast it's 99% sure I won't become bald.
Atleast I don't try to get a tan. Sunbathing is pretty boring and ruins your skin in the long run. I don't know why so many people do it.
This video also shows that Japanese women look a lot younger than gaijin: http://www.japanprobe.com/2011/06/13/why-do-japanese-women-look-so-youn...

In February I am planning to do an internship for my Bachelor abroad somewhere (if possible).
Do any of you have experience with a study or internship abroad? What were your experiences and where did you go to?
I want to get out of my comfort zone for a half year.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:56:27  ID:hCgAGob3.net(5)
Yeah, many people in the UK like to look tanned, for some reason. But
most people just use fake tan (in a bottle), rather than resorting to
sunbeds. I'm happy enough being pale.

So far, people here tend to guess my age as being 24-26. So I'm not sure
exactly what makes us look older.

Earlier, my Finnish housemate wanted to go to Mister Donut. That was my
first time there. They're not bad, I guess, but not great. Last week, we
went to the food basement of a department store, and she found a doughnut
she really, really enjoyed.

You may as well be a gaijin.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:04:28  ID:3KSh5v5C.net(2)
No, that's not really what I mean. I mean, the cute ones seem to be always gay. Like my friend's friend fell in love with three gay guys without knowing their sexuality. She found it out after a while and got heartbroken lol Did that ever happen to you?

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:21:21  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
Aw you're welcome!

You have the same height? Also I have a lot of hair and I'm still in my 20s but recently I've noticed there have been gray hair and obsessed with plucking them lol

In Japan 186cm is pretty tall I think but in the Netherlands people are super tall and you are the average right?

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:25:00  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
No. I'm 100% Japanese and born and raised in Japan.

If I have just one drop of foreign blood in my body, I will definitely remove all of my blood and get new blood at any costs.

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:30:49  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
Just in case I'm not a racist

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:32:53  ID:4mS5xqOK!.n
>37 Dutch people are (average) the tallest in the world yes, but 186cm is still a bit above average. But you're right; I am not really tall here in Holland.
A good friend of mine is 205cm, and has European shoe size 50 (=33½ Japanese shoe size). It's hard for him to find shoes his size lol...
Do you have big feet too? I have European shoe size 44½ (=29 Japanese shoe size), and I heard that that size is (almost) impossible to buy in Japan?

GOD[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:39:46  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
Omg 205cm is just wow!
Even I often find it very inconvenient like chair, desk etc etc because they are so smaller and shorter in Japan, your friend definitely can't live in Japan!

I don't have big shoes fortunately mines are 27.5cm so I don't have any trouble when it comes to buying new shoes!
You're right 29cm shoes are difficult to find in Japan oI think you can find 28cm or 28.5cm shoes at best in Japan?

I don't need tall height but I want intelligence and good looking instead lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 00:52:25  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
I like getting tan in a machine or beach because I work out a lot at gym?

Tanned skin looks a lot better if you have fit body. But this is personal preference I guess

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 02:54:56  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
Mie has buraku like other prefectures including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka etc. in Japan.
If your potential or current girlfriend is from such areas in Mie pref, what would you do?
Buraku discrimination still do exists in some region in Japan, while some people say they
are OK with marring or going out with people from such areas, some do care and avoid getting
married and such.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 03:16:04  ID:cckOqVZk.net(3)
In my case, I know exactly where she's from, and she doesn't have to
worry about that.

I hadn't heard of buraku before though. I suppose the closest thing
we have to that in Europe is the Gypsy community. They tend to live
together in small groups, and are looked down upon by many people.
However, they often travel from location to location with caravans.
They're often seen as untrustworthy due to the amount of crime certain
communities are responsible for, involving pickpocketing, burglary,
mugging, fraud, etc.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 04:13:49  ID:Hy+G3JW8.net(4)
Both their parents and human rights groups have responsibility for the problem of buraku.
They want to maintain various discrimination interests and have imposed their legacy of hatred on their own children.
Japan has a lot of choices freely to get jobs, so human rights groups have to stop their hypocrisy.

Some company certainly don't like people coming from Buraku,
but this is because the groups are pressure group and cause many troubles.
Their marriages are in similar circumstances.

However, human rights groups are joining hands with a Korean group in Japan.
Korean group are also joining hands with the Ainu.
This is one of the reasons I hate Korean.
A lot of social problems come from Korean.
Westerners don't know the fact.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 05:13:31  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
I see. It's interesting to read Gypsy could be an equivalent of Buraki-min, min
民(みん) here means people, by the way, hence buraku people, FYI.
There are some buraku specific line of work, such as making Japanese drum,
which is made of leather. Killing cows for food and other leather
products is burakumin's job. There's a city in Mie known for Japanese drum making.

The topic of buraku is one of the taboos in Japanese society and you could say
the degree of discrimination has been getting weaker from generation to generation
but the discrimination still does exist even now. The current Osaka mayor,
Tohru Hashimoto is Buraku-min. He tried to sue a weekly magazine before when
it put a feature on it about his life mentioning he is from Braku. The weekly apologized.

Look at the Kanji characters of his family name Hashimoto, and it literally
means "under a bridge." That means his ancestor was actually living under a
bridge, they must have been too poor because they are burakumin to afford a house.
Or maybe the poorest kind even among fellow burakumin.
It's said that his family name was pronounced, Hashi-Shita before, not Hashimoto.
The former way of pronouncing the name is more indicaticve so he or his parents
changed the way its read, without changing the kanji characters themselves.
Once under a bridge and now a higher up in Osaka City hall. Not bad.

Aichi, where you live now has some buraku areas, too. When a typhoon comes and
rains a lot and floods some areas, you can get a hint. Sometimes those area is Buraku because some burakumin
were historically forced to live in such vulnerable areas near the river
or below the sea level etc... That's not always the case but in Nagoya or Aichi, that could be the case
as far as I know, although I'd better not go into the detail.

maybe you've got a point there.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 05:36:44  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
Another hint besides often flooded areas is rent, house and land price.
You are searching a house and find an inexpensive rent. You may think why
the rents of apartments in this area are cheaper than those of other areas...

The catch is They are in Buraku area. Because few people want to live in what's
called buraku. It's about demand and supply so the fact that the rent is cheaper
is a sure sign that the Buraku discrimination still exists.

If you ask a real state agent face to face why the rent of your potential apartment is
cheap, chances are they will tell you why, although telling that could be
illegal. I don't know what's legal and what's illegal about this braku thing.
Not hiring because one job candidate is from Buraku is illegal, if I'm not mistaken.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 05:51:55  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
I'm talking about a case in which you move in an area you're not familiar with.

If you live in a prefecture or a city where it has Buraku area, you
know the names of the areas already. The discrimination is more or less passed down from generation
to generation. As you grow up, your parents or grandparents tell you where braku is near
where you live.

When you move to a prefecture where you've never lived before, the above mentioned
cheap rent or land price or house price could be a hint.
It's too late if you notice after spending a fortune to a new house.
Lastly let me add that I'm not encouraging discrimination.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 07:43:46  ID:Hy+G3JW8.net(4)
Buraku people came to my elemantary school and said Japanese were racist.
The Korean Residents Union in Japan(民団) also came to my school and said Korea is great.
I remember it clearly that they said both the origin of football and Japanese 蹴鞠 were チェギ.
My elementary school was a very anti-Japanese one.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 07:48:51  ID:Hhzylyko.net(3)
i assume 711 counter gets crowded more and more.
young people drinking 711s cafe gather at the counter and the clerks are needed more versatility to deal with them.
so check the comfort of purchase things.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 08:15:33  ID:Hy+G3JW8.net(4)
People here are not nervous.
I always care about materials of any kind of food.
I don't eat food unknown the materials.

I avoid caramel dye, trans fat, acrylamide, tar dye, potassium bromate(used by Yamazaki and etc), nitrite and so on.
I'm tired from buying food everyday.
Stress ruins my health. The prioritiy are wrong.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 08:54:00  ID:Hhzylyko.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 09:04:10  ID:C2kaYWsN.net(2)
Why don't you try breaking your habit bit by bit?
i agree it's important to care about materials contained in food but you shouldn't be stressed out by doing that.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 09:07:29  ID:C2kaYWsN.net(2)
In my case, I make a point of paying attention to use-by date,
but i don't mind if i eat some food after its best-before date.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 09:18:36  ID:Hy+G3JW8.net(4)
Thanks for your kindness.
I am trying to complete how to avoid bad materials with no stress.
The answer is very simple. "Earn more money."
If so, I can go to good quality supermarkets like 成城石井 or buy at the Internet Shops or drive to farm villages.

Oh, I think the same as >54. My "some food" are natto, eggs( not to eat raw eggs) and so on.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 11:54:41  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
Burakumin is so kimoi

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 11:59:34  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
I don't like Mie people because they also speak Kansai-ish dialect which is so vulgar and kimoi!

They need to learn how to speak proper Japanese like the way Tokyo people speak...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 12:07:33  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
成城石井 is not a quality supermarket in my opinion.
They desperately try to look that way by having foreign goods and intentionally and needlessly hike the price of their original brands...

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 12:28:34  ID:cckOqVZk.net(3)
How do you feel about 北野エース? Their cheese is cheaper than 成城石井's.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 12:39:32  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
I suspect your elementary school district has both Buraku and Korean resident areas.
And some of your classmates were from those areas. Maybe you're from Osaka.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/11/30 12:41:16  ID:VTuDBzu8!.n
The bottom part is. Look up "speedo".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 12:57:38  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
I think killing cows or processing them for food is a job for people of low socila status everywhere
in the world.

Rocky Balboa, the main character of the movie was very poor.
He punched a s skinned cow hung from ceiling.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 13:19:52  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
This world is full of contradiction.
While you discriminate Burakumin. While you discriminate them, you eat
beef stake. Without them, you can't even tuck into Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki.

If you're interested in Burakumin's family business, this documentary
film might give you food for thought.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 13:37:56  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
Doesn't matter they're simply disgusting like Hashinoto

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 13:41:36  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
The problem, for the lack of a better expression, is it's not easy
to tell if your potential partner is from Buraku because not all burakumin
is in food processing business and other leather products business.
Burakumin's family business is not limited to killing cows and making leather products.

Different from Race discriminations in other countries, Buraku-min is an
ethnically pure Japanese, speak the same language, the same color of skin.

Enough of buraku story? All right, I'll shut up now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 13:55:41  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
(Un)fortunately I've never been there.

Seems like you like cheese? What do you recommend?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 14:01:05  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
Picking up one topic, whatever it is, and write about it without
being afraid of making mistakes helps you improve your English/Japanese writing skill.

Some call posts in 2chan just graffiti of a public bathroom.
So there's no point in being afraid.
That's a really funny way of describing what's 2chan like.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/11/30 15:09:59  ID:rzaC0xGe.net
Hi, are you ready for collapse of Abenomics?
Selling Japanese government's bond so much, yen would be depreciate further. I recommend you to convert yen to foreign currency.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 15:14:49  ID:4cOOZwyr!.n
I've read that 60%-70% of the yakuza are burakumin. This doesn't surprise me at
all; if they're fucked no matter what, why wouldn't they try to improve their lot,
regardless of the legality or acceptability? They are not bound to the social contract.
I figure this is partially due to 出る釘は打たれる.

I like gouda, and it's one of the few cheeses I've seen produced domestically in Japan.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 15:19:00  ID:cckOqVZk.net(3)
Cheese is a big industry in the UK, with many different types. We use
it in many dishes, though since coming here, I've barely had any. Real
English cheese is very, very expensive in Japan, even really common and
simple cheese such as Cheddar. In fact, it costs maybe 5 times as much.

Cheddar and Camembert are nice on bread. Roule and Boursin are nice as
a spread. Jarlsberg and Gruyere, maybe even Gouda are nice baked on
potato, such as in a gratin.

The anti-Abe protesters were marching down the streets again today. Does
that happen everywhere?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 15:42:39  ID:pYC1KJo7.net
Japan was a feudalistic nation, a class-oriented society. Generally speaking, the Meiji Restoration helped the people get rid of feudalistic ways of thinking.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 16:22:50  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
I just had sex

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 16:30:51  ID:zaR+kWNW.net(4)
i wish i could have an intercourse someday.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 17:11:59  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
I just LOLed at this white gaijin who bought 10 bottles of 午後の紅茶 ミルクティー at seven eleven!

Must be his favorite drink lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 17:19:11  ID:xDC7i9JL.net(10)
You paid for it?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 17:47:56  ID:y/sI2HnK.net
It might not necessarily be a misuse in spoken language (many dictionaries regard it simply as a misuse though),
but 杭 is more accurate and natural instead of 釘.

[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 18:11:55  ID:7IZ/gVR9.net
Interesting. I never knew the real saying is 杭. Thank you!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 18:52:20  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
Lol no. I don't buy sex!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 19:22:26  ID:zaR+kWNW.net(4)
I didn't sleep enough last night so i've continued yawning...sleepy...
i don't know about parenting in Japan these days but when i was a child,
i was told it is impolite for you to yawn without covering your mouth with your hand.
How about the other countries or regions??
Are there any countries/regions where yawning in public without covering a mouth is considered "not polite"??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 19:50:15  ID:zaR+kWNW.net(4)
It seems that some female name is given to each hurricane in the usa every year.
I want to suggest that we go the same way for our typhoons in 2015.
typhoon Akiko (明子) instead of typhoon no.1
typhoon Izumi (泉) instead of typhoon no.2
typhoon Umi (海未) instead of typhoon no.3
typhoon Emi (絵美) instead of typhoon no.4
typhoon Orin (お凛) instead of typhoon no.5
sounds interesting, doesn't it??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 19:52:51  ID:YBOOMKd7.net(6)
I'm going to DVD rental shop and supermarket to check up on the cheeses the gaijins recommended!

Any suggestion?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/11/30 20:08:01  ID:znGuDBxO.net
sounds good. but Akiko, Izumi, Orin...the names are oldfashioned a little bit. ^ ^

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 20:15:44  ID:Z2gowEjQ.net

there have been already names for typhoons ....
you guys just don't know it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 20:50:28  ID:zaR+kWNW.net(4)
i couldn't hit on up to date names. ^^
High ranked politicians and public officers wouldn't approve such names...like kira-kira names...

wow wow.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 21:56:03  ID:VL7w/M2S.net(9)
I was back from shopping but unfortunately I wasn't able to find the cheese the gaijins recommended

So instead I got Doritos which comes with サルサ sauce! You know in Japan there was no Doritos sauces so this is new!

So excited to try it out :D

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 23:48:07  ID:Hhzylyko.net(3)
健全でない言葉が含まれているため表示しません 内容を確認する

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/30 23:55:19  ID:5w3GDVag.net
It's good to see GOD suddenly become nice to gaijins.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 00:09:00  ID:pv6t0Aes.net(3)
today i went to a gay cruising spot where is oriented macho guys.
i am a debu and i love bear, so i used to go to a gay sauna, and lying on huton and waiting someone reach for me (because i have not courage to reach for someone willingly).
but i heard on the other thread that the cruising spot is also full of debu, so i decided to go there.
but the result is misery... i could be permited to enter there this time, but also be declared to reject me next time because of debu.
the gay sauna welcome beard debu (i heard that is the owners' tastes), so i might have misunderstand my gay hierarchy is comparative high, which broked easily with trial of the cruising spot.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 00:22:16  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
I've been nice to gaijins all along ^^

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 00:34:41  ID:nSAGCHB1.net(2)
That's right!

Oh my GOD.
I am attached to 成城石井 and I perapera Kansai dialect.
When I came to the Kanto region at first, I felt Kanto men spoke like women, and I felt like a winner.
Kansai dialect is very strong and the standard Japanese is no match for it, I think.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 00:45:03  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
I would work for 成城石井 when I was in college so I knew the ins and outs of it!!

I always wonder why Kansai people don't fix their dialect and accent even if they come to Tokyo or Kanto region?

I'm originally from 地方 so I had some accents but now I've lost the dialect and accents completely and I'm proud of it

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 00:47:02  ID:2+kj5Hi0.net
My toe nail on my right foot is coming off! I thought there was a new nail growing underneath so I was trying take it off, but the flesh was exposed underneath. Hmmm don't know what to do!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 01:24:34  ID:nSAGCHB1.net(2)
Well,...I knew it the other day from you here.
I put this 成城石井 issue on hold, because I don't know whether the only shop you worked was a black or not.
If the comany itself is evil, I will have to do boycotting.

Kansai dialect is very useful. For example, Aho is a greeting word.
When I was an university new student and join a club, a Osaka man and a Chiba women were often fighting.
Because Chiba women didn't know Aho is a friendly word. That was her first time living with Kansai people.
After all, they went togther. Chiba women finally understood Kasani people!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 01:29:04  ID:kpDtYmcU.net(3)
健全でない言葉が含まれているため表示しません 内容を確認する

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 02:53:34  ID:MGTQCe9o.net(2)
Does that mean I'm not a gaijin?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/01 07:41:44  ID:Y6VxM7AA!.n(2)
Hi guys how are you? I wrote a new song: https://soundcloud.com/misakoisaqt/lovely-lovely-come-in-bloom

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 08:00:56  ID:C90edKcD.net(4)
I can't understand even one world of the lyrics.
i am so disappointed about my poor listening comprehension.orz

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/01 08:15:28  ID:Y6VxM7AA!.n(2)
No, don't be. English vocaloid is very hard to understand, even for native speakers. I can barely understand it and I wrote it!

I posted the lyrics under track info if you want to read them.

Did you like the song, instrumental wise?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 08:32:25  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
Sarcasm too much?
Seems like you have a huge grudge toward me...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 10:04:42  ID:pv6t0Aes.net(3)
i havent seen this video, but you mean yakuza utilizes buraku to use buraku privilege i wrote above, doesnt it?
if so, i can say the relation was not existed originally.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 10:25:42  ID:MGTQCe9o.net(2)
I have no grudge. Only sadness that our love will never blossom〜

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 13:40:39  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
Koreans love to put "~" at the end of sentences...

The oyaji is definitely influenced by the Korean housemate...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 14:06:39  ID:4P1tPMNu.net(2)
The brain physician said that my condition would described as fair, if no other bleeding occurs in my brain.
The psychiatrist said that I am an incurable disease.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 14:12:52  ID:4P1tPMNu.net(2)
Concerning about diabetes, I must have been treating for decades.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 16:43:55  ID:7huM7pbw.net(4)
It's been raining on and off.
I feel blue on and off today...hope it will let up soon.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 16:49:09  ID:C90edKcD.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 17:38:09  ID:kpDtYmcU.net(3)
Sorry but I'm not sure if I understand what you mean.
I'm not an expert on Buraku or Yakuza but let me tell you something.
Buraku has always been closely related to Yakuza.
The reason? My guess is Buraku people had hard time getting a job, so
becoming Yakuza had always been one of their "career" options, especially
when discrimination was severe long time ago.

The vast majority of Buraku people are not involved with illegal businesses,
but I heard that they tend to be tolerant to Yakuza, because for some Buraku people,
their distant relatives or their acquaintances are Yakuza.

I don't know the origins of Yakuza organizations, but I think from the
beginning of such criminal organizations, the members of them are from Eta, Hinin,
or their descendants=Buraku people. So I don't think Buraku people and Yakuza are
two different things. They are identical.

Before ethnic Koreans came to Japan, I think almost 100% of Yakuza are
Buraku people. After ethnic Koreans started to live in Japan during
and after World War 2, their percentage reached to 30% of all Yakuza members now.
After the war, some of them involved in illegal businesses to make a
living, and because of discrimination to ethnic Koreans, they couldn't
get a job, so some of them started illegal business on their own or started joining
exsisting Yakuza organizations. So Braku people's percentage of total Yakuza members decreased to 60% now.

Again, I'm no an expert but the above is my understanding about the
relation between Yakuza and Buraku people.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 17:47:14  ID:C90edKcD.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 17:49:54  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
I'm not an oyaji so I have no idea who the hell bunta is..

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 18:03:03  ID:C90edKcD.net(4)
by the way, i didn't know masumi harukawa is still alive.
i used to watch her on the tv drama called 暴れん坊将軍.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 19:16:49  ID:8z5S+q5B.net
anybody knows Siberia Bunta?
He has appeared in Bara-zoku as a model once XD

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 20:23:08  ID:7huM7pbw.net(4)
thank you...
i'm glad to know that a japanese anime's theme song is popular in a foreign country.
Salute to Cool Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 20:33:39  ID:pv6t0Aes.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 20:37:08  ID:7huM7pbw.net(4)
The time has come when the election candidates, riding on that special cars, run around my town.
The cars move slowly and the うぐいす嬢s shout the candidates' names through megaphones repeatedly.
It can be heard even in my house...with all windows and doors neatly shut...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 20:51:40  ID:Bw0fguDn!.n
it would have been a perfect video if the car had hit a tree or something in the end.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 20:56:18  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)
They are not うぐいす at all. They are literally barking like a dog!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 21:02:47  ID:7huM7pbw.net(4)
I wonder what sort of standard is set when うぐいす嬢 is interviewed and hired.
quality of her voice? her appearance? cheerfulness?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 21:35:19  ID:kpDtYmcU.net(3)
I'm jealous of >106's popularity...


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 22:45:22  ID:T4yM2NmE.net
You are no more 田舎モン, nor 東京っ子.
Congratutions, you became nothing.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/01 22:49:59  ID:yQb7l5xK.net(7)

Actually I'm trying to be nothing like 空気

Well I was originally born to be nothing so...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 17:34:03  ID:OGFvCkQt.net(2)
Sometimes, i think about why American 顔文字 face marks are shown sideways.
Don't they feel those face marks are a bit difficult to see and understand??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 17:46:18  ID:OGFvCkQt.net(2)
it's very cold outside today.
i thought i need exercise, and i went out to take a walk for about two hours to be attacked by the coldness.
it made my small ball sack shrink so that i could hardly see where it is....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 17:54:03  ID:iNC1s3Ln.net(5)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:04:57  ID:iNC1s3Ln.net(5)
Today I went to seven eleven to buy the item イギリス人 recommended before but I couldn't find it so I can't brag about it here...

Instead I got くちどけショコラデニッシュ again!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:08:20  ID:z0LnraFh.net(3)
what about zero cola?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:12:45  ID:/bcyK1Ll.net(4)
the nearest 711 from my home didn't have a doughtnut's rack!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:23:06  ID:iNC1s3Ln.net(5)
Today I got some ガラナ drinks instead!

Sometimes it's good to buy different one for a change :)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:46:56  ID:iNC1s3Ln.net(5)
I've not seen those donuts things yet...

Maybe they're only available at urban area's seven elevens?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 18:51:01  ID:/bcyK1Ll.net(4)
I live in a quite busy place in 23-ku.
prob these 711 are already full of special racks, machines or something.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 19:00:48  ID:VRocNYS/.net
The obituary says the late Bunta Sugawara played the role of a truck driver in the movie, "Truck Yaro". He died at 81.
The prolonged life span is attributed to advanced medical treatment and improved diet.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 19:04:34  ID:iNC1s3Ln.net(5)
I see. I was pretty looking forward to it but seems like it will take some time to try it out...

Seven eleven has so many machines like coffee thing, oden, hot snacks, Chinese buns...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 19:19:42  ID:z0LnraFh.net(3)
i thought 711 has sold the same doughnuts with packed at the shelfs near breads.
this time they just open the pack and put them into show window.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 19:49:58  ID:/bcyK1Ll.net(4)
this is it.

I suppose every 711 cannot preapare extra space for it

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 19:54:22  ID:/bcyK1Ll.net(4)
it says DOUGNAUTS ....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/02 20:17:42  ID:7XJ2fBSW.net
               /  /     /   |      \ ヽ
               / /  /   / /    ||  |  i  ヽ i
              i /  / /  / / /    ||  ||  |│ |ノス
               |//  / /___, -一ァ|  /! |ト、|│ | | く」
                |,-‐¬  ̄---┘'7 |!  ハ! |,、-┼十|! | | |
          , -‐ ''"  し' '´_ /,ィ二l |ト、/!ヽト、\_ヽ!|!l | ハ |
       ,r/      __   ,イ|リ ヾハ! ヽ!  ,ィ⌒ヾミリノ!/リ  | ☆ 安倍さん、グッジョブですわ。 ☆  
      / ||ヽ  -'     / ̄ )` __      |ヒノ:} '` ,イ/ |  |  http://www.soumu.go.jp/senkyo/kokumin_touhyou/index.html
    ,r '   ヾ、  ,-、____ , イ ̄,r==-      ==-'  レ' /|  |  
  / ヽ    `ーソ  ' | |ト、,ヘ ′""          "" / / || | ☆ 日本国民の皆様、12月14日(日)の
. /    \_  /  | ハ ヽ`゙'ヘ       ' '__. ィ  / / | |  |     『衆議院議員総選挙』に必ず投票にいきましょう。 ☆  
           /   / / |  ヽ 川\    ヾ三ニ‐'′//! |  | |  |   
        /    / / 八  \川| |`ト- ..  __ , イ‐ァヘ |  | ||  |!
      /    / / /  \  \ 「`ー- 、    /  .〉  ト、|  ヽ、
     ,イ    /-─=¬ニヘ、_  \   厂\ 厂ヽ /!|   | `ー=ヘ
 -‐  ̄ /─ '  ̄     ├- ヽ\  \ノ\ \ 人 ハ!ヽ ||  |-┤ ヽ
      /          /!‐-- | |\   ト、_`ヽ oヽ  ト、!  ||  |‐┤- ヽ
  // 〉      __ /  ├‐-  ||  | 川-‐  | |  厂7! ハ!  ├:┤  ̄ヽ
  / / ー ─    ̄       ├‐- リ  || ハ!ヘ   | |  ト┤|/′ ヾ,┤   ゙i_
  ‐ '              〉‐-    | / /\ .|o | /ヽ/(′    ∨     \
‐--─ ──-r、___-、    /ー_     {(   '´>、! /ヽ/       |\       \

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 21:35:45  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
After all years I've spent abroad I still haven't registered for voting abroad.
But don't worry. My vote would not be pivotal...

I don't know why you thumbs up the PM's decision.
I'm not opposing his economic policy
and don't care much about his foreign policies.
But calling a snap election is hardly justifiable,
it's only for buying two more years.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 21:41:37  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
Abe needs a long-term power.
Japan need Abe.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 21:48:33  ID:iCS7M1PD.net(3)
Several days ago, the Japanese famous actor, Ken Takakura's death was made known to the public. He died at 83. He showed good performances in a Hollywood film named "Black Rain". Old many movie fans sobbed and shed tears at the news.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 21:58:43  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
Abe-san is fighting against anti-Japanese powers in Japan.
Anti-Japanese media will continue to find fault with Abe-san and do negative campaign.
Normal Japanese people (at least about half of them) are very ignorance.
They voted DPJ in 2009. They still don't support proper parties like 次世代の党.
Japanese still cannot make the proper parties the leading opposition party.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:01:44  ID:0f6O11kB.net
Black Rain ....ah
in the Black Rain,Osaka depicted like Brade Runner's Los Angels!
I felt strange when I see it.

Farewell Ken Takakura

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:04:38  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
Takakura is good because he said he is proud of being Japanese, but Sugawara is a left-winger.
Moreover, Yoshinaga Sayuri seems to be a left-winger. She said such a thing in asking about his death.
I am very disappointed.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:08:45  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
I'm fond of you guys talking about "anti-japan" stuffs.
It sounds so dumb and almost adorable.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:14:43  ID:iCS7M1PD.net(3)
The major ruling party is at best expected to maintain its pre-election strength in the coming general election.
Most people polled are not satisfied with the current political situation after the ruling coalition cabinet was formed.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:15:00  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
I am very logical.
However, I only cannot show it enough in English.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:27:50  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
I think the LDP will lose some seats but that won't change the situation much.
The LDP/Komei coalition will hold the 絶対安定多数.
What people care the most is the economic policy, and
they are for the most part satisfied with the Abe's performance.

Japanese people should worry more about the excessive welfare spending to the elderly,
and think about the scheme which is sustainable in the super aging society.
Any spending cut will be an issue to unpopular to the elderly which comprise the
largest cohort and knowing that, no major party will bring up the issue.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:30:47  ID:z0LnraFh.net(3)
pollitical issues summon wasteful lengthy sentence writer so i wish repell it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:34:55  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
Ya. Maybe.

I have been curious about the demographies of neto-uyo.
I know there is a book discussing it by Furuya,
but the survey methodology of it is really problematic.
Convenience sampling is unreliable to make an inference about the population,
and that's exactly what he relies on in the book.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:38:36  ID:iCS7M1PD.net(3)
I believe "Abenomics" is lacking a coherent economic growth policy.
But in the stock market, Nikkei Average is high for the first time in recent years.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:38:58  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
I didn't ask you to read them and
you don't have to read them.
I'm just procrastinating from
what I should do after having lunch in the office.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:46:29  ID:T+vUh2YD.net
Oh please. No more "my English is so bad" excuses.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 22:57:06  ID:YZKRkczW!.n(6)
It's true that Abe hasn't done much on economic reform, which is supposedly
the third arrow of Abenomics.

The first arrow, massive quantitative easing, had some effects
at least until the tax hike, and the second arrow, fiscal stimulus, supported it,
but the third arrow seems not have been the priority by Abe.
Abe in the speech to announce the early dissolution of the Diet,
this election will be about the renewed mandate to Abenocmics.
But he does not really talk about what it entails.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 23:19:27  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
I dedn't know Furuya, I googled about him, I got it.

Neto-uyo is not defined objectively yet.
You, Furuya, Korean, and I probably have different definitions about Neto-uyo.

What do you mean?
"You blame your illogical thinking on your English skill."
"If you continue to say you are not good at English, you will remain not speaking English."

The latter is thank you very much!, but the former is fxxk you!
But it is true. For example, I don't understand gay talk here at all.
There are a lot of difficlut techical terms.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/02 23:45:48  ID:0e/HpYBI.net

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 00:02:48  ID:DlVBa36g.net(6)
My son stands up to the victonie.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 00:55:58  ID:H7wGuNps.net
Images look like an elephant seal assault young man!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 01:11:29  ID:VYo/Nu+1.net(3)
Photos >153 posted reminds me of a proverb I learned at junior high or high school.

There's no accounting for taste.

And those photos are not taken on the same day judging from their clothes.
That's something odd about the situations. Why the person who took those
photos were on the same train right in front of them, in the different two occasions?

Are the couple too famous for kissing on the train that the person
waited for them to come and ride on the same train predicting that
they'd kiss each other?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 01:21:30  ID:VYo/Nu+1.net(3)
Talking about the upcoming general election, I'd definately watch
a program where Mr. Ikegami is MC on the election day.
His way of interviewing without beating around the bush, straight to the point,
even scares some politicians away. I heard Mr. Masuzoe didn't accept his interview
with an excuse that his schedule doesn't fit or something.

Watching a NHK program on bilingual channel on the election day is
interesting, too but simultaneous interpreters on NHK are not so good
and goes panic, not being able to handle live translation properly.
That leads to lots of pauses, silence and shaky voices due to panics they are in.

I think NHK should hire more skilled simultaneous interpreters.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:08:26  ID:hymxoy7e.net(5)
I really enjoyed the movie 'Poppoya'.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:12:56  ID:8SzQPjhb.net(5)
Are you circumcised?

I heard British people, in general European don't get circumcised unlike Americans

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:19:17  ID:VYo/Nu+1.net(3)
I love the question. The beauty of the internet
is you can ask such a question out of the blue with no contexts
which you wouldn't ask face to face. Viva internet!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:35:23  ID:VjDCAHbk.net(2)
it was rain yesterday, and i feeled sleepy afternoon. i'm awake now(-_-;)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:37:08  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I'm freaking out by the Yas cat...

So creepy

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:46:05  ID:VjDCAHbk.net(2)
hungry now(´・ω・`)
wont to something to eat.

what is the Yas cat?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:51:08  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
It's the cat saying "Yas" after the owner asked "do you want one?"

It went viral on the Internet...
I think it's fake but creepy

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:56:02  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
yes i am also hungry.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 02:59:37  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
eat only low-cal non-carbo foods as a midnight snack.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 03:01:03  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I'm hungry too.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 03:10:50  ID:qbql5PYT!.n
I have watched some video clips of him uploaded on youtube after the last general election,
and yes he is cool.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 03:38:00  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
that means meat or vege, but these are costing.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 06:02:02  ID:hymxoy7e.net(5)
Does anyone know where I might find Twinings Tea? Would it be something
from a department store, or from a specialty shop?

Ah, but I'm half European and half North American.

About cats...
ふなっしー is bad enough, but now they've ruined cats by making ふにゃっしー.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 08:56:26  ID:KmVX5iE7.net(2)
<Michael Yon! Michael Yon! Michael Yon! Michael Yon! >
    、        、        、       、      
  /っノ      /っノ      /っノ     /っノ      
 / /  ∧_∧ / /  ∧_∧ / /  ∧_∧ / /  ∧_∧
 \\(    )\\(    )\\(    )\\(    )

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 11:22:39  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Try Amazon or Rakuten

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 12:35:27  ID:wlnB6vrE.net(2)
as far as i know, poppo means kiss in korean.
i guess it's a story about a kisser.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 12:35:59  ID:hymxoy7e.net(5)
Ah, thanks. Twinings sell it directly on their website in gift boxes,
but I was hoping to see it first-hand, so I can judge the size better.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:02:49  ID:hymxoy7e.net(5)
You're right, ppoppo does mean kiss in Korean. And followed by 'ya',
would make it something like "this is a kiss". However, it's a friendly
kiss on the cheek, rather than a romantic kiss.

However, the movie is about a station master in Hokkaido, on a railway
route that's going to be shut down.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:14:40  ID:8SzQPjhb.net(5)
Don't Korea!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:17:13  ID:wlnB6vrE.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:18:35  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Wow! You're so kind and sweet

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:51:06  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
What do you think about this?


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 13:57:34  ID:KmVX5iE7.net(2)
Oh...you were step ahead of me.

Don't Korea!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 14:47:34  ID:D2LsvQ/O.net
In June 1982, Israeli forces penetrated deep into Lebanon to wipe out the Palestinian guerrillas.
Since then the Palestinian refugees are gradually increasing in that area.
In fact, other details are available.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 16:31:56  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
there are still some veges economic.
bean sprouts, daikon, canned tomatoes etc.

I recommend you to make aspic.
most of it is ust water.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:35:14  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Do you speak British English? Also can you speak North American English too?

My personal taste in order

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:41:06  ID:rmwX2KmF.net(4)
Oh....many people visited this thread late at night.
don't you feel sleepy and want to go to bed??
i wonder how you can be so wide awake and chat at 2:00am or 3:00am.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:49:00  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:51:52  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I don't like this season because I see so many リア充 couples out there and show off how happy they are...

So I always stay home and eat some rice crackers and watch tv...

Speaking of which, today is the day "24" can be rented at GEO omg my life is complete!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:55:52  ID:rmwX2KmF.net(4)
it can't be acceptable as a product sold at a shop, but it's no surprising to me.
When i was a child, my mother was kind to buy a snack manufactured by Bourbon
and the package contained a little lizard...or something similar to lizard...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:56:13  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
are you debusu or something?
why don't you try to be happy yourself?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 18:58:47  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
What does debusu mean in the first place?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:07:46  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
BMI over 30, face deviation value (顔面偏差値) under 40

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:08:48  ID:rmwX2KmF.net(4)
having a glimpse of that mysterious gay world made me unable to think straight...
For a while, I suspected that "try to be happy yourself" means "to masturbate" though i didn't want to...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:12:32  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I'm not fat at all I'm fit because I've been working out but how do I know my 顔面偏差値?

But I'm not ugly (I hope...)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:14:52  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
then go out!
no matter how much you eat rice crackers, or how much you envy ria-ju,
you cannot be be happy yourself!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:15:38  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
this article categorise 夜型人間 as B-type?
anyway this chubby is so cute!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:23:30  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
yeah, someone trys to call 夜型人間 positively B, that's nice.
your comment reminds me the saying ; there's no accounting for taste. (tade kuu mushi ...)

I think I'm quite a visual person. I mean I'm so fussy about guys' looks.
That must have anything to do with the fact I was majoring in Art History!
sorry for it!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:24:05  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
* reminds me of the saying (^^;

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:27:12  ID:byO6Z58P!.n
Do you like any of the varieties of NA English in particular? e.g. Texan English,
New Yorker English, etc?

I don't get to the office until noon, unless I have meetings. I am a super night owl.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:34:33  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
i wonder why chubby bear had not been idolized by western art culuture?
i cant resist their dome-like belly, whears there face should be pretty. i feel ギャップ萌え on it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:40:02  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I don't like southern accents because they all sound so slow and redneck...

Also I don't like New York accent because they sound so nervous and uptight!

I like Californian accent!! To me, it sounds so natural and basic!!!!!!!

Omg I want to live in cali someday and master perfect Californian accent...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:41:35  ID:8SzQPjhb.net(5)
I don't mean to be rude or whatever but at first I thought he is the North Korean leader or PSY

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:44:33  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
you are so lucky.
if you can love big bellys, there are tons of applicants waiting in front of you
both in Americas/Europe.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 19:56:57  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
as you say, i first thought he is a korean guy. but at least on appearance, i prefer korean chub with single folded eyes which in real charms quite a few japanese gay.

i love soft bellys but westen chub means too much overweight for me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:10:40  ID:8SzQPjhb.net(5)
Are you one of those who likes イカホモ type?

No offense

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:14:38  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
i forgot your response. thanks it sounds so healthy.
anyway what 'ust' means? i googled it and got 'unresolved sexual tension'.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:16:44  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
absolutely i can say YES!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:17:26  ID:0AdwLx8m.net(10)
*just XD

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:25:32  ID:8SzQPjhb.net(5)
イカホモ are so obvious because they look all same lol

Like very short hair, a bit beards, a bit chubby etc etc

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:30:56  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
yes. the type i inclined to the most is a beard stout chub.
i like neither thin or extremely debu.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:40:17  ID:PO/iYj2K.net(3)
How about super muscle ones?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 20:48:51  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
depend on face. but i think they are through with me.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 21:50:56  ID:hymxoy7e.net(5)
Thanks very much for asking! I'll watch that thread too.

Mainly British English, though my accent is a cross between the two.
Even in the UK, people sometimes ask what country I'm from, or try
to guess.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:17:03  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Let me hear your sexy British accent (///ω///)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:20:41  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I want to date someone who spokes multiple languages and then enjoy dirty talks in multiple tongues during love making...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:22:38  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:50:32  ID:rmwX2KmF.net(4)
i think that everything is a two edged sword in a sense.
it is true of Abenomics and is true of リア充 couples....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:55:49  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Lol at "lizard"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 22:57:35  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
I also remember when I was a kid, I loved ピノ ice cream and then one day there was a huge plastic inside!

Red one! I almost swallowed it down!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:07:05  ID:PO/iYj2K.net(3)
I want a big cock now and get a facial

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:07:58  ID:PO/iYj2K.net(3)
But only from super hunky macho!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:11:49  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
you love ピノ? are you 臥牙丸?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:16:47  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
Yes! I love ピノ and I didn't know who the hell 臥牙丸 is and I just googled it!

No I'm not him and not gaijin not デブ

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:18:10  ID:ON96Z8x2.net(11)
reportedly 臥牙丸 had got weight by devoring ピノ.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/03 23:21:08  ID:2tEB69ov.net(18)
But I love ジャイアントコーン too!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 02:51:29  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I want a bf so bad.....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 05:28:13  ID:ahRRFDrN.net
I don't really understand every time I hear someone says I want a bf or gf.
To me, it's not bf or gf first. The first thing is there's someone
you want to go out with, and then, if everything goes well, you and him/her
see officially go out. In this order you have bf/gf.
So if there's not anyone I want to go out with, I never want a gf.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 09:29:30  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
today is so chilly.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 11:58:19  ID:4CwKiT57.net(4)
On New Year's Day, the precincts of the Meiji Shrine and other famous shrines will be crowded all day by crowded visitors.
Towards the end of this month, cars leave Tokyo for their home towns.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:15:22  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I was thinking about New Years holiday week the other day and what I should do and actually planning to go to Apple Store to get "lucky bag" but apparently you have to wait in line for a loooong time...

So I gave up

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:30:40  ID:4CwKiT57.net(4)
Three decades ago, "Macintosh (original)" was sold by about 100 thousand yen at Apple stores in the US during the Christmas Week for college students.
At that time, in Japan, this machine was sold by more than 600 thousand yen.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:34:49  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
today is so chilly not only on phisically but also on mentally, i want a warm chubby hug.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:39:53  ID:4CwKiT57.net(4)
Weathermen say a cold wave has brought on the shivering cold weather.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:42:28  ID:cw4Ah2dW.net(5)
How about paying someone to wait for you like the release date of iphone6 if you can afford to?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:45:47  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
Like hiring homeless people? That's not something I like to do

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 12:47:48  ID:7kzVHxjw.net(5)
I'll teach Gaijins Japanese langage.

Don't Korea!
するな 韓国! → 韓国するな!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 15:24:52  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
Are you a chubby one too?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 16:13:19  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
i dont know. 181cm and 110kg so i must be debu.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:04:02  ID:HthIo+O1.net
Oh you are the one who were rejected at gay something because of your weight?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:07:45  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
i wrote before that i had been rejected by a gay crusing room due to my belly
so i have decided to thin my body around 90kg

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:12:19  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
i wonder why you chub guys get nervous when you go over BMI 25 or 30.
everytime my body gets near 25, i always feel upset and try to keep foods away!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:17:49  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
sorry. but i love karaage... (´・ω・`)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:27:18  ID:cw4Ah2dW.net(5)
no, i thought about you asking your friend to do it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:35:40  ID:cw4Ah2dW.net(5)
Why are karaages that attractive...?
their seductive oily clothing drives me crazy...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:36:17  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
karaage is not that bad, if what little starch or flour is used.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:40:30  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
don't eat hot white rice with karaage!!!!
that's worst!

brown/black rice (genmai) with cereals (zakkoku) is best.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:41:35  ID:cw4Ah2dW.net(5)
it's more freezing than cold today....
i want to rest my head on someone's lap.....fall asleep as snuggling my cheek against sexy thighs...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:43:49  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
do you know black rice? it's as sticky as usual japanese rice.
not only healthy but yummy!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:47:43  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
yes. i have heard refined rice is not good for health.
i plan to mix brown rice.
i also have heard about black rice, but isnt it expensive?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:58:58  ID:cw4Ah2dW.net(5)
i don't like to see baskets, attached to the front part of bicycle, full of empty cans.
obviously, everyone except for only one person throws in a can as they see a can in the basket.
The only one person is the one who does it first and without him, all the baskets would be free from cans.
i will pray to the god that a spell is cast on him and he will turn into a bottle of cola zero.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 17:58:59  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
yeah, that's a problem.
it sells as 古代米.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:03:18  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)

I'm for the police!
coz the cop way cuter!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:06:10  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
You guys keep talking about karaage so I got から揚げ棒 from seven eleven and of course cola zero!

Be jealous lol

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:07:02  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
anyway the black "Jabba the Hutt" should of listened to the cops!
then would not have died XD

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:08:09  ID:JPG+jZQM.net(8)
hmmm. should of, nasty english hehe :-P
i meant should have :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:14:57  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
this big black guy reminds me of a enemy at resident evil 5.

hello zero-cola guy. 唐揚げ棒 at 711 has been revolutionary things for me in terms of price, taste. i wonder their doughnuts can follow them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 18:57:42  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
Buy actually I prefer five pieces of karaage in a small box to this から揚げ棒!

から揚げ棒 is cheap but the taste is not that great!

Am I asking too much?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:01:19  ID:4CwKiT57.net(4)
OPEC failed to come up with an effective measures to prop up the declining oil prices.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:01:49  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I like gaijins

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:08:00  ID:7kzVHxjw.net(5)
I noticed Koreans are gaijins,too.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:11:05  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I don't like Koreans

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:13:38  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
i dont know but i think it is matter of taste.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:25:46  ID:7kzVHxjw.net(5)
I always unconsciously think gaijins are foreigners except for Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:34:38  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I agree!
There are two hot sausages available at seven eleven and my friends like ジャンボ one but I prefer smaller one called 腸詰め something!

I'm such a contributor to seven eleven...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:36:46  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
Me too!

But my liking about them in order

Taiwanese>>>>unbreakable walls>>>>>chinks and gooks

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:45:58  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
saying 711, i'm a fan of 至福のロールケーキ which is affordable and the whip inside is pure 100% fresh cream.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 19:54:58  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
I didn't know it so I just googled it!

I don't check up on デザート at seven eleven so I'm gonna check it out and try it out :)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 20:09:49  ID:oARz8chu.net(10)
when selecting cakes, i most place emphasis is whether the cream is made by vege or animal fat.
the former is artificial and taste is lacking.
on this month, you guys have the chance to taste cakes but i recomened check the creme, and not be deceived the price (high price doesnt gurantee natural creme, cakes on Christmas season become high price without reasons ).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 20:25:31  ID:7kzVHxjw.net(5)
Of course, I like Taiwan, so I wrote Taiwan at first.
But the end of a sentence is most important in English, isn't it?
I don't know.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 21:06:51  ID:pMR1f/BQ.net(12)
Thanks for the useful information!

I'll definitely not buy cakes on Christmas!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/04 21:33:23  ID:7kzVHxjw.net(5)
Oh, I am going to buy cakes at half price in イクスピアリ after 20:00 on Christmas Eve.
I will have to check the indication of 生クリーム then.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 00:49:05  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
If you can get it successfully, please take a picture and then upload it here!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 03:39:47  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
I want a white bf

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 05:38:57  ID:wmacfW9A.net(3)
OK! I finaly got a ガラケー with a camera last month. I can take the picture.

However...there is an important problem to worry myself.
Now the maximum capacity that I can allow the existence of and see the couple looking happy in my sight at the same time is about 5 couples.
I have to increase the capasitiy from it to ... more than 100 couples by the day.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 08:28:50  ID:Y26xyylC.net
In the early 1990s, many people used to stand in a long line in electric appliance stores whenever new computer games were put on sale, for example, "Dragon Quest" series.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 09:42:41  ID:q+u/WCQf.net(2)
"cut it out" refers to "stop doing it".
i was a bit surprised to know that some British people doesn't use this "cut it out" phrase at all
and they can't understand the meaning when they're told "cut it out".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 09:50:33  ID:q+u/WCQf.net(2)
i am the one of those people who stood outside a store and patiently wait to buy a dragon quest software in the early morning.
A limited number of numbered tickets was distributed, and after the store was out of the tickets
you were not allowed to line up...

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/05 10:18:20  ID:GLw/8IM9!.n
Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday of November in America. The day after is called "Black Friday", where stores sell a lot of goods for cheap.
Usually people get hurt or die at this because of the frenzy people get into.
I don't do this, but it's entertaining to me to read about.


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 12:14:29  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
Oh god bless America

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 15:37:14  ID:tYff67ug.net
PM Abe is center right poli,article described very wrongly.
Why NYT always write Japan with strong distortion?
Yep,fucking New York Times,sponsored by Chinese. Really fucking second grade paper like Asahi paper.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 16:05:11  ID:kXwZdAgQ!.n(4)
In America, we also use "knock it off."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 16:26:25  ID:s/hgdm3G.net(3)
thank you.
i am glad to learn a phrase native speakers actually use.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 16:59:11  ID:wmacfW9A.net(3)
Michael Yon says
"Nobody should be writing about Comfort Women issues without reading this report cover to cover."

However, anti-Japanese baka people won't stop spreading their ugly minds.
It is no use refuting them. They are Kichigai.
Japanese people have only been waiting for their accepting our refutations against them.
But the waiting cannot stop them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 17:34:59  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
I'd like to know Portland is a good place to live for Asians?

Answer American gaijins!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 17:39:25  ID:kXwZdAgQ!.n(4)
It's got a 7% Asian population, and is known to be pretty liberal. I know a ton
of people who've moved up there, and they seem to like it. Looks like there's a
Japanese grocery store in nearby Beaverton: http://www.uwajimaya.com/

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 17:44:49  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
I see. Thanks for answering!

If you have choice to live in Washington, Oregon, California, which one would you choose?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 17:57:51  ID:kXwZdAgQ!.n(4)
You know that California is larger in size than Japan, right? I'll assume
you're talking about the major metropolitan areas.

I know a whole lot of people in SF, LA, Portland, Seattle, and a few in Eugene OR.
I didn't like LA all that much - it's too spread out and you have to drive everywhere
and the traffic is horrible - but I haven't spent all that much time there, either. I
spent two weeks in Seattle; it seemed nice, but it's really quite cloudy and rainy, and
the traffic isn't good there, either. Portland sounds interesting, but friends who've
moved up there say that the city is rapidly expanding and things are becoming more
expensive. Eugene seemed like a nice, small college town.

My biggest criterion for where I live is "Can I get a job I'd like"? I've considered
moving away from the SF Bay Area, but many of the interesting jobs are here, and the
other areas I mentioned above (with the exception of LA) are becoming popular and
expensive, and housing can be difficult to find. (Housing is completely insane in SF
proper, but I have a cheap-for-SF apartment that I'm fairly happy with.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 17:59:31  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
Omg today I went to seven eleven to get くちどけショコラデニッシュ and the karaage I talked yesterday!

Obsessed with this bread!

Such a royal customer right?


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 18:10:11  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
Seems like those areas are all getting expensive and I actually heard SF is most expensive or whatever in the states!
Your job is kind of related technology?

I know in general west coast states are Asian friendly but are there any states which are Asian friendly? New York? Washington, D.C.? New Jersey?

Somehow I've always wanted to visit New Jersey! I guess I'm influenced by the tv show!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 18:11:44  ID:EMyCzR0q.net(2)
is this your dinner?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 18:13:47  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
No. It's just snack lol

Today I'm going to enjoy yakiniku!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/05 18:14:54  ID:Iwf80MIT.net
my impression.
CA is full of ria-ju (≒jocks), on the other hand NY is full of geeks.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 18:23:23  ID:kXwZdAgQ!.n(4)
Yeah, SF is really, really bad. It's now averaging $3350/month for a one-bedroom apartment.

NYC proper has a quite large Asian population, and it wouldn't surprise me if that were true for
the metro area in general. Boston has quite a few Asians as well, probably because there are so
many universities there. Washington DC... I don't think I'd recommend that area so much. It's a
troubled city, with stark contrasts between the very rich and very poor, and a dysfunctional
government. New Jersey is kind of like a suburb of New York; parts of it are quite nice, I hear.

As for me - yeah, I'm a professional nerd, which is how I've been able to get jobs overseas.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 20:19:05  ID:bAPZ31oZ.net
i just took a 40 cm meter shit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 20:44:15  ID:s/hgdm3G.net(3)
The voting card for the upcoming general election arrived at my house yesterday.
but i have no supporting political party so i have no idea who to vote...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 20:58:31  ID:wmacfW9A.net(3)
Single-seat   Proportional representation

  自民           自民
  自民          次世代
  次世代          自民
  次世代         次世代

There are 4 ways of voting.        

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 21:15:02  ID:s/hgdm3G.net(3)
i'm an anti-LDP person...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 22:00:41  ID:EMyCzR0q.net(2)
so you boast yourself as NYer!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 22:09:25  ID:4xioZjqc.net
Speaking of seven-eleven, i like their cheesecake.
I used to like their cheese tart too but it is no longer available...

Also, i personally think that their oden is the best among all conbini

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 22:48:55  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
Thanks for your insight! Much appreciated it!
Thinking about it, I heard there're so many crimes in Washington, D.C.!

I knew you're some kind of professional which im jealous of because I don't have any skills....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/05 22:52:28  ID:QuQIRIYN.net(10)
Today I checked up on 至福のケーキ something and looked yummy but I decided not to buy it because I will be fatty!

I agree! The oden at seven eleven is the best for sure! I like the soup there!
I only buy them when they're "70 yen sale"!
I always get two daikons, shirataki, 牛スジ, ロールキャベツ! Sometimes I order sausages too!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 02:40:52  ID:KURHiv+o.net(4)
It's getting colder and colder in Japan and I'm holding a 湯たんぽ in a futon!
Hope I'll have a sweet and naughty dream!

Nice and warm (^ω^)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 04:04:27  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
very easy.
One way.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 04:24:45  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
Japanese people should read this article.

重視する政策は?(二カ国語) 〜ケント・ギルバートの知ってるつもり〜

He says people don't fix an order of priority about elections.
"National security is actually far more important than perceived short-term loss or gain"
Next, he explains importance of the indirect democracy.
He concluded this article with the bellow.

"Still, I would like to see a substantial increase in the number of people who can progress
from irresponsibility to a good understanding of this importance of foreign affairs and national security.
I sincerely hope that you will all make wise choices in the national lower house election
to be held this month."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 04:35:02  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I like logical English sentences of native speakers.
Recently the numbers of logical gaijins has increased, especially Americans, I think.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 11:36:32  ID:PIur0JpZ.net
Over here (in the UK, I mean), we heard quite a bit about protests
against Google in San Francisco. Mainly for driving up property and
tenancy costs. Is it really as widespread as the media makes it out
to be?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 15:33:07  ID:CVjsmpOu.net
Finally I got the food イギリス人 recommended from seven eleven!

Now I'm out so I'm excited to try this out when I arrive home!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 17:16:29  ID:a65af4xN.net(5)
if you are afraid of getting fat in conbini, how about surume (a dried squid) which also affordable only 100yen/sheet.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 17:40:40  ID:1T/YNb8Z!.n(2)
Google is singled out for ire partially because they have buses that go from SF down
to the main campus in Mountain View, around 60km south. That it's primarily 25-35 year
old engineers doesn't help their image, either. Apple has a similar thing, as does
Yahoo!, but Google is the biggest target. (Googlers are the douchiest of the lot.)

Why do people want to live in SF rather than down in Silicon Valley, close to their
jobs? Because life outside of SF is, for the most part, dull as dishwater. Historically,
all the good restaurants and nightclubs and whatnot were up in the city. The irony is
that the people who created the environment in which the arts flourished now can't afford
to live in SF, and the culture is suffering for it.

Why SF doesn't build more high-density housing is an ever-popular topic of discussion.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 18:29:39  ID:KURHiv+o.net(4)
Today I went for shopping and found the tea イギリス人 looked for at 成城石井 and カルディ

Here are the photos I took

Awww I'm such a nice person right?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/06 18:35:38  ID:qLjCNR6w.net(2)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 18:38:43  ID:qLjCNR6w.net(2)
I've never missed japanese food.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 19:06:59  ID:a65af4xN.net(5)
i heard gyms in LA is so cheep compared to japan.
japanese gyms especially by public are filled with caidio machines to maintain their health and slash medical expense not to build their muscles.
no dumbbell and no barbell, if we want to train our muscle, we should go to gold gyms by paying around 10,000yen/M.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 19:15:14  ID:KURHiv+o.net(4)
I like dried things like surume but they are stinky and can't stop eating all of them once I open the package!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 20:21:19  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
Sugiyama Kouichi says the same thing as Kent Gilbert says.
The economic issues are not most important issues in this election.
I don't like classical orchestra very much, but I like the orchestra of his music.
He said DQ series have continued to contain his sense of patriotism.
I like him and DQ more and more.
DQ is a very partriotic game!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 20:53:36  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I like him and DQ more and more.

I have come to like him and DQ more and more.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 20:59:28  ID:vtSJ6vbl.net(2)
i can't describe the ecstasy i reached when i succeeded in beating はぐれメタル before it gets away.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:01:14  ID:KURHiv+o.net(4)
Now I'm feeling like playing dragon quest!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:02:46  ID:vtSJ6vbl.net(2)
sounds like Pringles by P&G...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:20:58  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I have included http://amazon.jp/dp/B000MSMM06 in ほしい物リスト.
I become happy only by looking at メタルスライム.
However, it is too expensive.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:21:30  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:34:58  ID:a65af4xN.net(5)
how about ideon?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:50:53  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I know it by the name.
I have never play スーパーロボット大戦, so I don't know ola robot anime.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 21:57:08  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I have never play スーパーロボット大戦, so I don't know ola robot anime.

I have never played スーパーロボット大戦, so I don't know old robot anime.

I am very sorry many times.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 22:04:44  ID:a65af4xN.net(5)
just check the music. i endose it exceeds any aspect of anime music.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 22:11:08  ID:ZpN6I+R9.net(10)
I didn't know it is Sugiyama's works!!!
Thank you very much!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 22:31:35  ID:a65af4xN.net(5)
the ideon of movie version (Be Invoked) is made using an affluent budget by pouring profits by gundam, so their work at the movie is thought to be extravagantly gorgeous in the number of cell images as well as the music quality.
but the story ends up all of characters being destroyed, which had fed many children trauma.
i ve watched the movie relatively lately, but the music still reminds me many gory scenes and make me depression (of course the music itself is superb) .

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 22:44:50  ID:1T/YNb8Z!.n(2)
Both of those are fine, actually. You're more likely to hear the first than the second, even.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/06 22:54:21  ID:DUatiTb9.net
i like a pen

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 02:03:29  ID:72HFOxBV.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 02:14:15  ID:72HFOxBV.net(2)
I just realized that no I actually I knew before but I have a serious problem with people and relationship...

I can't get serious with these

So gross like friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, marriage, kids etc etc

So disgusting like thinking about these makes me almost vomit...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 06:14:02  ID:AkBp/2yp.net
I thought ideon was more older than gundam and that was a very outdated anime.
If I only watch the movie version, not TV series, do I understand the story?
I decided to watch the TV series at first and the movie next around 正月.

I want to acquire the right sense of English. Thank you very much!

I don't drink black tea, so I knew 東インド会社 still exsits by the photo.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 12:31:07  ID:N0FhQpGU.net(2)
Nineteen ago, the planned sales of the operating system (Windows 95), was much publicized worldwide.
The executives of Microsoft Corp, predicted that 1995 would be a banner year for personal computer sales.
Now, personal computers are becoming standard fixtures in most households.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 14:57:03  ID:DPdcnZ6q.net
Fuck gaijins!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc []   投稿日:2014/12/07 16:04:20  ID:N0FhQpGU.net(2)
I have made a mistkake
Nineteen ago → Nineteen years ago

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:13:49  ID:m3gBNM79.net(3)
yes. you can understand the story only waching the movie version (A Contact) which is summary of TV series.
both A Contact and Be Invoked (totally 4hr and more?) are played at the same day.
the theme of Be Invoked is something like samsara (輪廻転生), so it's nice to watch it on 正月. w

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:15:39  ID:7zH8m9Nj.net
My cock is so hard now it actually hurts

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:18:28  ID:vsRQVBV0.net(3)
I was watching バンキシャ some time ago.
Yoshida Zyunki(吉田潤喜) was appearing in the program.
He was Korean. He didn't become American not from Japanese but Korean.
I don't like him because he has typical Korean mind.
I don't know why he uses Japanese name.

But to return to バンキシャ, he said Aguirre, who is the National Soccer Team Coach, is 輸入品(imported goods).
He said his idea is the viewpoints of Americans and that he can't understand Japan invited a foreigner as an America person.
Really? Americans think foreign coach is a import, don't they?

I hate Korean more and more.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:21:41  ID:vsRQVBV0.net(3)
Oh, my Id changed.

Robot and 輪廻転生? Wow, I cannot image it at all. I'll wathch it!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:38:19  ID:vsRQVBV0.net(3)
He didn't become American not from Japanese but Korean.

He became American not from Japanese but from Korean.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 19:41:39  ID:m3gBNM79.net(3)
yes. ideon may be thought as a robot anime, but it isnt.
ideon is remain of an alien's civilization, and it wields a infinite power called Ide which exits at the space and is summoned by humane virtuousness

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 20:19:35  ID:m3gBNM79.net(3)
followed by 英太郎s' advice, i bought mix grains and cooked rice by mixing them.
taste is not bad at all rather than i expected.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 21:28:09  ID:oBt/WVWl.net
I'm bored. Hey, Do you guys have any interesting?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/07 22:02:17  ID:CycEOYL2.net
Watching last few IDs,it look like forign cars!
Volvo BMW and VWlol

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 00:12:05  ID:HuiJYpRw.net
You got to mix them with brown rice, not with white rice!

according to the last 林修の今でしょ!講座 on TV Asahi,
gastric juices can't melt rice hulls (momigara) of brown rice,
so you need to bite them a lot if you don't wanna miss nourishment.

conversely, they are not absorbed very much in you bowels,
when you don't bite a lot.

so"swallow brown rice just like a dring XD

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 00:29:46  ID:1PTnOVgx.net(2)
ah i understand rice hulls is important factor..
as you mention, i (and most debu) tend to chew foods less than thin people do.
if not be absorbed, my chewing style does well.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:19:29  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
Does anyone have balls to upload a recording of you speaking English?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:26:02  ID:/CP8MQpv.net(3)
No. I don't have balls. But love sucking them softly and roll them on my tongue

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:36:22  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
Oh great. Enjoy.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:46:58  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
Okay Mr.Ball sucker, just record yourself reading what you wrote and upload here. It's okay, nobody can identify you by your voice.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:50:46  ID:/CP8MQpv.net(3)
No. That's not gonna happen.
I have a terrible pronunciation you'll vomit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 01:59:22  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
It's okay! I have a high tolerance for bad English ascents.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 02:00:55  ID:/CP8MQpv.net(3)
Why don't you just upload yours first?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 02:07:35  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
Sorry, forget it. I just wanted to listen to other people speaking English. I won't push you if you don't want to. Thanks for your corporation. Goodnight!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 02:32:22  ID:7ZI/RPOH.net(6)
Womb. I want to go back to my beloved mother's womb. It was warm safe and so nice in there. It's like I was being protected from any possible dangers out there. I miss those good ol' days.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 09:55:20  ID:ted5Kd0D.net(2)
It will maybe relieve my allergy to old animes, I hope!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 13:55:25  ID:DhiwDwfE!.n
I can record something, I suppose. But what?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 15:40:19  ID:2LLbMGDj.net
and now, smartphones and tablet devices are replacing personal computers as standard fixtures...
it is said that an increasing number of rookies at private companies seems to be lacking
in basic PC skills such as microsoft word or excel or powerpoint.
they, on the other hand, maneuver smartphones as they spent a great amount of time in using them before joining the companies.
i'm not sure if it is true but i can't deny that as you can do with smartphones most of what you can do with personal computers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 17:18:52  ID:1PTnOVgx.net(2)
you cant wipe out image of old legacy because the amime was on the air on early 1980s.
but the movie version was poured enormous money, so you may not feel it just like Nausicaa has been broadcasted still now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 18:57:21  ID:ted5Kd0D.net(2)
All right. I am interested in both younger Sugiyama and Tomino's work!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 19:58:12  ID:kx1W4ICa.net(2)
I'm hungry...but I have to study...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 20:24:42  ID:TM9nxj2H.net
01位 8033万枚 B'z
02位 5832万枚 Mr.Children
03位 5021万枚 浜崎あゆみ
04位 4874万枚 サザンオールスターズ
05位 4340万枚 ドリームズ・カム・トゥルー
06位 3896万枚 松任谷由実
07位 3792万枚 GLAY
08位 3761万枚 ZARD
09位 3617万枚 宇多田ヒカル
10位 3354万枚 SMAP
11位 3240万枚 安室奈美恵

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 20:35:33  ID:PzsFS0WR.net(2)
The Chinese people have been annoyed with one of the nuisance - PM2.5.
The spread of PM2.5 effected the Japanese island of Kyushu.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 20:37:13  ID:PzsFS0WR.net(2)
I have made a mistake.
one of the nuisance → one of the nuisances

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/08 22:24:58  ID:kx1W4ICa.net(2)
Omfg omfg omfg

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 00:40:54  ID:EvpuxKRP.net(4)
This thread is totally over.
I blame the gaijins and gays.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 00:42:09  ID:EvpuxKRP.net(4)
Also the netouyos.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 03:23:06  ID:afecVSaa.net
*fap fap fap..

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 07:12:35  ID:4IXxAo11.net(4)
Pease explain your stand!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 08:12:37  ID:US96f7Qu.net
Some people say that you don't need to wear a wristwatch anymore as you can tell the time by cell phone or smartphone.
Do you wear a wristwatch in the daytime and if yes, why??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 10:30:53  ID:YYK+XCxu.net(2)
I'm the man who love it.
It's the thing which is loved by me.
It's useful.It takes me to heaven.
My favorite friend said that he dosen't do it,because doing it is cruel.
If you have done your home work,you have to crean your room.
If you have a watch,you have to know it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 10:32:55  ID:YYK+XCxu.net(2)
I want to be able to speak English and German.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 12:41:43  ID:EvpuxKRP.net(4)
I love western porn so much.
I lave a lot of 外付けHDD and they are only for porn.

Am I a pervert?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 13:21:40  ID:5g79orJY.net(2)
The radical conservatives claim that Prime Minister is continuing to neglect social warfare.
They also say the weakening yen hampers small and medium businesses which depend on imports.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 15:42:15  ID:5g79orJY.net(2)
Snow, unusual in December, blanketed Hiroshima and Tokushima and their vicinities, causing traffic snarls in the local areas.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 16:01:56  ID:EvpuxKRP.net(4)
What do you mean by that?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 17:03:42  ID:mrHXW5dx.net(5)
Recently, i like to eat あんまん.
i wrap my hands around あんまん to warm them first, then tenderly rub the surface of its white, round body
and bite it into hot あんこ as a vampire bites a white, thin neck of a sophisticated lady.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 17:14:35  ID:mrHXW5dx.net(5)
i bought a ih type rice cooker two years ago, but haven't used it even once.
i'm a lazy person...unwilling to cook anything.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 17:23:34  ID:GvMz0PGd.net(5)
followed by 英太郎s advice, i bought 玄米 by 5 kg.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 17:35:37  ID:GvMz0PGd.net(5)
hot あんまん often burns my tongue.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 17:45:25  ID:4IXxAo11.net(4)
炊き込みご飯 is very easy and useful.
I do 筋トレ. I need たんぱく質, so I put plenty of 鶏肉のささみ in it and 炊く.
I 冷凍する それらを常に. When I ご飯つくるのめんどくさい, I eat it with Natto.

I am very めんどくさい 英語使うのが today.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 18:04:25  ID:Tx3PFVjj.net(2)
lol your English lol love it

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 18:09:46  ID:GvMz0PGd.net(5)
i went a local supermarket, and found doughnuts saled by 100yen for each, which seemed to piggyback doughnut sales battle on current.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 18:37:56  ID:Tx3PFVjj.net(2)
I prefer 肉まん to あんまん because I don't like sweet beans...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 18:43:20  ID:GvMz0PGd.net(5)
me too.especially 551 豚まん had been superb. but the size was changed to small.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:09:18  ID:mrHXW5dx.net(5)
every time hot あんまん burns my tongue, i feel あんこ's passion.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:12:16  ID:mrHXW5dx.net(5)
speaking of 〜まん,
i can remember only あんまん, 肉まん, 豚まん, ピザまん and カレーまん.
are there anything else??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:12:56  ID:GvMz0PGd.net(5)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:20:35  ID:mrHXW5dx.net(5)
  ∧_∧ パーン
 ( ・∀・)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:22:57  ID:4IXxAo11.net(4)
I prefer 豚まん,too.
I ate 60 井村屋金の豚まんs during this November.
I send 10 懸賞葉書.
I probably will win コーヒーメーカーイニッシア.
I envy me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/09 19:27:56  ID:4IXxAo11.net(4)
Sorry. I have overlooked.
You said you are not gaijins, gays and netouyos.
I wanted to say"君の立ち位置は何?"
I maybe missed it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 02:07:06  ID:NCiahMgO.net(5)
I can't sleep

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 02:26:41  ID:NhKqDysx.net
Take some sleeping pills.
I feel so good now after finishing my assignment. I feel like I'm alive again now. I thought people always need a bit of tension and pressure.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 06:36:05  ID:idjbInI6.net
The late South African President Nelson Mandela who died last year after spending 27 years in jail under the apartheid policy, succeeded in keeping his country politically stable, overriding a long feud between the white minority and the black majority.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 07:16:36  ID:ynImwh6w.net(3)
It has turned out that comfort women issue is a Korean propaganda.
But Koreans won't stop insulting Japanese.

アンジェリーナージョリー made an anti-Japanese propaganda movie "Unbroken."
Japanese ate humnan flesh and did POW atrocities?
She is a ugly women. 滅べ馬鹿女。

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 07:55:16  ID:f4aMAhrL.net
please drink a cup of hot milk, stop using electric devices,
turn off all the light fixtures, lie down and stay still with your eyes closed...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/10 08:52:15  ID:b8Ydnkkr.net
Do you know why German people supported Hitler during and before the WWII ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 09:33:29  ID:ynImwh6w.net(3)
a little.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 10:18:32  ID:OXptqeYt.net(2)
Thanks very much for looking!! In the end, I settled for a few boxes of Twinings
'The Best 5' selection. I also found a furoshiki shop, which was quite difficult
to find. The owner of the shop was really, really helpful.

That was one of my main subjects at college. The rise and fall of the
Weimar Republic. In summary, the people were unhappy with all the instability
caused by reparations after WWI. None of the Weimar governments lasted more
than a couple years.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 12:15:31  ID:NCiahMgO.net(5)
Are you good looking?

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 13:07:14  ID:OXptqeYt.net(2)
It depends on who's looking. The question is subjective...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 13:32:55  ID:NCiahMgO.net(5)
I'm bored so upload your face pics here and I'll rate them!

Relax I like white guys and I'll be generous!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 16:40:58  ID:MfxH+45A.net(3)
Finally he admits he likes men!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 17:37:43  ID:MfxH+45A.net(3)
I'm at Krispy Kreme doughnuts now!
Enjoying this and be jealous!


OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 20:03:28  ID:KeVqp58/.net
Hi, guys! Looks like some of you write beautiful Engllish.
Until very recently there seemed to be very few who wrote
decent English, talking about decent things. Since when have
you intelligent people been here in this thread, I wonder?

When talking about people who write good English, I'm not necessarily
referring to native spreakers of English. Nowadays even natives
write awful, idiotic English. Writing and speaking stupid-sounding
language seems to be a bit of a fad these days, whether among
speakers of English or among those of Japanese.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 20:07:28  ID:NCiahMgO.net(5)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 20:12:02  ID:V/s6fkGG.net(4)
why not choice cola zero ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 20:29:32  ID:MfxH+45A.net(3)
I think cola was not available there!
So I got some iced tea!

But today I got pink cola from Pepsi!
So excited to try this out!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:02:04  ID:s7C7d4uV.net(3)
Coca-Cola zero and Pepsi nex contain Acesulfame K,which
never dissolve in human body Yuck!

I'd better choice small amount of "normal"Coca-Cola.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:04:42  ID:s7C7d4uV.net(3)
Same to say many of プリン体ゼロand sugariness zero beers!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:11:16  ID:V/s6fkGG.net(4)
it is applicable for other low calorie sweetener such as xylitol.
digestiblilty itself is not better nor worse. but it may be worse to your guts, which can cause diarrhea because of the character.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:36:28  ID:s7C7d4uV.net(3)
Keep eating low calorie foods are damage for kidney and liver too.
but take 1.5lt Coca-Cola every day is disaster apparently.
We must choice "MIDDLE"calorie foods!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:42:48  ID:KrQKiX+R.net
Are you trying to insult learners?
This is not a place for those who can write decent English.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:51:23  ID:V/s6fkGG.net(4)
whats the stuff!!
that goes opposite way of low carorie foods.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 22:59:57  ID:ynImwh6w.net(3)
I want to get it.
I add wheat to it and make dough.
I bake lightly seasoned カントリーマーム.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 23:09:24  ID:m/xoqYY5!.n
too sarcastic. what's wrong with you? having a bad day?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 23:19:03  ID:3dnemGkB.net(2)
Real sarcastic people take anything as sarcasm. Even when it's not meant to be so. You seem to have spent too much time in UK!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 23:23:44  ID:NCiahMgO.net(5)
this is good or what?
I've been super curious about this!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 23:43:35  ID:V/s6fkGG.net(4)
i dont know. i havent seen in real.

【飲料】ローソン限定「飲むカントリーマアム」発売・・・風味を忠実に再現、温めても美味しく飲める /ほのぼのnews+板

it may be discussed in detail about that.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/10 23:54:05  ID:3dnemGkB.net(2)
Country ma'am made into drinks?!?! I must try that.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 00:12:24  ID:CAuKDxrj!.n(5)
That's probably true.
My colleagues are mostly non-UK Europeans but
just being in the UK makes me sensitive to sarcasm.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 01:49:05  ID:sBQtCiPm.net
A proposal sponsored by radical candidates who are opponents of nuclear power is designed to impose much tighter restrictions.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 02:32:14  ID:7pluS3b0.net(2)
I like the taste of country maam, however I don't like the wetty tecture the country maam has.
drinkable country maam must have been awful.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 02:35:15  ID:7pluS3b0.net(2)
>421 excuse me. texture.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 03:24:50  ID:tJIC4Q1o.net
Just when I thought I was starting to see the light..! Things never go as I want them to go.
I've been thorough so many emotional ups and downs and now I'm so tired of keeping up. Yes, call me a whiner or whatever but I just want to feel happy with my life and be sure that I'm on the right path to achieving my goal.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 04:59:31  ID:HKSSbG+f.net
    l:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::// ヽ::::::::::::::l
    l:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/:::「'ヽ::::::::::://   ヽ:::::::::::|
    |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ノl:::ノ l:::::::/      ヽ::::::::|
   ノ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/ ゙゙  ノ:::/ ,,;;;;;;,,    ,,,,ヽ:::::l
   ):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/    ノ/ __,'''i: ('''__):::l  
  )::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::/         ̄ ̄ン:. :「 ̄`ヾ   
 1:::::::::::::::::::::::「 `┤l:::::::::::::::::l          ̄   ,  ヽ ̄ l   
  `l:::::::::::::::::::::ヽ  :l li:::::::::::::/        ヽ  /´   `l  |
  ヽ::::::::::::::::::::::\_」 lヽ::::/         .l  !:-●,__ ノ  /  
  ノ:::::::::::::::::::::::::::ノ | l `゙゙           i ,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,  /ヽ      ヴッ!!
,/ ヽ::::::::::::::::::::::(  l l::::::::..         /.:''/´ ̄_ソ  /  `ヽ
     ヽ:::::::::::::::ヽ | l:::::::::::...      /::// ̄ ̄_ソ  /    \
        ヽ:::::::\| l::::::::::::::::...    / :::.ゝ` ̄ ̄/ /       ヽ
           ヽ:::l l:::::::::::::::::::..      ̄ ̄;;'' /         ヽ
              l l;;;;;;:::::::::::::::.....;;;;............;;;;;;''ノ            l
              l l '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ̄l |             |

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 06:29:14  ID:D1xfUTyF.net(2)
>411 >414
Sorry if I sounded sarcastic or insulting to you.
I was NEVER under any circumstances trying to
be so to any of the learners struggling to write
good English.

I was just criticizing those who
deliberately write awful English. Even among
native speakers and rather advanced learners
of English, there are those who write crap
either on purpose or out of laziness
-- or maybe, out of the mistaken belief that
they actually sound hip or fashionable that way.

As for decent learners, I admire them, of course.
Me too, I'm still struggling in my English learning.
I learn a great deal from you guys, both natives and learners.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 06:40:12  ID:D1xfUTyF.net(2)
I don't call you a whiner or anything of the sort. People tend to
call your kind of guys that way, but I don't. If they have to call
you that way, then I'm an eternal, diehard whiner myself.

I may be a whiner because I constantly criticize
-- or even denigrate -- myself before people begin to criticize me.
That is a trait found in those kind of people who fall under either of
the following categories:

(1) those who always find fault in themselves but do not work hard
enough to improve themselves (I 'd call them "passive whiners")

(2) those who always criticize themselves because of their
thorough perfectionism and of their desperate desire to improve themselves.
This category of people are really hard workers. (I'd call them "active whiners.")

I have firm faith in myself in that I am definitely of the second category. I hope
you're that way too. If so, I don't care if they call you or me whiners.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 06:42:27  ID:rLFA0rLt.net

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 06:45:36  ID:v3+5/hbw.net(4)
A further cut in OPEC's oil production will deal a heavy blow to Japan and other oil consuming countries.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 08:21:40  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
the year end is approaching.
stores will be closed up, so i need to buy in bulk what i should buy in advance...
toilet paper, tissue paper, きのこの山, boil in bag curry...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 08:33:13  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
i went from Tokyo to Nagoya by Chuo line this year.
it took about nine hours and it's very interesting.
i got off trains at Takao in Tokyo, Kobuchizawa in Yamanashi, Shioziri in Nagano, Nakatsugawa in Gifu before arriving at great Nagoya station,
most of which i had never visited.
i found out that areas between Shioziri and Nagoya are managed and controlled by JR Tokai, not by JR East.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 08:45:42  ID:UTP7xSBC.net(2)
A remnant of the きのこの山 family is hiding here...
I hope that tragedy never repeat again...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 09:48:31  ID:Vw/gAQ92.net
Do you know Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins ?

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 12:02:44  ID:scUwlJel!.n(2)
>428 How is the prices of gasoline over there? Has there been a significant drop?
The state I am in here, it's gone down 10% in the past month.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 12:36:03  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Why you need to buy curry in bag in bulk?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 13:23:45  ID:v3+5/hbw.net(4)
The broadcast says that prediction, not my opinion.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 13:31:47  ID:v3+5/hbw.net(4)
By the way, how do you think the Japan-US (US-Japan) Security treaty?
The Japan-US Security Treaty holds good within the framework of the Japanese Peace Constitution, I think.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:21:37  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
the reason is simple.
i like curry very much and bags are very easy to handle, aside from the cost effectiveness...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:29:21  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Okay. So what do you recommend?

ボンカレー? I like this one!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:29:57  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
きのこの山 must help improve the bad situation japan is now facing.
i believe it will not incur tragedy.
it makes many people smile with its taste and appearance and makes them forget the wrath they want to get over...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:31:31  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
i want to name this awesome power the きのこの山s of wrath.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:36:29  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
how about ハインツカレー?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:36:43  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
my recommendation is カレー曜日(中辛).
but i like ボンカレー and buy it often.
Mr. akihiko otsuka, the inventor of ボンカレー and the ceo? of otsuka holdings has passed away recently...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:47:34  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
I know ハインツ brand but I've not tried out those curries from ハインツ so maybe I'm gonna try it out later!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 15:51:24  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
I didn't know there is such thing as カレー曜日!

I'm one of those people who always buy the same one and cheapest one!

I always buy カリー屋カレー from ハウス食品!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 16:23:05  ID:UTP7xSBC.net(2)
× I hope that tragedy never repeat again...
○ I hope that tragedy never repeats again...

I hope you aren't found by たけのこの里 fundamentalists...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 16:59:32  ID:1i1JwYNj.net(3)
>444 sorry, I like stew. I don't normally eat curry in Japan since I have known it is by Indian.
There are Indian curry store in all over the world, but there aren't so many places where succeeded Japanese curry store outside of Japan.
you guys shouldn't forget curry is made by Indians. I have seen wrong Japanese food of outside of Japan many times. I've heard curry in Japan is weired for some Indian people.
I hope people of Japan keep tradition and invent something new for the future.

By the way, I personally think California roll is not a wrong food. I think invention is always wanted in food society. But, I oppose to make it mixed with imported food, because it can't keep original.
In the same reason, I am against for spicy stuff. All of spicy food is not born in Japan.
Yakisoba is amazing. Udon....brilliant. Yakitori...nice. hope unique Japan made food is gonna survive in the battle of downtown of multi-culture.

Thank you

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 17:19:50  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
this thread is maintained by a cola zero zealot.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 17:58:54  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Japanese curry has been popular in China and Korea
even you can get ルー of Japanese curry in foreign countries such as the United States, Australia, the uk etc etc...
I actually made the Japanese curry for my host family in Australia and they loved it!

And I heard chicken curry has been very popular in the uk for your information.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 17:59:48  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Do you have any problems with liking cola? Wtf

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 18:02:13  ID:szruDZlX.net(3)
indian reminds me of those who are wearing a head dress with a lot of feathers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 18:51:41  ID:szruDZlX.net(3)
hey, gaijin people!
is there any difference between "What for?" and "For what?"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:00:01  ID:1i1JwYNj.net(3)
's a native american.
>448 Is it? anyway, my body isn't accustomed with curry of Japan anymore as it used to be like my childhood.
Wasabi is the most excellent, the best spice which is not really spicy spice I believe. haha

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:03:06  ID:v3+5/hbw.net(4)
The reformist candidates say the present social unrest stems from the startling disparity between the rich and the poor, especially regular workers and part-time workers, in this country.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:10:01  ID:1i1JwYNj.net(3)
what for? is asking for a term of usage and purpose. asking of whether if available or not
for what? is usually used for someone's unnecesarily stupid act and stupid, rude way of asking something sometimes.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:25:57  ID:CAuKDxrj!.n(5)
Japanese curry roux is easy to find in US or UK. Any asian grocery stores have it.

In UK, curry is usually Indian style curry, and yes it's mostly chicken or lamb curry.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:32:21  ID:5uuyxYVA.net(7)
it is probable that what japanese people consider curry is not curry for people in india...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:37:46  ID:szruDZlX.net(3)
sank you!

imma cook curry chawanmushi.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 19:52:47  ID:2cbqE/VU!.n
I know quite a few native English speakers who just suck at writing - not because
they're lazy or don't care, but that their verbal skills just don't translate well
to the written form.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:23:56  ID:GlUmzAIN.net(2)
I know some of those people!

Do you guys know "kanadajin3" who is a baka Canadian youtuber living in Japan!

Her spelling is so messed up like there is no tomorrow!
Even Japanese high school students can write better English sentences!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:28:04  ID:IdUy9bNb.net(3)
and you got any result so far?

as far as I'm concerned, I finally got all stuffs for piercing nipples and septum.
all i do need now is bravery!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:34:48  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
i tried canned version http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B003UTTQ4E/
and the taste is good, which reminded me of one made by a cheep restaurant at 昭和period.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:37:27  ID:IdUy9bNb.net(3)
2 days ago, I went to an esthetic clinic in Shibuya to get antibiotics for piercing.
on the way back home I stopped by some 711s, but i didnt find any donuts.
now i realized it's started from kansai, damn :-(

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:39:56  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Also I didn't know there is such thing canned curry! I think I should give it a try!

Seems so interesting!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:43:23  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
i dont care whether you become a cow or not, but i think i have lessened the amount of rice i devoured, because 玄米 is tought to chew rather than 白米.
hopefully i could contine.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:43:29  ID:dGAb/PeY.net
I'm just on my way home.
It start three-day-off that it will finish tomorrow.

Is this right?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:44:06  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
Have you try the chicken curry at "wagamama"?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:45:46  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
dont forget to prepare a pan to heat up the curry.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 20:53:28  ID:IdUy9bNb.net(3)
i should go to Misudo for 100yen sale ...

you can say a hipster, not a cow

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:00:07  ID:GlUmzAIN.net(2)
Muscle guys with nipple piercings are nice!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:00:41  ID:CAuKDxrj!.n(5)
No I haven't. Is it good?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:06:23  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
I heard its good! Oops sorry I made a mistake!

It's a chicken katsu curry!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:07:26  ID:obN/jlrY.net(4)
You didn't know canned curry?
Here is another one
These Thai curries are around \130 in the supermarket.
Low colorie small salt low price and spicy taste.
I recommend these product for you.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:08:47  ID:obN/jlrY.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:12:04  ID:R9XzwR0Q.net(10)
No. I didn't know that! I just checked up on those and they are very kind to my wallet!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:21:26  ID:CAuKDxrj!.n(5)
Oh Katsu curry. Now I'm much more interested.
I love katsu.

I firmly believe a katsu-don is one of the most perfect dishes in the world.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 21:28:55  ID:obN/jlrY.net(4)
That katsu-don cutlet-rice bowl is egg Japanese leak and katsu?
or cabbage and katsu?

I like first one with miso source.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/11 22:14:17  ID:scUwlJel!.n(2)
I'm not sure if I'm thinking of the right thing. Is this the one that Abe is trying to have passed that would allow Japan to have an active military instead of just a defensive one?

If it is, I don't think it would matter if Japan was allowed an active military or not. The problem I see would be America forcing Japan to come along in all of the crazy wars we want to be in.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 22:33:33  ID:obN/jlrY.net(4)
Bruce Lee incarnated in Afganistan! Very resemble.

You are right
>The problem I see would be America forcing Japan to come along in all of the crazy wars we want to be in.
That's opposition parties very afraid of.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 22:44:39  ID:CAuKDxrj!.n(5)
When I was a kid my mom often cooked sauce katsu-dons.
She is from one of these regions where a katsu-don means a sauce katsu-don.

But what I like now is one with eggs.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 22:48:40  ID:HDEr5pJW.net
The United States has called on Japan to share more of the defense burden to cope with the current turbulent international situation.
But the Japanese reformist camp insists that Japan should not become a military power again.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/11 23:30:47  ID:69QpKJxo.net(6)
your mam is from 加古川?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 01:45:34  ID:Nd02K+ON!.n(2)
nah one of regions here:

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 01:54:49  ID:Nd02K+ON!.n(2)
So many people in my office are sick today.
I should leave early to avoid infection.
My vacation will start next week and I don't want to ruin it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 02:00:09  ID:AYaXMzpk.net(5)
i am eating 親子丼 now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 03:41:05  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
I can't sleep.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 03:44:18  ID:3MDA47PJ.net(2)
You'll get fat.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 03:45:11  ID:3MDA47PJ.net(2)
Me neither.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 04:02:36  ID:AYaXMzpk.net(5)
i already be fat. thats why i cant get slim body.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 04:15:25  ID:iIasTwa2.net(2)
Stop to eat before you sleep,I believe it something help you get slim body.
(If you would like to be slender body.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 04:24:45  ID:iIasTwa2.net(2)
Many years ago,I ordered カツカレー at Denny's.
But server said,we don't have カツカレーナウand
we can offer you ヒレカツカレーsame price! Really lucky.

Another lucky is,I orderedカツカレーbut I served ビーフカツカレー
by mistake.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 07:14:55  ID:FnEe/dow.net
Where can I buy bitterest matcha chocolate ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/12 07:16:55  ID:3CvTRn6a.net(3)
Good morning, I couldn't sleep well
coughing for 2days so still tired .
I really hate winter in Japan .

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 07:20:44  ID:AYaXMzpk.net(5)
ah, this is so tasteful.
but... originally this is invented as a varieation of canned tuna, so tuna occupies within the can and the amount of soup is less, which makes me feel lack in juiciness.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 07:35:46  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
If you're not in the habit of wearing a surgical mask, I suggest you
get into it, even when you're healthy.

Until three years ago or so, I hated wearing it whether
I had a cold or not. Then I began to wear it even when I'm totally
healthy. Now I'm much less likely to catch cold.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 08:35:12  ID:VXKvVy4w.net(5)
i try to eat apples and みかんs as often as possible these days so as to take in vitamins.
S, M and L are みかん's size variation offered at a local supermarket and i like M size the best.
when i go to the supermarket in the evening and find only L size on the shelves,
i feel i am about to weep, roll on the floor and yell at the top of my lungs ヤダヤダ!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 11:04:24  ID:kEMbjxoY.net(3)
According to today's economic dailies, the two-party coalition, which is faced with such major tasks as the political and tax reforms, is heading for a victory in the coming general election, due to the partly collapse of opposition parties.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 11:22:48  ID:kEMbjxoY.net(3)
The Democratic Party is expected to manage to maintain its pre-election seats.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 14:04:29  ID:mjvmupl8.net(3)
i wonder why big mac is served in the box.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 14:19:38  ID:kEMbjxoY.net(3)
Police in Hong Kong dispersed democratic demonstrators after 75 days of occupation of the main street in the city and arrested about 160 participants.

OPEC will consider the declining oil prices in the face of a world oil glut, which results in benefitting the most households of oil-consuming countries.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 14:35:03  ID:ASklfz6d!.n(2)
So it can't escape.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/12 14:40:51  ID:3CvTRn6a.net(3)
thank you for your suggestion.
I wearing a mask excluding while working. That's banned at work .
So, I was diagnosed with a chronic pharyngitis and prescribed some medications.
I hope sleep well tonight .

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 14:54:15  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
So, surgical masks are banned at work, huh? I feel sorry for you.
"Chronic pharyngitis"? That sounds serious. Take care!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 15:38:54  ID:r/3cT8hE.net(2)
You look like a real nice person today.
I have seen you throwing tantrum often like a kid in other threads,
cussing out other people. Maybe you got up on the right side of the bed today.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 15:56:27  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
It's quite shocking to see how far off the mark you are
in judging me. Probably you're one of those people who've
been attacking and picking on me all along for the past 18
months or so.

If you're not one of them, I'm afraid you
don't realize how hard lots of people have been picking up on
me much before I assumed my present handle name.

Even when anonymous, they always identified me and
you never know how hard they've been on me.
Don't I have even a single right to talk back to them?
Why do you guys see me only when I talk back to them?
How can you totally ignore the times when I got verbally abused?

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 15:58:46  ID:QqWkXVB7.net
Why doesn't the Oxford English Dictionary love you?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 15:59:17  ID:rleab6RD.net(2)
Are you the middle aged whore?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 16:14:16  ID:rleab6RD.net(2)
And the usual baka gaijin!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 16:22:16  ID:r/3cT8hE.net(2)
It's not that I read every post of yours, but the way you blowed your top
I happened to see was erratic to say the least.
I saw you reacting that way twice or so. If you were a decent adult,
you wouldn't behave that way.

If you show everybody your posts are valuable, and you garner some respect,
you won't be abused by other people even in 2chan.
It's just the way you react that leads to backlashes from
other people. Sorry, that's just my two yen.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/12 16:26:28  ID:3CvTRn6a.net(3)
I work at call center . That's why I
can't wear a mask.
Anyway I'll take care of my throat
even more than I have so far .

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 16:29:22  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
To make a very, veeeerrrrry long story short, my handle name "OED Loves Me Not"
means that, despite all my desperate lifelong endeavors to
learn what I wanted to acquire -- particularly that of the English language,
I've been failing all the time. The OED, which is the quintessential
symbol of the language, loves me not in that I still fall short of
feeling comfortable with it. Yes, I've been using it very often,
I'm a regular subscriber to OED Online,
but I am still far from understanding its essence.

If you have any interest in what I have to say about this topic
in a more elaborate form, please read what I wrote in English
in responses 2 and 3 at the following URL:

My Endless Soliloquy【隔離孤立】英文で独り言) -3

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/12 16:32:50  ID:9Qz+Ihmy.net


■Love Collection ←風俗店
■素敵な奥様 ←風俗店
■すっぴん倶楽部 ←風俗店
■Mr.ダンディー ←風俗店
■恋愛白書 ←風俗店

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 17:14:03  ID:AYaXMzpk.net(5)
so potato is ok?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 18:59:57  ID:gw+1IlLj.net(3)
Yesterday half-jokingly wore a surgical mask as too many people at my office were sick.
They of course laughed but took it fine.
Thanks to wearing the mask and regular gargling, I'm still healthy today.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 19:16:26  ID:gw+1IlLj.net(3)
Your story is quite interesting.
I don't have much love to learn foreign languages including english.
To me, english is a just a tool for survival, and not much more.
That's probably shown in the lack of intelligent vocabulary and phrases in my writing.
I like your writing especially on the Japanese-English translation thread.

One thing I like about learning/using foreign languages though
is that when I think in English,
my judgements are more based on the rational reasoning rather
than emotional attachment (in general this is true based on the insight
from behavioral economics).
I'm inherently an emotional person and foreign languages
help me to get out from the entrapment of emotions.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 19:43:20  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
Gee, thanks for the kind remark about my story. You never know
how much you've encouraged me. Thanks again for your compliment
on my writing in the Japanese-English translation thread too.

Yes, I don't know why, but I love writing in English although my
English proficiency is less than a half (maybe even less than a fourth)
of my Japanese proficiency. When writing in English, I feel as if I
were a bird flying here and there. I feel free. I feel liberated.
I love the sound of it. I adore the way texts in English look on paper.

Of course, as if wrote in what I wrote in the "My Endless Soliloquy"
thread, all that doesn't mean I hate my mother tongue -- Japanese.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 19:45:34  ID:mjvmupl8.net(3)
how do you say にぎりっぺ in english?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 19:51:00  ID:mjvmupl8.net(3)
farting into a clenched fist and holding it under someone’s nose

omg it's too long

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 19:58:55  ID:VXKvVy4w.net(5)
that wouldn't include the movement of unfolding the clenched fist, would it??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:04:39  ID:VXKvVy4w.net(5)
why isn't sneezing in public considered impolite while letting out a fart is thought to be impolite?
some people must think it's not fair.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:07:03  ID:gw+1IlLj.net(3)
To stay away from my sickened colleagues, I am working at home today.
The problem is my room is too messy now, and it causes to lose my attentions.
Now I take a break and clean it up a bit.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:12:26  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
Laugh out loud! That's a good one.

I guess that movement is implied in that translation. If you've got
to be downright strict and exact in your translation, I suppose
you've got to rewrite that translation this way:

  (1) farting into a half-open fist,
  (2) clenching it, sealing the odor,
  (3) moving it to just under someone's nose,
  (4) then unfolding it


But of course, that lengthy translation wouldn't be necessary.
The original's just fine. I couldn't have come up with such
a perfect translation.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:24:20  ID:HxptkIPd.net(7)
===== Wearing a surgical mask in bed helps =====

Speaking of surgical masks, I've recently formed the habit of wearing it
even while in bed. Eureka! I've discovered it's a great help in
protecting against cold.

Without a mask, I used to get a very dry throat and tongue
(and sometimes a runny nose too) after just three hours
of sleep before I had to wake up, getting out of bed to
have some water to wet my tongue and throat. Now that I wear
my mask while in bed, I feel much better. It's a very dry season now.
Take care, guys!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:29:43  ID:AYaXMzpk.net(5)
during doing squat at gym, i tore down my panty!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:42:10  ID:R7XpRCmb.net(4)
if u wanna meet at gym some young guys, or even men under 60yo,
u got to go there at night,
otherwise there'll be only old people with flabby bellies and wrinkled faces, yuck!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 20:53:56  ID:R7XpRCmb.net(4)
oke-sen (kan'oke-sen) :
someone having a propensity to love people who are about to lying down in caskets.

mitori-sen :
someone having a propensity to love to be with people dying of old age.

thank goodness, i'm just a daddy chaser (^-^*)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:02:37  ID:wTPM0NNi.net(3)
I did 期日前投票!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:05:54  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
Believe it or not I literally torn apart that paper and threw them away into the garbage bin lolololol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:12:47  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
How do you say men who only seek big muscle men?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:14:46  ID:by1oGns/.net
garbage is American and bin is British
hybrid, I suppose?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:19:55  ID:VXKvVy4w.net(5)
you don't want to take part in the election or you're not interested in it??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:21:17  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
I usually prefer American English but I was in England and Australia for a short period of time and my English teachers were somehow all from England or Australia.

That's why my English is mixed and disgusting.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:24:27  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
I'm interested in politics but no parties which I want to support so that's why.

At first, I was planning to go to vote (I don't write anything on a paper) but somehow it felt like so ridiculous i torn away that paper lol

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:25:58  ID:R7XpRCmb.net(4)
hmmm ... macho-sen? gacchiri-sen? kuma-sen? not sure.

the taste is too ordinary among gay ppl,
so I suppose they won't name it particularly?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:26:56  ID:R7XpRCmb.net(4)
go go mizupo! beat abe-chan!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:34:46  ID:wTPM0NNi.net(3)
Oh, this thread is a den of left wingers and traitors.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:46:55  ID:uc+A0baU.net(6)
I want to support politicians who promise cut down all 杉 trees all over Japan!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:52:39  ID:O7SGqzqu.net(3)
Contrary soup is enough,tuna is little.So these are just snack!
See their recipes page from link,they added more tuna can from their products.
I like Thai tuna green one but if you like HOT one,I recommend とりそぼろバジル for you.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 21:59:07  ID:VXKvVy4w.net(5)
a ha.
i feel more and more people will get confused about which party to support in future in this country...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 22:03:02  ID:O7SGqzqu.net(3)
Oops I've forgot sage

Curious why?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 22:05:54  ID:O7SGqzqu.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 22:12:45  ID:wTPM0NNi.net(3)
Responses to the question “Which issues are the most important to you?” are as follows:

景気対策  Economic issues 31%
社会保障制度の見直し  Reform of social security 27%
財政再建  Government fiscal policies  12%
原発への対応  Handling of nuclear reactors 9%
外交・安全保障  Foreign affairs and national security 7%
震災復興  Earthquake reconstruction 4%


Japanese media's brainwashing is valid.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/12 23:20:10  ID:ASklfz6d!.n(2)
If it's any consolation - even though I grew up in America and only lived in London
for a year, I still picked up some British words and pronunciation. My accent was
confused to begin with, but now it's even more so. (Some British folk didn't even
recognize my accent as being American, which I thought was weird.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 08:39:55  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
Kent Gilbert says
"Still, I would like to see a substantial increase in the number of people who can progress
from irresponsibility to a good understanding of this importance of foreign affairs and national security.
I sincerely hope that you will all make wise choices in the national lower house election to be held this month."

I am very happy that I can know Kent Gilbert.
If the number of the logical gaijins increases, I can study English from logical English sentences more and more.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 09:51:21  ID:zAda8EAg.net(3)
My other Korean housemate used to call me 'trash'. Then, when we were
cleaning the kitchen, she heard me say "rubbish". So now she calls me
'rubbish' instead. I feel proud to have taught her something.

It's not disgusting at all!

I see! Your use of English is good, and often quite flowery. Are
your posts restricted to 2ch, or do you keep a blog elsewhere?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 10:37:09  ID:ePgJRf43.net(5)
>544  ======  My previous writings in Cyberspace  ============

Thanks for your encouraging words, my dear イギリス人. As for writing
in English, it is limited to 2-channel right now. As for writing in
Japanese, I used to write hundreds of articles on English grammar
and usage on Chiebukuro (知恵袋).

Moreover, until several years ago, I used to write tremendously in
English, Romanian, and Japanese on comparative linguistics of
Indo-European languages, the usage of English and Romanian
languages, and other various other topics about life in general on
the Teacup bulletin boards, MySpace, Google Blogger, and a few
mailing lists. I used to own a MySpace blog too, where I wrote
dozens of awfully long articles exclusively in English.

Regrettably, though, perhaps five years ago or so, I had a sudden
urge one day to erase all of my previous writings in Cyberspace.
Then I acted on my decision.

Consequently, I have almost nothing left except on 2-channel and
Chiebukuro. I am a bit of a weird guy, so much so that I once in a
while erase and throw away all my previous writings, most of my
personal belongings, all my photos, and everything I have
previously accumulated and cherished.

By the way, it was only very recently (perhaps six months ago
or so) that I assumed my handle name. Before that, I had posted my
writings anonymously on 2-channel for a year or so.

One more thing, it is precisely your beautiful, sophisticated
English writings here in this thread that prompted me to begin
posting a few words here.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 10:42:02  ID:VYMsWakh.net
People who are suffering from Kafunsho, an allegoric reaction to Japanese cedar pollen, will be increasing next spring.
Effective measures are not yet available to cope with Kafunsho.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 10:46:22  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
However, my ugly baka father is a left-winger.
He said to me that he has the right to kill me because to vote LDP means to waste his vote.
I recorded his remark.
In a picnh I will show it to the police.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 11:50:57  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
Basically I don't like korean but your housemate is nice because you're trash lol

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 12:17:13  ID:zAda8EAg.net(3)
Thank you for your compliments! I'm glad that you decided to post.
Have you found that it's given you good practice?

That's quite a topic to choose! I have a Russian friend who teaches
English linguistics in Moscow, and from what she's explained, it's
certainly not an easy topic, even for native English speakers.
May I ask what made you also choose to learn Romanian?

It's kind of a shame that you choose to erase your work, though I
can understand. At times in my life, I've also chosen to put things
behind me and try to start afresh. And some things I've just realised
were embarrassing, and I wanted to get rid of those memories. However,
I can't get rid of anything I truly cherish. Especially my photos.

Koreans are difficult to understand. If you get verbal abuse from one,
it either means they really like you or they hate you. It's hard to tell.
Today, she wants to pretend that we're married. Also her boyfriend from
the Korean military is coming to visit in 2 weeks, so I might die.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 12:45:59  ID:ePgJRf43.net(5)
What brought me to choose to learn Romanian? Well, that's a sensitive
topic. As a matter of fact, I once fell head over heels in love with a
Romanian woman. She spoke English fairly well, so I could talk
about just about anything with her in the language. However, I
desperately wanted to know everything about her, including
the history, language, art, social affairs, geography, and all other topics
concerning her country.

I therefore studied Romanian for about three hours every day on the average
for six years until I acquired a Romanian proficiency high enough to
work as a professional Romanian-English translator. Then I earned
about 450,000 yen (or perhaps 4,500 US dollars, assuming that one
dollar is 100 yen) over a period of one year. Then I quit studying
the language altogether. I quit working as a translator of that language
too. That was about six years ago. Over these six years, I forgot
nearly all of whatever knowledge I used to have of that language.

Well, that was yet another instance of my partial discarding of my precious past.
Once in a while, I quite suddenly felt in a very keen way how futile
and meaningless whatever I am doing at that time is. I felt that
my Romanian learning and working as a translator of that language
appealed to me no longer, so I just quit.

The same is true of my
learning of the French language. When young, I desperately studied
French for five years or so until I became a professional translator
of that language. For one year I worked in that area until I just quit.
I suddenly realized that French did not appeal to me that much.

(to be continued)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 12:56:30  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
Lol in that case, you surely don't understand Japanese people's communication lol
The korean lady is just kidding!

Korean people are rather direct and our communication is so subtle that baka gaijins like you have surely difficulty to understand lol

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 12:59:41  ID:ePgJRf43.net(5)
Part 2 of my response to >549

Don't worry, however. If I gave up my studies and work on those
two languages, it doesn't mean at all that I hated any part of my past.
On the contrary, I love the fact that I've done what I've done in the
past. I may have committed some (or even numerous) blunders and
stupidities, but they are part of me and I don't denigrate myself for
them. Stupid or not, I am what I am and I can't get myself born
into another being. However much I may hate myself (which I do not),
I am and will be condemned to my own self and my environment
until death do me part.

One more thing, having learned those two languages that hard, and
having studied several other languages really hard too, I have learned
something precious. Although I have forgotten much of what I learned,
the essence of it still remains in my brains and it is always ready to
help me in whatever I may be currently trying to learn. It helps me
particularly much when I am trying to learn whichever word or expression
of whichever language I am trying to learn.

As the comparative
linguistics of the Indo-European languages evidently shows, most of the
major languages in Europe, the Americas, Persia (or Iran), and on the
Indian Subcontinent (together with Sri Lanka) are interconnected
both etymologically and culturally. Consequently, whenever I try to
learn a new English word or expression, which sounds or looks
very hard for me to memorize or understand, I very often find that
I get a lot of help from my currently-faded knowledge of the
languages that I have learned in the past.

Sorry if my blabbering bothers you. If it tires you, you don't have to
read on or respond to me. If you did, I'd be tickled to death, of course.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 13:13:27  ID:zAda8EAg.net(3)
Actually, I can really relate to your learning Romanian. The situation
was very similar between myself and the Russian linguistics professor
I mentioned. That's why I spent a few years learning Russian. If I may ask,
did you visit Romania during that time?

These days, are you working in translation? It's true that so many other languages
somehow link into English at some point. It's a wonder that people can actually
learn English proficiently, since it's such a mongrel language.

I find it much easier to get along with Japanese people!

Even though Koreans are direct, they're a bit like landmines, sometimes.
Such as with the other Korean girl (who went back to Korea a few days
ago), she would often call me an idiot in Korean. I tried to answer back
once, jokingly, and she became really offended and wouldn't talk to me for
a few days. So I wrote her a letter and gave her a small box of those chocolates
from 妙香園.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 13:23:23  ID:ZOp6+HnM.net(3)
==== The Rockheed Scandal ===

Former Prime Minister Tanaka was arrested of receiving bribes from the US aircraft maker in 1976. Soon he was released on bail.
But he suffered from the stroke in February 1985.
Since then, he was gradually recuperating from the stroke.
His political influence over the ruling Liberal Democratic Party should not have been overestimated.
But at that time, political critics said he had only a slim chance of making a political comeback in the near future.
He died at 75 in 1993.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 13:26:41  ID:ZOp6+HnM.net(3)
I made a mistake.
Rockheed → Lockheed

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 13:42:40  ID:ePgJRf43.net(5)
=======  Romanian, English, and my career as a translator  ======

Yes, during that time, I went to Romania and stayed there for a month.
But I didn't enjoy it very much. Actually, it was a "Breakheart Journey."
I loved the girl desperately, but "The Romanian Loved Me Not."
That's the way my whole life has been. Anyway, it took me
ten full years to get over the depths of my disappointment in love.
That was a very long, hard process. Actually, my main motivation
to begin to study Romanian was to overcome my hopeless love
with her.

As for my translation, yes, I've been a freelance professional
Japanese-English translator of commercial and technical documents
for nearly three decades.

Before I became a freelancer, I worked at a Japanese construction
company as a translator and interpreter for four years. The
company dispatched me to a construction worksite in an
Arab-speaking country when I was in my twenties. It was in the

In that country, I worked with dozens of Arab-speaking laborers and technicians
and with dozens (again) of Chinese workers, as well as a few
workers from Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in the world.

It was there that I learned to speak and write Arabic and Chinese.
However, those two languages too, I forgot almost altogether
after that. It was more than three decades ago. And in the meantime
I never opened a textbook or used a single cassette tape to
relearn the languages. So I naturally got rustier and rustier.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 14:00:01  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
That's a typical Korean! Oh that was your favorite Korean right?

I bet you were so busy having sex with her before she went home! That's why you were absent here right?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 14:48:03  ID:ePgJRf43.net(5)
>553 【The Russian language and all】

So you learned Russian for a few years. As for me, I learned it
for about six months all by myself. During that process, I learned
only the vague notions of the language, how the Russian grammar
works, how the nouns and verbs change, how closely related it is
to all other Slavic languages, and so on. It's quite an interesting
language. The Slavic languages, together with the Germanic ones,
are worth a lifetime study. They're particularly interesting when
viewed in terms of comparative and historical linguistics.

As for Russian literature, I've been in love with Dostoevsky's
"Crime and Punishment" for the past four decades. I've read it
once in Japanese, then nine times in English, and once in French.
I love the novel so much that, when reading it on paper two decades
ago or so, I had an amusing, pleasant illusion that the letters printed
in the book were jumping into my eyes. All I had to do was to
subject myself passively to that mysterious sensation. I didn't have
to struggle to understand the text written in the English language,
which is foreign to me.

That sensation, sadly, didn't last very long -- maybe several hours.
But it was a very pleasing sensation. I liked it. That was when I
was reading the book for an eighth time or so. I was therefore
already very comfortable with the whole plot and details of the novel.
I guess that, if you love any book at all, and if you love it soooo very
much, it might be a good idea to read it ten times -- or even a hundred.
Only then will the depths of the true pleasure of the book be revealed
to you.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 15:57:05  ID:ZMNMswbh.net(3)
word after word...sentence after sentence...paragraph after paragraph...
very dazzling so that i think they look like Nazca lines consisting of alphabets...
i passed on most of the posts to post this comment.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:01:03  ID:ZOp6+HnM.net(3)
Police carried out a systematic crackdown that culminated in a destruction of the demonstrators' tents and the arrest of violent demonstrators in Hong Kong.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:28:21  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
as you know, the old geezer is a kind of thread crusher.
once you feed him, you'll get tons of his tooooo sentimental self-introduction.

if you dare to share your precious time with this lonesome old man from your kindenss,
no reason for me to warn though XD

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:35:33  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
English needs 漢字.
English will be easy to read.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:40:49  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
That's not gonna happen! Gaijins are baka and don't have the ability to remember 漢字!
I know personally so many gaijins living in Japan don't know much 漢字 lol

They are so lazy asses lololol

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:45:46  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
I misunderstood "名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう."
I thoguht >551(probably GOD) started using.
I admired his sprit.
But it is due to a time-limited automatic 2ch's system.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:54:17  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
I'm gonna vote Mizupo!
cuz I can't stand Jimin-to's Machoism, that is, Phallicism anymore
and I know Shamin-to NEVER win if I vote for them!! XD

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 16:59:14  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
omg, i didn't know mizopo is nomore the leader of Shamin-to X-(
anyway I'm still feeling kind of an obligation to her for gay-marriage thing ...

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:04:27  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
However, Vibrator Tsujimoto worships phalisicism.

It has realized in this thread. English future is here, I think.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:10:19  ID:p/yPR/9S!.n(4)
Gaijin here. I'm baka and don't have the ability to remember 漢字. It must be true.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:18:21  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
I think the Japanese can't handle even 26 letters well XD
can you tell L from R perfectly?
gaijin win XD

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:25:06  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
日本語 is very useful.
Japanese can reach the most peaceful thinking.
This is because Japanese language is superior.

But a lot of traitors are the shame of Japan.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:45:18  ID:zZpwudAH.net(5)
>570 Japanese can reach the most peaceful thinking.
REALLY? I DON'T THINK SO. But, I have to agree that Japanese language is superior.
English is a simple minded language actually.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:51:13  ID:5Ul54/Qz.net(2)
Hi, アメリカン.
Are you still around?
I have a couple of question and appreciated if you could help me.

The premise)
There was a person who was bragging about his TOEIC score.
Someone suspected that he was a fraud and responded like this.
>for goddamn's sake, don't u say it plz! (^^)

Q1) "for goddamn's sake"
I've heard many variation of "something's sake", but never this.
Have you?
And if you have, could you tell me how often people use this?

Q2) "don't u say it plz"
This sounds awkward and doesn't fit in the context to me.
I believe something like "keep it to yourself, plz" will do the job.
What is your take?

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 17:59:22  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
English always spoils dub or sub of Japanese movies or animes.

>Japanese can reach the most peaceful thinking.

I have the most peaceful thinking and I am a Japanese.
So, it shows the above remark.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:01:17  ID:zZpwudAH.net(5)
English has a lot of complicated vocabularies. I recently came across the word called "curtesy"
I guess the notion of curtesy is difficult to understand for many people by just seeing the English letters.
In Japanese it's 寡夫産権. The meaning is very obvious by just seeing the Kanji letters.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:03:08  ID:zZpwudAH.net(5)
>573 all right...as you said.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:08:17  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
What? Are you trying to say you can do 漢字? If so, prove it!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:10:00  ID:zZpwudAH.net(5)
I'm just curious where the hell is future with the most peaceful thinking.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:10:59  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
Someone told me there is such a revolutionary product called canned curry so I got it today!

I'm so exited to try this out :)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:11:16  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
Why don't you google them? :-)


'Call the captain for 【goddamn's sake】 (Himes. "Cotton Comes to Harlem")
"Know what, for 【Goddamn's sake】? (Galaxy Magazine, Vol. 33)
And, 【for goddamn sake】, they were back up in the suite in bed. (Oppenheimer, "House of Hilton")
I told them to stop listening to the audience and play 【for Goddamn sake】! (Warren, "I Have a Story to Tell")


keep something to oneself : to keep something a secret.

keep sth to yourself : to keep something secret

keep it to oneself : keep something a secret

I'd suppose he DIDN'T think the TOEIC score was a secret, but a lie.
So why should he have said "please keep it secret"? :-)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:17:54  ID:5Ul54/Qz.net(2)
I'm not asking you, can't you see?

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:20:17  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
have you known 土井たか子 has passed ?

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:23:00  ID:zZpwudAH.net(5)
But I have to admit Japan a peaceful country without guns.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:25:18  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
yeah, but the present leader is Yoshida.
I've never been a Shamin admirer.
I know they can't win this time, and that's why I vote for them, HAHA :-D

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:33:21  ID:p/yPR/9S!.n(4)
I am not the American you asked, but I hope that I can help anyway! :D
Both of those phrases sound a little strange. Regarding Q1, these phrases are common:
>"For God's sake"
>"For goodness' sake"
>"For fuck's sake"
but I have not heard "goddamn's sake" very much. The "'s" is probably what makes it strange to me.
But that type of phrase is just something a person says or yells when he is angry.
Grammar isn't very important with cursing.
As for Q2, it depends on the context. If it is something specific that this person does not want said to him,
"that" is usually used instead of "it", so "don't say that plz" would be better.
"Keep it to yourself, plz" is just as good! Two ways of saying the same thing.

>576 To the contrary! I meant that there is some truth in what >563 said. 漢字 are difficult for gaijin.
Sorry for not being clear.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:36:38  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
i cant stop karaage eater (・∀・)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:46:20  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
Thanks for your useful comment! :-)

and I wonder if the following sentenses sound awkward as well?

> I have a couple of question and appreciated if you could help me.
> I've heard many variation of "something's sake"

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:47:58  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
Don't apologize!

But some gaijins are trying! One of my gaijin friends knows 400 漢字!

It's super for gaijin right?

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:50:02  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
I thought you've started going on a diet or something!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:52:59  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
karaage is ok, but white rice is worst for dieters!!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:54:27  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
yes! but i also doing training so i dont wanna reduce muscle.
so meat is necessary for me.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 18:57:04  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
you know this is blend of brown and white rice.
if i could use 100 percent brown one, but brown takes time to cook and rather expensive than white one.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:04:04  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
oh you must eat a lot, haha XD
as for me 100% brown is still ok.

I'm trying to take raw eggs and protein powder everyday to develop muscles.
tamago-gohan and mango-flavored powder are my favorites.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:06:59  ID:kbIIHWom.net
Have you even wonder how ancient are those?
And half of them aren't even "for goddamn's sake" but "for goddamn sake"

Cotton Comes to Harlem (novel)
written in 1965

The Galaxy (magazine)
founded in 1866 and absorbed by the Atlantic Monthly in 1878

Oppenheimer, "House of Hilton"
This was out of an old man's mouth. The man who slept with Liz Taylor.

Guy Warren
He was born and lived in Africa and died 22 December 2008 (aged 85)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:07:40  ID:k9tmdLoC.net(9)
I also go to gym so I drink protein juice after gym and waking up!

Also I eat a lot of boiled eggs but I dispose of yolk!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:12:32  ID:p/yPR/9S!.n(4)
>586 I'm so glad it was useful! Those two sentences sound mostly fine, but the words "question" and "variation" should be made plural. Also, "appreciated" is past tense but should not be.
Here's what they could look like:

>I have a couple of questions and would appreciate it if you would help me.
>I've heard many variations of "something's sake"

Aside from those small errors, your posts sound perfectly natural to me.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:18:21  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
【's】 can be easily ommited. Search with COCA or BNC. :-)

nutritionists say raw eggs are absorbed better in your colons.
and dont throw yolk away!!! good for anti-aging!

this book must be helpful for you ....

Thank you too m(u_u)m
I hope more gaijins will dwell in this thread :-P

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:19:37  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
you are also doing training?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:23:25  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
of course yes ....
the better you look, the more guys want you!
also I need a fitty body suitable for pierced nipples (in the future...)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:30:16  ID:Mq5WDALm.net
Thanx for your comment.

>The "'s" is probably what makes it strange to me.
I can't agree more.
I felt really awkward when I read it, but couldn't put finger on.

>"that" is usually used instead of "it", so "don't say that plz" would be better.
Exactly. If "it" was "that", I wouldn't say a word.

Yes, I should've wrote "a couple of questions" instead.
Hey, I'm merely a Japanese who could see only the obvious awkwardness in English.

tamago ◆wYUuBm6d7Q [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:42:48  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
why don't you have your own handle or tripcode?

you type any letters you like after # in the name box, then you get your tripcode.

for instance, tamago#abcd will be tamago ◆wYUuBm6d7Q

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:43:40  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
anyway i gotta work... lots of orders to ship ....

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:48:11  ID:wG+K9Fde.net(3)
In any case, if it's "for goddamn's sake" or "for goddamn sake" doesn't really matter, does it?
According to >593 and >584 they both are ancient and rarely used now a days.
If you are a 80 years old man, I dont stop you using it.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:49:21  ID:wG+K9Fde.net(3)
don't u say it plz
i wanna talk to u more

603[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:50:06  ID:wG+K9Fde.net(3)
my bad
it was for 601

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:54:04  ID:p/yPR/9S!.n(4)
>600 The reason I haven't used one is because tripcodes are uncommon on the English site I usually visit. Everyone always posts anonymously there.
But in this case, perhaps it is a good idea. This one should work... Thanks for the tip!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:54:15  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
today is so shiver not enought to say chilly.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 19:55:09  ID:ZMNMswbh.net(3)
i don't want to get a tatto, but some people do...for a fashion purpose??
i heard about an american nice guy who wanted some japanese word tattooed.
The guy asked his japanese friend "What do you call "cool" in japanese?"
The friend replied "let me see...「涼しい」...?".
The guy was delighted and thanked the friend "all right, thank you."
a few weeks later when the japanese friend met the guy, he had got 涼しい tattooed on his arm.....

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:01:34  ID:ZMNMswbh.net(3)
it's cold in tokyo in the evening...i turned on the air conditioner.
the electricity expense soars up in winnter.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:02:11  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
please don't you involve him in a goddamn stupid personal grudge, plz (^^)
if you wanna talk with me more,
STOP CHANGING YOUR ID like a rolling stone, and go to 雑談スレ (^^)
this is not a place for you to satisfy your grudge (^^)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:03:11  ID:W64ppnYA.net(15)
Also I need money. I may back around 0:00 (^^)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:10:20  ID:I+2hFGt8.net(7)
i agree with you. i m afraid of electric bill.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:23:15  ID:P7RPaem8.net(8)
The 50% is a joke, but I cannot play a role in English well.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:29:08  ID:1C+iPJQw.net
It's not my intention to change my ID.
I don't know the reason but it keeps changing.
Maybe it's my wimax.

About the other thigs you said, well, you always puzzle me, that's for sure.
In case you don't remember, you are the one barging into the conversation uninvited at >583.

Anyways, I just needed to clarify a few things and thanks to Kurt now I'm all satisfied like a clam.

613[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 20:32:36  ID:8IAPrRcz.net
my bad
I meant >579

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 21:03:24  ID:1oYsy2g1.net
today is my english lesson
Its not Excited
because I need good looking foreign teacher

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 21:35:40  ID:JXOuP2q9.net
It seems almost impossible for the Japanese government to uphold the three-non nuclear principles.
In 1974, the Japanese government was embarrassed by the allegation of a former senior US official that nuclear arms had been brought into Japan.
Ironically, former Prime Minister Eisaku Sato won the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/13 23:26:35  ID:/BVeKiPT.net
Recently this place seems gay men's hunting place ha ha ha!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 00:34:02  ID:0zMg3jWR.net(2)
Today I'm going to Tokyo! Hopefully it'll be a great weather!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 02:06:31  ID:MZWSt5u4.net(4)
When I think about my future, I can only get despaired. Everyone around me get married and has their own jobs to live. I'm just a piece of shit at this point. That's what I get for embracing the ideal. I wish I never awake after go to sleep.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 02:33:22  ID:O3oDv/ku.net
Don't think! FEEL!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 03:33:27  ID:jBLqB5Gj.net(3)
I know exactly how you feel. It's so depressing for me to think about my future too. I'm kind of at a point in my life where I need to choose which path to go.
Long story short, it's just whether if I want a comfortable but boring life or a challenge that will change my life and I'm stuck in between. My brain is almost there to explode with too much thought...

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 03:40:05  ID:jBLqB5Gj.net(3)
it's just whether I want to*

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 04:23:02  ID:MZWSt5u4.net(4)
Master Lee! You're still alive!?

Thanks. In my case, I had tried to take boring ordinary life though, I failed. It was really hard for me to do because of some developmental disorders I have.
Whichever you go, nobody knows what's the answer, even you or God.
From my experience, doing a job just for money was nothing good happens.
But don't take it so seriously what I said. Your life is only yours.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 06:20:46  ID:RCjbGIqP!.n
I feel the same way lately. My friends have all graduated from university already, but I haven't. They've matured and have jobs and lives they enjoy, while I feel stuck in a rut. But, I think that feeling is normal for people of a certain age.
This semester I sometimes wished I wouldn't wake up as well. Choosing a path is hard.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 06:31:13  ID:0zMg3jWR.net(2)
New gaijin!!!!!!!

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 06:47:08  ID:Qs5h8YHk.net(2)
>623   === Depression and pessimism =====

You sound like a very serious person. I like to read your messages.
I have no idea what kind of developmental disorders you actually
have -- whether your doctor has actually determined that you have
them or it's only that you call them that way.

In my case no doctor has told me I had or have developmental disorders.
However, when in my mid-twenties, one psychiatrist called me
depressed. He gave me no treatment. I'm certain he didn't take
my case seriously. Then, some months after that, I did something
terrible, which shocked everyone around me. I did something that
no ordinary human being usually does. I can't tell you what exactly
I did. If I did, I would have given away my identity. I prefer to remain
anonymous even if under my handle.

Most of my life people have called me either depressed, much too
serious, an excessive thinker, developmentally disordered, or
just plain crazy or even insane. However, I've never got hospitalized
or medical treatment for any psychological problem.

I have had my own psychological problems all my life, anyway.
For at least four decades, I've always viewed life very pessimistically.
I've always thought we humans don't deserve to live. We're much
too low and mean. If we didn't exist, the earth and the rest of the
universe would be much better off. Call me irrational, but this is
what I've always believed. (To be continued)

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 06:57:42  ID:Qs5h8YHk.net(2)
Part 2 of my response to >623

Then why don't you commit suiicide? That's
what people have been telling me. For one thing, I'm not miserable
enough to kill myself. For another, I know how much a suicide
depresses his bereaved family and friends and acquaintances.
When I was in my twenties, a friend of mine, who actually thought
I was one of his closest friends, killed himself. That was quite a
disaster. You never know what a hell the suicide put everyone
around him into. I was one of his friends deeply affected by his

In short, suicide is not one of the wise options. I don't blame
suicides, though. People who are miserable enough to actually
decide to kill themselves have the fundamental human right to
do so. If I could, I would gladly assist them in their attempts.
Of course I couldn't. If I would, they would arrest me. This
depravity of the right to suicide and euthanasia is one of the
major misfortunes that we humans have to face

Well, I don't think I can ever stop blabbering on this topic either.
To make a very, veeeeerrrrry loooooonnng story short, the only
solution to my psychological problems and my misery is to
work hard, to strive as hard as possible to become a better person
every day. Hard work is my only solace. Studying is the major
component of that hard work. All my life I have been struggling
to explore that vast universe of knowledge and beauty. By
boldly exploring the world of academic studies and art, I have been
making my life meaningful in my own way, even though I know
thoroughly that life in general is basically pointless. Until death do
me part, I will continue my endeavors. Only after death will I enjoy
leisure and pleasure.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:01:50  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
I'm leaving for Tokyo now! I'm fully prepared for tons of gaijins there!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:03:58  ID:E+EwRP5V.net(3)
Me too.
Let's do whatever we can do now so that something nice is happening to us in the future.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:17:30  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
I'm so jealous of the popularity of >619...

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:18:43  ID:QG5Qxomf.net
Join other threads too.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:34:06  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
I make you red!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 08:39:14  ID:17l4poGh.net
The broadcast says a cold wave from Siberia, unusual in December, has brought on the shivering cold weather.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 09:22:54  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
I'm dating a white gaijin.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 09:38:06  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
I'm so jealous of you...

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 09:50:50  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
Be jealous! So I speak English all the time!

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/14 10:23:25  ID:gJA1d1Nn!.n
Would it even be possible for Japan to stop relying on nuclear power? I know Germany did, but I think its area is much larger than Japan's, and it's also not an island so it can get power from its neighbors easier.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 10:54:25  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
I think that it is impossible that Japan can exist without nuclear power generation because it provides one-fourth of the electricity consumed in the 1990s.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc []   投稿日:2014/12/14 11:08:00  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
But Japan's three non-nuclear principles are not producing, not having and not introducing nuclear weapons.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 11:15:14  ID:ZRtXHkBN.net
I think 616 is talking solely about nuclear weapons.
"the three-non nuclear principles" means "non-nuclear principles of not possessing, producing, or allowing nuclear weapons into the country".

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 11:27:34  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
Thank you for your explanation in details.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 11:33:21  ID:E+EwRP5V.net(3)
whew...i went to the polls and just returned to my house.
it's fine today but i feel the voting rate would be 37% or so.
i couldn't see so many people there and there is no urgent issue...at least for me.
i'm drinking Lipton's cream matcha latte...not bad.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 11:46:53  ID:26Q7Fu1n.net(2)
FYI, Japan is slightly larger than German.
It's interesting that many gaijins believe Japan's land area is smaller than it really is. I wonder where such a misconception came from.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 12:06:01  ID:26Q7Fu1n.net(2)
×Japan is slightly larger than German
○Japan is slightly larger than Germany

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 12:15:27  ID:3F0kv/Vl.net
Compared to China,USA,Russia,Japan is way small.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 13:23:29  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
OK, I speak English to the wall in my room.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 13:26:23  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
I actually used to do that when I was in college especially before taking English exams!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 13:27:37  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
Japanese voters, who were irritated by the lack of moral on the part of politicians, will turn their back on politics. So, the atmosphere will result in a record low turnout in the general election today.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 13:42:05  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
The Liberal Democratic Party is heading for an overwhelming victory in the election due to the failure of cooperation by opposition parties.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 13:47:07  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
The next cabinet will concentrate on analyzing the future oil import situation because of OPEC's decision on oil production.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:13:42  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
I'm at KFC now and it's been like about 2 years!

I ordered some kind of wrapper and a fired chicken and French flies and of course Pepsi!!!!!

Yum! I love junk food so much!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:30:57  ID:jBLqB5Gj.net(3)
I see. You're right. Whatever choice you make, you always have to keep trying and give it your best. 'Cause no one knows what was the best of all choices you had.
And I'm sorry to hear you couldn't fit in because of your disorders. There are always people out there who understand and support you. So don't give up.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:43:10  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
The ruling party coalition dares to ignore the anti-military base movement in Okinawa because of the Japan-US Security Treaty.
The reformist camp warned the movement in Okinawa should not be underestimated.
The ruling party coalition dares to ignore the anti-military base movement in Okinawa because of the Japan-US Security Treaty.
The reformist camp warned the movement in Okinawa should not be underestimated.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:44:38  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
Please delete the second paragraph.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:52:53  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
Yeah! I can study English anytime, anywhere!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 14:55:22  ID:mFXkIG3k.net(9)
The Obama Administration says it will upgrade the level of technology available to Taiwan by selling frigates that carries missiles although China strongly opposes it.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 15:15:33  ID:eBAs60RH.net
Im hungryyyy....x(

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 15:22:32  ID:xZnQzJKZ.net
I used to think it's only a temporary thing and I'll soon grow out of it. Well, you know what? You don't. Wherever you go, whatever you do or how old you get, it will follow you like a dog.
So, what you can do is to find the best way to manage it. And believe me, it does get better.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 16:42:00  ID:E+EwRP5V.net(3)

619[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 17:36:35  ID:MZWSt5u4.net(4)
I hadn't expected that I could have got a lot of messages. Thank everyone who replied with such kind words to me.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 17:41:05  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
are you the woman who's in shape and has a non-ugly face?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 17:48:57  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
people will have lofty ideals.

once I also used to wait for richy, cute, smart silver fox like my dearest Anderson Cooper,
now I leaned i don't have 9 lives, but only 1.
it may well happen, but i don't have enough time to wait for it.

to compromise is the easiest way to your happiness.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 18:01:41  ID:DKTQZEWQ.net(2)
i came back from 北欧館. comparatively plenty people be around there as a year end.
i got along with a chubby boy at 20s or around.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 18:03:06  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
What's that?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 18:10:32  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
24会館 as well as 北欧館 is an earthly paradise for chub oyaji chasers.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 18:13:57  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
if you are a twink chaser, i've heard, 大吉梅田寮 is much better.
i'm not an osaka-ite, though

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 18:46:31  ID:DKTQZEWQ.net(2)
yes. 大吉 is for thin guys. unlike 北欧館, 大吉 has age limits of 50, so there are no decrepit old mans but also no massive guys.

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:03:57  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
Do you guys know the place where only good looking gaijins gather in Tokyo?

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:07:29  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
Today I went to dermatologist again to remove moles on my body!
One mole on ear, 4 moles on neck, 5 moles on arms, 3 moles on back...
My body has been gradually getting mole-free skin! Yay!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:21:53  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
I have chatted with a german staff of Spartacus (gay travelers' guidebook),
and he said 24 kaikan is the only gay sauna in tokyo appeared on it.....

there are a couple of gay bars popular with gaijins in 2 chome.
Dragon Men, GB and .... oh, Advocates is gone.

anyway you can see lots of cute whities there.

as for me, i'm not into scenes at all.
net is way easier to find somebody :-)

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:25:47  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)
Thanks for the useful information!

I'll consider going there next time I go to Tokyo!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:34:29  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
i have a little big mole on my back, but removed it by myself with this machine XD

you can use it not only for hair removal, but whitening ur skin!

名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:40:45  ID:gnhdsXZB.net(11)

I have tria too! I got it like 2 years ago and they worked greatly!
Like I used it for armpits, arms, bikini areas, fingers etc etc...

The hairs are not permanently gone but the amounts of hair have definitely decreasing and the hair itself also has been getting thinner!

But it's freaking painful when I used it for beards so I put on anesthetic cream and also I put on ice cubes lol

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 19:46:33  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
lmao, must item for gay XD

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:43:02  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
I like hairy guys actually, but unfortunately asians' body hair's toooo straight
and not looks good when it grows long. that's a bummer!

and that's why i remove some hair. Thank Tria my buttcheeks silky smooth :-P

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:44:48  ID:7/Fi0BqC.net(4)
Most people polled are satisfied with the two-party coalition in the Lower House. Executives of the opposition parties will be at a loss because of a crushing defeat in the general election.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:48:14  ID:7/Fi0BqC.net(4)
The Liberal Democratic Party is heading for a victory in the election.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:50:49  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
and how's my mizupo?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:56:57  ID:7/Fi0BqC.net(4)
The new coalition cabinet is urged to stabilize the nation's economy, including the new consumption tax system.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 20:57:47  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
this may be weird, but I like both Satsuki and Mizupo at the same time.
probably i love politically aggressive women ...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 21:07:12  ID:7/Fi0BqC.net(4)
The Social Democratic Party will manage to maintain its pre-election seats in the election.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 21:13:07  ID:LgI5r+Za.net(11)
oh sound's good, thanks :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 22:23:27  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
I am not happy.
沖縄県人 is baka.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 22:58:10  ID:MZWSt5u4.net(4)
Nope, unfortunately I'm an average-looking guy. Maybe at least I'm not an ugly guy hopefully. How come you thought so? I'm just curious.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 23:30:50  ID:X6kUYoYq.net(6)
I hope as many traitors as possible are arrested for violation of the election law.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/14 23:51:53  ID:/F9suFkA.net
Chinks are think Okinawa belong to China seriously.
If U.S bases and JSDF bases are gone,Okinawa would become a part of PRC!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 00:11:49  ID:Sq1AM+yT.net(2)
Aghhhhhh Whatever. I don't care about anything if my headache goes away...Today I learned my limit. Not more than two pints of beer

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 00:19:00  ID:zKYtWaZj.net
Too drunk like bent out of shape!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 00:32:41  ID:Sq1AM+yT.net(2)
Didn't know "God" was gay. Totally unexpected.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 00:52:52  ID:ktc0mOrL.net(5)
Gradually we are knowing of it.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 04:38:16  ID:PGowkz26.net(2)
The Prime Minister promised he will form his third cabinet soon and fulfill its duties to cope with political and economic difficulties.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 06:14:06  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
I'm under the impression that politicians have never been people of their word. I don't know about politics and economics at all though.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 07:49:34  ID:ISigxlWI.net
the age has come again when japan is controlled by the liberal democratic party and high ranked public officers.
i'm looking forward to seeing how stock prices will change today.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 08:03:00  ID:PGowkz26.net(2)
I have the impression that voters are cheated by candidates' eloquent speeches before elections.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 08:15:25  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
That is a their choice.
And Koreans are also thinking Okinawa belongs to Korea like Tusushima.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 09:46:36  ID:SasdV+MP.net(3)
i read a report of BBC that increasing dose of vitamin c is not effective than intaking zinc regulary to avert cold.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 11:37:07  ID:/GHm3yme.net(3)
The Prime Minister evaluated the election results as a major triumph for his party and the coalition partner.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/15 13:05:59  ID:zampXnNH!.n
Is there a limit to the number of terms a PM can be elected?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/15 13:07:08  ID:eByn9dup.net
Practically, the consumption tax hike was determined by this snap election.
Consumer would be suffer from high consumption tax rate.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 14:05:11  ID:/GHm3yme.net(3)
Parliamentary activity will become a political tug of war between the ruling and opposition parties over the right to collective self-defense.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 14:15:13  ID:/GHm3yme.net(3)
The constitution of Japan doesn't stipulate the term of Prime Minister.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 16:25:55  ID:5SBOdJ1f.net(5)
please don't push the back of the person standing in front of you while riding on descending escalator.
but of course you are allowed to hug him tightly from behind the back.
please make sure of this.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 16:28:54  ID:5SBOdJ1f.net(5)
oh, the Nikkei average stock price has gone down quite a bit.
it might continue to go up and down during the next few months.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 16:37:36  ID:7DppsY0/.net
i heard in-n-out is run by mormons
if so, why do they have coffee and iced tea on the menue?
because i heard they are banned from drinking them.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 18:53:20  ID:g4tpd3l5!.n(2)
They're not necessarily Mormons, but they certainly are religious; the cups
have references to Bible verses printed on the packaging (like, on the underside
of the cups.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:02:24  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
I can't believe 水脈 was unseated at this election.
She was supported by a lot of ナット右翼, I thought.
But...I found the power of the Internet right wingers is overrated.
The outcome of the election is a great loss to the conservatives.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:14:49  ID:SasdV+MP.net(3)
i dont have interest in politics. because the super aging society in japan, young vote is never reflected.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:16:05  ID:g4tpd3l5!.n(2)
Maybe they'll be able to withdraw 特定秘密の保護に関する法律 then.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:21:26  ID:e3yfPkbo.net(4)
because she was saying a similar thing XD

according to what Dr. Ikeda said in Honmadekka,
humans are animals evolved high in eyesight, that is, visuality.
so average looking means you're still lucky.

if you want something warm at night, all you need is join some dating sites!
I'm on some gay dating sites 24/7 with my smartphone, hehe :P

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:28:00  ID:SasdV+MP.net(3)
so if a candicate needs lot of votes, he/she must flame a policy that is kind to old people. as result, that affects adversely to young generation such as 介護, 年金 problem.
indulge and keep up elderly people, and exploit young people, that is the politics in jpn.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:36:39  ID:zqBCXPzo!.n(4)
There are so many moving parts.
This time obviously the problem is the fall in the US stock price.
This is considered to be the result of plummeting oil price.
In addition, Nichigin Tankan was announced today.
It revealed that the business confidence is lower than previously expected.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:38:40  ID:zqBCXPzo!.n(4)
No. The only thing is every time after the general election,
a special session has to be convened to appoint a PM by the
approval of both houses.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:43:52  ID:e3yfPkbo.net(4)
you mean, things don't go as you want, so you won't face it?
what a naive reason to put off by politics!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 19:52:34  ID:zqBCXPzo!.n(4)
I don't know we should call such an attitude "naive",
the aging society is the future you guys have to deal with
(I'm not sure I go back to Japan yet so I don't have to really worry about right now).

Some drastic reform (pension reform, increase copayment, tax hike, easing
immigration requirement etc) is necessary to sustain the welfare system,
but no party really wants to implement any of them because it will surely upset the

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 20:11:15  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
次世代 basically pushes 特定秘密保護法.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 20:14:22  ID:e3yfPkbo.net(4)
in my opinion, LDP has already started reformation,
and I think that's why Abe-chan is madly sticking to sales tax increase
though it sounds bad for everyone.

conversely, other parties are all in all claiming window-dressing policy which surely sound lovely,
like no tax raise, wealth redistribution for the poor, blah blah .... they seem next to impossible!
but I still like mizopo, HAHA XD

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 20:27:15  ID:e3yfPkbo.net(4)
window-dressing 聞こえはいい : I learned this word today. isn't it useful?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 20:39:19  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
Your thinking to politics are very normal and right.
But you like mizupo. It's very funny.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 21:05:05  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
Anyway, Japanese people shold be more logical.
No logical people are enemies against world peace.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 21:29:44  ID:K2pcDivl.net(6)
No logical people are enemies against world peace.

Illogical people are enemies against world peace.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:03:42  ID:ZOCQDy7F.net(3)
I'm tired today!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:08:41  ID:7rKbER3x.net
Im going to teach my niece English, became i was a English teacher for young learners but i left that company the end of the April. After that i didnt use any English so i dont have confidence.
please say do your best! study hard! to me!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:22:03  ID:zqBCXPzo!.n(4)
Tax hike is one thing they have done
(although the decision when made when DPJ was in charge).
Pension reform is really crucial but this will be really tough to implement.
I don't think LDP will do anything to during the Abe prime ministership.

In term of more general economic reform, labor market reform will be the key.
Essentially this will be about the relaxing the rigidity of labor market, but again
this will be difficult because of the large portion of permanent workers are
in their 40s ad 50s while a half of younger generations are part-time workers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:22:04  ID:5SBOdJ1f.net(5)
Germany resolved to say good bye to nuclear power generation more than ten years ago
and since then, use of renewable energy has rapidly spread all over the country.
there must be something japan can learn in this...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:23:23  ID:5SBOdJ1f.net(5)
what about cola zero or Pepsi tonight??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:28:05  ID:ypL6mnIH.net(3)
Good luck with that. If you get paid for teaching English before, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. And since it's a member of your family you're teaching this time, there's nothing to feel pressure about.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:33:03  ID:5SBOdJ1f.net(5)
i want a down jacket but i don't like those bulging parts like stomach musles, divided by stitches.
it's difficult to find down jackets which are moderately flat as a whole...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:44:29  ID:ktc0mOrL.net(5)
Tax hike is not reform nor restructuring.
Deregulation in business, marketing, import and labor are needed for restruction.
That's the way to go for reviving Japan.

Mr Abe is protecting people who have vested interest and spending money for them. He did almost nothing for the third arrow.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 22:53:41  ID:ktc0mOrL.net(5)
Raising sales tax is a financial matter. It has nothing to do with restructuring Japanese society.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:07:11  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
Go for it! When you done well, give yourself something reward. Good luck.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:11:30  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
When I leave some comments on this board, I'm gazing a dictionary in order not to make mistakes.
Because I'm afraid of being offended by someone due to my mistakes. But it's necessary to improve my English, I think.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:13:14  ID:ZOCQDy7F.net(3)
You can make mistakes in this thread no one cares but some annoying grammar nazis

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:17:38  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
No pain no gain.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:19:15  ID:ZOCQDy7F.net(3)
How did you know it's me?

Today I got a sparkling drink instead!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:22:45  ID:ktc0mOrL.net(5)
Take one example, native English speakers can't be a teacher at government run schools because they don't have LICENCE. They have to be human voice players forever. Too mottainai for improving students' English skill.

Teaching English in Japanese has to be abandoned.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:23:48  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
Thanks. Grammar is hell for me. BTW what does "nazis" mean? Although I tried to find it out in my dictionary, I couldn't. If it's not lot of work for you and you tell me, I'll be glad.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:30:00  ID:ypL6mnIH.net(3)
Grammar nazi refers to someone who is extremely impatient about other people's grammatical errors. They would point out the mistakes and correct them all the time.
If you have a friend like this, you will go nuts.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:33:56  ID:ktc0mOrL.net(5)
When I write something on this thread as an anonymous , I rarely use dictionaries and references.
It makes me feel better for not worrying making mistakes. Nobody knows me so I can say goodbye to embarrassing.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:39:19  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
Thanks a lot! I got it.
Grammar Nazis! Nazis means ナチス!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:47:08  ID:ypL6mnIH.net(3)
No problemo señor

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:48:21  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
I often watch some sports, and I quite often say もったいない when some player missed great opportunity to score.
What would you say if you were me then?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/15 23:56:17  ID:zyDWgdPk.net(8)
True. Embarrassment improves our English. We don't have to be afraid of making mistakes and feel embarrassing.
It's bad habit of Japanese to feel embarrassed.
I know that but I'm obsessed with it.
It's not good to improve.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 00:12:37  ID:kWfjN7zH!.n(2)
Ugh. Is there nobody who thinks that law is a bad idea?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 00:36:57  ID:BC3e1ABn!.n(3)
Jisedai is a right-wing party which wants to revive the good old days of japan.
It supports a bigger, stronger government which also can control the media.
In these right-wingers' beliefs, left-wingers (traitors = 売国奴) have been
leaking the confidential materials to the communist China or other Japanese

You should look at other parties/groups to find the opposition.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/16 06:46:45  ID:T56CyePI!.n
I'm truly sorry to have missed your questions.
Q1) That doesn't sound natural to me at all. "For God's sake" does, and "Goddamnit!" does though.
Q2) That sounds more natural, but still has a weird feeling to it. "Keep it to yourself, plz" like you said, feels a lot better. That or "Don't tell me, plz".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 07:15:17  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
I think you are always a good gaijin here, so names and natures don't agree.
However, you oppose 特定秘密保護法, right?
Are you by any chance anti-whaling people?

I hope real 害国人 come here.
(Of course, good gaijins are welocom.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 08:00:30  ID:dKYZ49lM.net(2)
i learned an english phrase "cut out for" yesterday.

i'm cut out for clearing garbage.
i'm not cut out for a professional basketball player.
i'm cut out for a marriage.

you can say truly many things just by combining simple verbs and simple adverbs or prepositions which i think is amazing.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 08:09:18  ID:j85QdmJb.net
Good morning!
Thank you for your answes.
Sorry for kind of using you in a way.
I'm more than happy to help you with Japanese in return.
Now, I've got to go.
See you!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 08:43:31  ID:dKYZ49lM.net(2)
by that outstanding use of exclamation marks...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 09:37:02  ID:EDgZ8fQm.net
Discussions at the meeting between leaders of the ruling party and its coalition party were centered on Japanese policy on a path of stable economic growth yesterday.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 12:15:13  ID:kWfjN7zH!.n(2)
I think it's dishonest when it's said the whaling is for "scientific research" when it sounds
like it isn't really. As to the whaling itself: if the population isn't in danger, like for
Minke whales (みんく鯨), that's fine. (I'm more concerned about the overfishing of tuna.) And
I hate Sea Shepherd; I think they're a bunch of sanctimonious pirate fuckheads.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 13:58:21  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
I understand normal people think so, but there's a misunderstanding about the research whaling.

People need to know IWC history, I think,
IWC is not for abolishing whaling but doing sustainable whaling.
Whaling can resume at any time.
But anti-whaling coutries, like Australia, increased the number of their supporters, which are not whaling country!!!!.

Japan continued to respect IWC, though.
However, Australia brought the issue into ICJ.
And the judgment doesn't say whaling is bad. It only says research wahaling is not for reaserch.
The reason why ICJ "not for research" is that Japan set the number of the upper limit to 850 whales, but that the results are only 103 ones in 2012,
so Japan didn't researh.

Japan should kill more whale.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 15:33:09  ID:ZFt9Bcqu.net
I hope someday gaijins learn why species like セミクジラ(North Pacific right whale) and マッコウクジラ(sperm whale) are categorized as endangered or vulnerable.
Also they may want to remenber the reason why they gave the name "right whale".

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 16:07:08  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
Today I betrayed 7-Eleven and went to Family Mart instead. They didn't
have Blendy Cafe au Lait, so I bought Boss instead. However, I didn't notice
that the bottle said "Melty au Lait". I don't know what a Melty is, but it
tastes like coffee with too much cream.

Also, I tried different types of Fanta. Apple tastes like sparkling applejuice.
Melon Soda Fanta tastes too artificial. Cherry Fanta is pretty nice. And Mango
Fanta is okay. The best type, though, is Lemon Fanta. But I can't seem to find
that here...

Not at all! She didn't suddenly turn into your idea of a typical Korean. However,
maybe I did make a mistake. Last Saturday, I went to the cinema with my other Korean
housemate, to see Interstellar. She wanted to pretend to be married, in order to get
discounted tickets (of course, this wouldn't work since we're not old people). She
told her boyfriend about it, and now he really hates me. He's coming to visit her in
two weeks. He's also in the Korean military.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:15:06  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)
"melty", a term usually for sweets especially chocolate or some cakes with fresh cream.
stands for とろけるような, 口どけがいい (something melts very much in your mounth)

probably first appearance is in Shazuna' Melty Love.

the japanese TV stations have some rediculous stereotyped adjectives for food.
I'll show you some examples and they must be helpful for watching TV :-D

プリ(ッ)プリ! : for boiled shrimp or lobster still chewy
ジューシー! : for steaks with juice
あま〜い! : when you visit a farm and eat his veggies raw, without anything, in front of a farmer.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:15:09  ID:x/zUAHWH.net(3)
Gaijin is kissing someone's ass to win him over. If must be hard to be gaijin in Japan you have to do this to be approved. lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:34:58  ID:+R5B2qbS.net(4)
Yes, You and your retarded Korean friend made the mistake!

First of all, it's a crime you and your retarded friend did! I think criminals should be returned to their countries immediately.

I strongly believe I should report this case to the authorities to deport you from Japan!

We don't need criminals in Japan!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:42:09  ID:+R5B2qbS.net(4)
Just because your Korean friend was not a typical Korean slut that don't mean Koreans are not sluts!

When I was in England, there was this middle-aged Korean (well she was 31 years age at that time and I was only 20 years old) in English school and she was married but one day she seduced me wtf...

Ew I just recalled the memory...

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:46:56  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
Ahh, I see! Thanks for the explanation! So that's why it tasted really
creamy. I guess the steak one makes sense, as we might say that steaks
are juicy even in English. And from what I've seen on TV shows, there's
an awful lot of あま〜い'ing going on, even for trivial things...

Wait, what's the crime? We saw the movie with normal tickets. Is it
now a crime to do things normally?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:52:12  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
You know it! Criminal!

Turned out the British imperialists are war criminals and Koreans are deceptive liars! Lol

They never feel no compunctions about them and they never change lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 17:58:18  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
Also don't use Japanese! Japanese is such a sacred language! It's disgusting to see gaijins using Japanese!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:00:45  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
Actually, I don't know it, so please tell me!

By the way, sorry for the personal question, but are you on medication?
It seems like some days it's effective, but other days it's not.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:05:50  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
Apparently the criminal doesn't have brain too!

Yes, I've been taking medicines because I've had a sore throat for a very long time!

I blame this baka British 害人 he has a bad breath...

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:09:31  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
Not that kind of medicine! I mean for much longer-term things than
a sore throat. Though I hope that your throat becomes better soon.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:15:00  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
Now this shameless 外人 is making fun of mentally unstable people!

So that means you're also making fun of "512M" too? He has a schizophrenia!

Finally I want to say this to you. FUCK YOU AND GO HOME NOW.

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:25:44  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
You can neither point out a crime, nor any making fun, because neither
happened. I'm only worrying about you because I care.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:26:54  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
Oh, I don't know it, It is educational to me.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:27:49  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)
i really don't make out why some guys are still feeding the troll.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:33:15  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
British humor?

I don't give a fuck about your concern.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:33:40  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
Fuck faggot

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:40:17  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
Who is a fisherman, and who is a fish?
If you don't like politics, history, whaling and so on, you're free to ignore them.
”>>” is available for that.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:40:27  ID:x/zUAHWH.net(3)
b/c apparently this gaijin thinks the brainless troll will open up to him if he keeps acting nice, which is most likely not to happen. Only in his dream

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:42:00  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)
dear イギリス人,

please, do not feed the troll.
feeding trolls means that you are also helping its vandalism.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:43:36  ID:IN9v/NsI.net(7)
Fuck fag so disgusting!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:46:36  ID:pWGq0PNS.net(6)
I understand, but sometimes he goes into troll mode, and other times
he's a normal, reasonable human being. Anyway, as you say, let's talk
about something else.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:47:11  ID:3j5dDsuh.net(2)
The 80-year old author-turned politician announced his resignation. He graduated from Hitotsubashi University, when it comes to studying, he was No. 1 in the university. He also won the Akutagawa Prize in his twenties.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 18:56:25  ID:3j5dDsuh.net(2)
He claimed the Self Defense Forces are constitutional and emphasized the need for a revision of the Constitution of Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:03:25  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
As Mishima predicted, Japanese media are ruled by left-wingers, traitors, Korean, and so on.
I don't know well and am not interedted in Ishihara's thinking about 天皇.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:04:36  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
But I like Ishihara. He is very logical.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:04:52  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)
I don't wanna go out to ship some orders!!
rainy and freezing outside, brrrrr (((((( ;゚Д゚)))))
at the same time I don't want bad feedback from buyers....

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:09:50  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)
$1 = 116.3 yen! welcome back!
now I can buy some naughty undies on ebay!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:30:51  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 19:34:40  ID:WA3SlVdT.net(7)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 20:00:17  ID:BC3e1ABn!.n(3)
I'm going to Japan this year end.
I was really looking forward to going shopping...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 20:07:56  ID:BC3e1ABn!.n(3)
He should.
He became so delusional as to claim that his party is "Future Generations"
while the party is full of soon-to-die old fellows.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 20:16:54  ID:6KWGEFPB.net(2)
anyway, i simply feel apathy and hate politicians.
they behaves as if they can solve any complicated problems before being elected, but after that they forgets these promises instantly, which seems imposters.
if voters are occupied with old people, the candidate put weight the welfare on his/her speech just to get votes.
are you believing those elected candidates really want to devote themselves to citizens? absoletly no. they needs money and steady lives for themseves.and protection by the nation

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 20:34:56  ID:6KWGEFPB.net(2)
tax increase is anavoidable things. i havent complain about it.
but LDP candidates also flame window-dressing policy to be elected, dont they?
any candidates exist speeching "young generation will be exploit by explosive old generation for their pension and caregiving HAHAHA..." ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 20:39:01  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
Not only politicians but also citizens are bad.
People can run at the election.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 23:03:01  ID:+R5B2qbS.net(4)
Finally jingoistic politician Ishihara also known as cancer of Japan has retired!

Hopefully he will die soon like within a week.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 23:11:32  ID:x/zUAHWH.net(3)
Been stuck in Uguisudani for over an hour. Something like some guy threw himself in front of the train somewhere between Ikebukuro and Akabane, and Syounan and Keihin line services are now being suspended. ふう。I wanna go home.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 23:14:28  ID:+R5B2qbS.net(4)
I feel sorry for you!

Must be so cold outside...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 23:17:17  ID:UhbvzbbA.net
i am english man

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/16 23:25:42  ID:xzavs2c+.net(8)
He has a lot of things to do.
He has to bring up 次世代.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 00:45:14  ID:ls6p7MlM.net
How can I improve my English skills?
Tell me how you study.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/17 01:16:51  ID:JWQzWFEC.net
I didn't expect the stock price went down already. Hope good news will be coming soon.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 01:49:15  ID:biZk9M24.net(2)
I can't sleep so I'm gonna jerk off with my sweet TENGA-chan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 02:06:37  ID:G4Fi7P6Z.net
I was seated on the train the whole time and the heater was working inside so it wasn't cold. It's just that I had to wait for so long.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 05:47:00  ID:9pgOjo3w.net
Taking advantage of the government's weak-kneed diplomacy, especially the North Korea's abduction case, the Party for Future Generation was stepping up their criticism of the government.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 07:42:27  ID:/NQHuiw1.net(3)
when i examined my sneakers, i noticed that the sole rubber for the right foot was much more worn out than for the left.
i didn't think i stood or walked unbalanced, but in fact i did...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 07:48:31  ID:/NQHuiw1.net(3)
would you let me post the 800th comment in this thread...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 07:49:22  ID:NkS5GHhM.net
But, you already have.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 10:13:01  ID:G4ogQpDh.net(2)
What do you image for "Noborivetsu"?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 11:41:25  ID:UatqFKK6.net(3)
Dozens of residents are stranded in deep snow.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 11:51:17  ID:UatqFKK6.net(3)
The Muslim snipers were killed after shoot-out with the army at one of the army run schools in Pakistan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 12:20:07  ID:G4ogQpDh.net(2)
What a current topic! That's just like you!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 13:49:58  ID:/NQHuiw1.net(3)
an annoying headache is bothering me.
i took a medicine a while ago but a part of my head has kept on throbbing.
i want to escape somewhere...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 14:06:10  ID:UatqFKK6.net(3)
Police say the suspected slayer of an old woman in Gunma Prefecture in November is still at large.
An old man was seriously injured by an anonymous man near the site yesterday.
No other details are available at present.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 17:50:37  ID:biZk9M24.net(2)
Japan is a terrible country with bunch of racists, war criminals and netouyos and surely you'll be discriminated against so you should go to S.Korea instead.

You'll be able to enjoy delicious Korean foods and so many beautiful girls, great cultures, great history, beautiful cultures you name it!

Korea has it all you mark my word!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 17:56:30  ID:DDcbb1zZ!.n
I hear the northern part is particularly fun for tourists.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 18:15:59  ID:RgYww+l6.net

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 18:17:56  ID:Yy4csgkE.net
omg, it's like sherbet!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 21:05:39  ID:6QdEJdp6.net(3)
A cold wave from Siberia is raging all the day, inundating Nemuro city and submerging houses in other cities in Hokkaido.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 22:15:53  ID:6QdEJdp6.net(3)
US President Obama is expected to set forth a bold plan with the Pakistani government against terrorism by Islamic radicals.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 22:18:47  ID:QuYoeO1S.net
This is not an us issue why they always love to interfere?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/17 22:32:46  ID:6QdEJdp6.net(3)
It is what it calls acts of hegemony all over the world, I suppose.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 00:49:42  ID:I3Q+KTVA.net(3)
I don't have the TV. I got a shock.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 00:51:16  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 02:10:16  ID:FVO74xGc.net
According to the broadcast, the normalization of bilateral relations between and the US and Cuba will be realized in the near future.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 02:54:17  ID:89Rd73rU.net(3)
do you rely on this thread instead of TV news and all ?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 09:49:49  ID:UaGVEspT.net(3)
Today's Sankei says that the female scientist seems to give up the plan that she will conduct an experiment to produce STAP cells.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 09:51:50  ID:I3Q+KTVA.net(3)
No, But I only knew articles without no images.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 10:15:56  ID:yJVNsQzK.net
Yeah, that sure is annoying.
I know america will never stop that as long as they behave as if "world's police" though.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 10:57:00  ID:+R3MJwdK.net
I've almost completely stayed in for about more than 2 years. My brain is liable to melt away like rotten tomatoes.
I hate to say this, a life is fuckin' crap.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 13:29:18  ID:c8939Bh1.net
'Murica da best!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 13:29:41  ID:JPwDkcIC.net(2)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 13:36:39  ID:89Rd73rU.net(3)
i feel dizzy because of the low temprature.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 13:49:11  ID:JPwDkcIC.net(2)
It's freaking cold outside I don't even go to gym to check up on hot guys.

They are eye candies for me. This is important.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 13:55:14  ID:89Rd73rU.net(3)
are you also a hot guy? if not, they treats you cruelly that may feel you down.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 16:59:58  ID:UaGVEspT.net(3)
The mercury went down below zero today in many parts of Japan with heavy snow and piercing winds except in the Metropolitan area.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 17:24:56  ID:0PmUEUYq.net(2)
I don't think I'm not a hot guy, but I receive some messages from different guys on dating service site everyday.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 17:28:35  ID:0PmUEUYq.net(2)
Sorry I don't think I'm a hot guy

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 17:50:24  ID:wftsON98.net
i'm now eating 釜玉スパゲティ (not gay's balls spaghetti).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 18:00:10  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
It's like adding a raw egg right?

I didn't like it.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 18:00:11  ID:HDOjHzcj.net
when it's freezing outside, you'll miss something warm by you ...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 18:29:22  ID:UaGVEspT.net(3)
In the Democratic Party, the 40-year old executive is to be reckoned with a possible successor to the former leader failed in the Lower House election.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 18:56:48  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 22:19:23  ID:BYalPkVR.net(4)
More than fifty years ago, the United States broke off its diplomatic relations with Cuba. But the normalization of bilateral relations will be one of the significant events in history. It would lead Cuba to capitalist economy.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 22:54:40  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
I'm eating a chocolate cake now! So good!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 22:59:48  ID:BYalPkVR.net(4)
It is often said that the Japanese election system is still prone to unfair vote getting.
It is need to narrow the gap in the weight of individual votes in any national elections.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:09:04  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:13:18  ID:X1Xnj4p5.net
What little people realise they are let live by other's generosity and patience.
So much arrogance and ignorance in this world.
Sometimes I feel like losing it just so people will face the consequence they deserve.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:15:39  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:25:20  ID:I3Q+KTVA.net(3)
People are devided into two types. One is logical, the other is illogical.
Logical people can stop allowing themselves to be led by their emotions when they are told to become logical.
Logical is the most imoprtant for world peace.
Left-wingera, traitors, anti-Japanese people and anti-whaling people are illogical.
They are very baka.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:36:10  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/18 23:56:12  ID:BYalPkVR.net(4)
The much publicized government promise of economic policies called "Abenomics" must not be a pie in the sky.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:00:08  ID:Nn+CvLHi.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:05:20  ID:BYalPkVR.net(4)
The opposition parties proposed that the government stop pursing high economic growth through increased spending on public works projects.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:08:21  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:23:29  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
This thread has long history.
I don't know why GOD is in an angry mood.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:24:29  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:43:38  ID:E0yXzggi.net(2)
I hate prepositions. They drives me nuts. Confusing.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:49:13  ID:E0yXzggi.net(2)
Nah-, not drives -> "drive"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 00:49:26  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 01:00:47  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
What can soothe the anger of GOD?
Junk food? Coca Cola Zero?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 01:17:31  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 01:24:35  ID:Yp3lh+ci.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 01:25:38  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 02:05:59  ID:3J8YxMwl!.n
Make love to イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 07:06:25  ID:zWYfCcS7.net(2)
Mr. Shintaro Ishihara's defeat in the Lower House election reflecting the criticism of his hawkish posture.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 08:46:54  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
Fuck イギリス人

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 11:10:10  ID:zWYfCcS7.net(2)
After the normalization with the United States, Cuba will be determined to promote the Socialist market economy instead of the traditional command economy, I suppose.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 12:11:28  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 12:31:02  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
Fuck イギリス人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 13:21:36  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
I felt relieved to read the below.

GOD studied in the UK, so "Fuck イギリス人" is equal to >858.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 13:48:05  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
Wtf? Are you fucking kidding me?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:05:16  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
With the greatest respect!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:08:39  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
Fuck you too

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:12:03  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
I'm sure it's my fault.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:12:44  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
I demand a sincere apology and compensation money

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:16:43  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
Oh,,,that's just like Korea.
Don't Korea, please...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:20:38  ID:gCYvyR4C.net(7)
You're insulting me again calling me korean? Wtf

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 14:34:40  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)
It was careless of me to say so.
The most insulting word in Japan is "You are Korean(or You look like korean)."
But..., you know, you are demanding money. Please don't... pleaese...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/19 17:21:58  ID:ahEVxvsF.net
the season of lucky bag is comming!!! you guys ready?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 17:50:34  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
I applied for some lucky bags like MUJI online but I didn't win.


名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/19 18:46:17  ID:NfTgHMNC.net
Why is this board called English when you only speak in moonrunes?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 18:49:59  ID:E219gajK!.n(2)
4chan pls no bully

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 20:10:37  ID:9P6HE/jb.net(8)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 22:15:49  ID:hjBGVWSL.net(2)

Everytime I see this, I just can't help but laugh at how retarded the gaijins are.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 22:54:37  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
What the hell is "moonrunes" in the first place?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:10:03  ID:E219gajK!.n(2)
It's a joke. He's talking about 漢字. It's that they look so different from the Latin alphabet that they're compared to space runes.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:37:57  ID:dK522bmG.net(8)
Thanks! Now I get it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:45:46  ID:mhW4RR5o.net
Yokohama station was crowded with a lot of people who looked really happy today.
I wandered around there alone, feeling lonely.
The underground mall was so complicated that I didn't know where I was trudging.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:49:10  ID:k/QliKYz.net
The Nikkei average recorded more than 17,000 yen reflecting the economic recovery in the United States.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:55:17  ID:hjBGVWSL.net(2)
It's just that some gaijins call languages which are too difficult for them (particularly Japanese) "moonspeak".
It also has a derogatory nuance.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/19 23:55:28  ID:Yp3lh+ci.net(2)
why lonely people dare to mess around such the リア充 areas?
you know lonelines increase being surrounded by happy people, not by lonely people.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 00:26:21  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
I am going to go to イクスピアリ on the Christmas Eve to buy a half-pricee cake.
However, I could turn back when I get to 舞浜 station.
Even if I can enter the town, I might not be able to approach cake sections.
If so, I will go to 一風堂 and go home.
I guess that cupples don't eat とんこつラーメン on that day because they have an important thing to do at that night.
So, 一風堂 will be just a shelter on that day.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 00:35:53  ID:r0J1SkRL.net(2)
■売れ残り■割引クリスマスケーキ情報■半額■ 31 [転載禁止]?2ch.net
■売れ残り■割引クリスマスケーキ情報■半額■ 31 /お菓子板

how about this thread to plan a strategy to get half-priced cake?
you may feel loneliness when searching it surrounded by happy people, but at least at the thread, you can feel unity.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 00:49:50  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
There seem to be a lot of tough guys in the thraed.
I watch the thread until the Eve!
Thank you very much!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 01:04:09  ID:r0J1SkRL.net(2)
i saw a guy strolling around snowy 釧路 city by 自転車 at the thread every year. he is the most tough guy i have ever seen.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 01:45:06  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
I read the past threads.
Each thread has own history. Very interesting!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:01:11  ID:+VJhVKwi!.n
I have a feeling that you intentionally place yourself in very sheltered environments.

I meet all kind of people when I play videogames online. Even Chinese, even sometimes Korean.

But never Japanese.

And I know there is some sort of admiration of western culture in Japan.

But you are never seen online anywhere outside of your island.


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:11:50  ID:+icoMqPW.net(4)
>And I know there is some sort of admiration of western culture in Japan.


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:12:16  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
Who are you fighting against?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:15:24  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
Do you know there are a lot of illogical gaijins in "anywhere outside of your island?"
Why people outside of Japan are not logical and ignorance about history?
You believe Nanking, 731, comfort women and so on?
You think whaling is evil thing?
If so, you are 害人.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:24:36  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
Sheltered environment?
How can you find that people here are writing only here?
You have second sight, don't you?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:34:36  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
I don't think "going out side of Japan" is the only way of expanding own world.
I don't know even Japan well.
Life is too short.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:42:08  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
What is color of your underwear!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 02:57:11  ID:f2Tq+qLy.net
Admiring something and actually wanting to be part of it are two different things I think.
Yet we still enjoy Western culture in our own way. Like reading translated books, watching subtitled movies and going to language schools and stuff.
But it's hard to go into the deeper or less mainstream part of the culture. It's because not so many are truly fluent in English. (I assume you are talking about English speaking cultures here.
Without speaking the language, you only have very limited access to the culture.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 08:42:44  ID:dHUg/j0O.net(4)
good morning, everyone.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 08:43:32  ID:dHUg/j0O.net(4)
i will post the 900th post in this thread.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 08:44:30  ID:+icoMqPW.net(4)
Damn I was secretly trying to do that...but you did

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 10:04:09  ID:vf9JANJA.net(3)
As someone said before, I think the main reason was not being able to communicate in English. We are still far behind in that regard.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 10:12:15  ID:vf9JANJA.net(3)
I've never seen this so many Japanese getting together to speak English. This place is absolutely exceptional. You cant judge things on base of this thread.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 10:19:23  ID:dHUg/j0O.net(4)
whoa, that seems to be a sort of conspiracy...
first come, first served /~

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 10:22:39  ID:SlcROsS9.net
The RUB has plummeted against other major currencies, causing Russian economy into the national distress.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 10:48:39  ID:lFZ/sEWr.net
The US and European countries called on Russia to stop interfering in Ukrainian affairs. It is the only way to mitigate the pain of Russia from the bankrupting national economy.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/20 14:09:12  ID:qdihIH8z!.n
>905 >906
Do you think the ruble will plummet as bad as the Deutschmark did after WW1?
I don't, but to think it's a possibility is an interesting thought.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 14:16:05  ID:VxMEaBLx.net
I've got to take a Toeic exam today.
What should I do for improving my poor listening skill?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 14:37:10  ID:QzyoTBq+.net(2)
get rid of earwax

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 15:30:43  ID:TRUixOKN.net
Need bundle of banknote for potatoes,it looks very funny but very
serious problem for German citizens at that time.
Yep,I don't think RUB plummet like Reichs mark.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 16:19:55  ID:c3AZRrdb.net
Now, Russia is one of the promising countries in the northern hemisphere with its abundant natural resources.
International economic system has changed remarkably since WWI.
So, RUB will not plummet in the near future.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 17:11:23  ID:Rhurn66n.net(2)
Yesterday was the last day of class before the winter break. Woohoo! I'm so stoked for this coming trip.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 18:49:14  ID:+icoMqPW.net(4)
Speaking of TOEIC, I'm going to take it next month!
Although I have a perfect score but I want to check up on my current English ability...so yeah!!!!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 19:04:11  ID:buXOKO1S.net(3)
The Pope was successful in his efforts as a troubleshooter of bilateral relationship between the US and Cuba.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 19:21:07  ID:+icoMqPW.net(4)
Omg the handsome white gaijin just invited me to a cup of coffee! Is this a date?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 19:37:59  ID:QzyoTBq+.net(2)
you mean that julien guy?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 19:57:30  ID:buXOKO1S.net(3)
Weathermen say that the low temperatures will linger in the Japan Sea's coast of Japan until next week.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 20:54:24  ID:dHUg/j0O.net(4)
I need a goal, an aim, a target that I want to try hard to hit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 22:18:16  ID:vf9JANJA.net(3)
Good luck with the romantic relationship!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 22:21:09  ID:buXOKO1S.net(3)
The LDP executives emphasize that the proposed tax increase scheduled for next year will benefit the nation in the long run.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 22:31:12  ID:G010siP6.net(9)
Oh, He(or she) has't given me the answer to my question.
How disappointing!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/20 22:47:15  ID:Rhurn66n.net(2)
That means he has a life. Good for him!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 00:53:32  ID:DDRRu+za.net
Tell him to set me up with his friends please <3

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 03:18:56  ID:sZJUcEj4.net(2)
The ruling two-party coalition members will outnumber those of opposition parties in all parliamentary committees due to the victory in the general election.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 03:35:28  ID:sZJUcEj4.net(2)
IS troops were holding out at the stronghold, resisting other nations' forces.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 10:31:52  ID:pj0hhudx.net
I'm still in a futon. Don't want to get up.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 11:40:08  ID:XG7MPngB.net
it's almost twelve.
let's get up with your futon wrapped around your body.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 11:42:17  ID:Cl5Vtzp6.net
Sluggish individual spending, which has lasted for months, is hampering the economic recovery since the introduction of a new consumption tax.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 15:31:07  ID:TPxo2A3l.net(2)
I'm at Burger King now enjoying クアトロ cheese burger or something! And sooo good!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 15:31:32  ID:TPxo2A3l.net(2)
Of course with cola zero! So refreshing!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 17:16:58  ID:NUbm9+Ae.net(3)
                 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                          (゚д゚ )
                  <⌒/ヽ-、__ノヽノ |
                /<_/____/ < <
                 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                            (゚д゚ )
                  <⌒ヽ_ /ヽ-、__ノヽノ |
                /<___ノ/____/ < <
                 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                               (゚д゚ )
                  <⌒ヽ    /ヽ-、__ノヽノ |
                /<___ノ ̄ ̄/____/ < <
                 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
                                ( ゚д゚ )
                  <⌒ヽ    /ヽ-、__ノヽノ |
                /<___ノ ̄ ̄/____/ < <

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 17:36:40  ID:LUVm5IrH.net(2)
...what a terror...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 17:46:56  ID:LUVm5IrH.net(2)
i take a tablet of ロキソニン from 第一三共ヘルスケア every time i have a headache
since it always has an amazing effect.
but recently i think about giving it up...it seems to damage your stomach to some extent.
is there anyone who takes バファリン or イブ?
is it good??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 17:54:09  ID:NUbm9+Ae.net(3)
i have taken all of them.
but these are almost same for me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 18:24:37  ID:GMdOtWJO.net
ロキソニン is scary, but ボルタレン is much scarier.
My stomack, I think, is very storng, but...but...ボルタレン beat me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 19:37:18  ID:ZGchEEyp.net
i need to Google that..

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 20:35:05  ID:feojp803.net
asshole is ボラギノール

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 21:15:41  ID:NUbm9+Ae.net(3)
ボルタレン is often prescribed at dentisty in my experience.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/21 21:42:30  ID:ZtyV5vK1.net
It is well-known that analgesic is often used for reducing pain.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 00:32:53  ID:miUwhmfV.net(3)
So I didn't know how to respond to the invitation from the white gaijin so I ignored it lol

Now I'm eating 豚骨 ramen from ラ王 so so good

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 00:46:15  ID:95AyoJKC.net(4)
you are debu?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:23:28  ID:CaCnSCCG!.n
ボルトロン is superior to ボルタレン.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:24:19  ID:95AyoJKC.net(4)
how about イデオン?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:25:33  ID:c5BuspdV.net
Police says drug abuses are becoming more and more prevalent among the young generation in Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:29:54  ID:miUwhmfV.net(3)
I'm so so macho

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:40:34  ID:95AyoJKC.net(4)
i noticed by using gay dating app that macho gay is not necessarily praised by many gay people.
they must be fashionable and have リア充 aura, which easily offset muscle worships at least in jpn,not to mention they must be good face.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 01:47:12  ID:lW1ogx9M.net
The words I learned from a video game called GTAV

When I heard these words for the first time, I felt electricity shoot through my body;however, because I played it without subtitles, I couldn't catch its plot.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 03:45:17  ID:nQRRrMQR.net
Ahhh time flies. I've been waiting for this moment for months.!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 07:56:14  ID:ErEba8ig.net
I'm not yet play Grand Theft Auto 5 but
doggy style fuck looks cool!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 08:03:34  ID:95AyoJKC.net(4)
i have a prejudice american gamer likes violent games and thats why resident evil made a big sales at there.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 09:01:37  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
Despite Mr. Yoshimi Watanabe's eloquent speeches, no one seemed to believe in the politician who committed an offense against the Political Funds Control Law.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 11:17:30  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
The Emperor is not empowered as head of state in the Japanese Constitution.
Some of conservative politicians plan to reinstate the Emperor as head of state.
Japan's traditional era name will be changed when the Imperial throne takes place.
Japan's use of Emperor's names as the names of eras was legalized in 1979; Socialists and Communists claimed the aim of this was to perpetuate the Emperor system.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 12:27:36  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
According to the survey, some of scholars insist no clear-cut trend toward a full scale economic recovery from the protracted business slump in spite of a brisk trading in the stock market.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 17:07:02  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)
which one are you on?
Grindr? Jack'd
I can't believe your talk right now, though I've slept with only 2 jap guys so far.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 17:32:13  ID:4rUvT6nO.net(4)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 17:38:39  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)
Jap is now used in non-vulgar context among young people :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 17:48:58  ID:4rUvT6nO.net(4)
Really? Jap is a cool wrod, isn't it? OK.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:06:10  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)
I dont think it's cool ...
native english spekers prefer closed 1 syllable / y-ending 2 sillable abbreviations.
according to it, "Japanese" should be Jap or Jappie or something.
JPN is ok for writing, but not for speapking at all!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:14:44  ID:Nkf6H4Tb.net(2)
Those who carelessly use "jap" just because it's easier to say or write are so uneducated

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:28:19  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
We must remember the fact that Americans helped rehabilitate Japan after the devastation of the Pacific War.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:32:35  ID:Nkf6H4Tb.net(2)
You are so a traitor!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:33:02  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
Introducing the economic policy, "Dodge Line", the Japanese textile industry was in full swing to meet the demand from abroad.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:55:43  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)
I don't think so.
giving a neutral (or positive) sound to the word which was used negative once is recommendable.
do you know Gothic or Baroque was once used as abuse?
Black as well.

and you cannot say either they are uneducated even if they don't know 70-year-ago vulgar words.
do you know before/during WWII Koreans were called "yobo?"
if somebody don't know it, I won't say he is uneducated!
it's someting trivial.

Of course they all are just my opinion.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 18:56:46  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)
*somebody doesn't know

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 19:06:24  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
Mr. Shigeru Yoshida was one of the most important architects after the Pacific War, he always conferred face to face without interpreters with General Douglas MacArthur at the General Headquarters in Tokyo.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 19:14:22  ID:Qlyia9vJ.net(6)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 19:22:30  ID:14KccGjV.net(7)
I mean "the architect of post-war Japan".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 20:14:12  ID:9KTcwHhQ.net(3)
i will wait for the time to post the 999th comment in this thread.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 20:31:00  ID:miUwhmfV.net(3)
That's not gonna happen!
Because I'll do that and post a comment like "if this post is 1000, all gaijins in japan are dead!"

Something like that!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 20:55:26  ID:4rUvT6nO.net(4)
There're many people who use Jap as an isulting word on many English boards.
ジャップ is also considered a insulting word in Japan.
However, certanily, I saw people who like anime use Jap in the commnet section on Youtube.
I don't know what will become of "Jap", but I don't think "ジャップ" will become a neutral word in Japan.
Very interesting.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 21:05:29  ID:9KTcwHhQ.net(3)
yes, it's gonna happen...
your best laid plan will fail.
i'm sorry for this.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 21:13:09  ID:9KTcwHhQ.net(3)
a lot of things seem to be represented by drawings of cute girls (what you call...萌えキャラ??) in japan these days.
battleships, castles towers swords etc etc etc.
i think that japanese creators will succeed showing emotions or even abstract concepts by using such girls in the near future...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 21:14:22  ID:8ZDTHKkp.net
2nd suicide of the day at Keihin-Tohoku line.
It sure is living up to its reputation.
When will I reach home...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 21:44:23  ID:+veNG9l6.net(2)
Recently, railway traffic was disrupted by heavy snow or suicide. So stations were crowded when the trains pulled in.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 23:52:21  ID:+veNG9l6.net(2)
I know my arrogant attitude is hated and disliked by everyone.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/22 23:58:02  ID:4rUvT6nO.net(4)
I always read your posts.
It is very useful for English learners like me.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:12:10  ID:HURWVriW.net
Thank you very much for your comment.
I will write English composition accurately from now on.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:21:35  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(2)
9monsters. should i resister them too? are there any differences among them ?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:35:11  ID:hDG0EU9l.net
hmmm, acutally I didn't know 9monsters but it seems to be popular here.

Grindr and Jack'd are popular in europe.
so, if you wanna meet whities ...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:50:13  ID:FVcZtV6c.net(2)
An Irishman, an Englishman and a Scotsman are caught in Saudi Arabia
drinking. "Under Saudi law you are sentenced to 30 lashes before
deportation,” said the prison guard, “You are entitled to something
on your back, what would you like?"
The English man asked for a Burberry coat. After the lashing, he was
taken in agony to the airport.
Next came the Scotsman. "Under Saudi law you are sentenced to 30
lashes before deportation,” said the prison guard, “You are entitled to
something on your back, what would you like?"
"Nothing" said the Scotsman and, after receiving his lashes, he spat on
the ground in disdain and was taken to the airport.
The guards then came to the Irishman. "Under Saudi law you are sentenced
to 30 lashes before deportation,” said the prison guard, “You are entitled
to something on your back, what would you like?"
"Oh", replied the Irishman, "I'll take the Scotsman."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:51:51  ID:FVcZtV6c.net(2)
An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman were marooned on a dessert
island. One day an old lantern washed up on the beach, and the Englishman
picked it up and wiped off the dirt. As he did so, a genie suddenly appeared
and vowed to grant them each one wish. The Englishman thought for a moment
and then said, “I wish I was back in my garden at home sipping a gin and tonic.”
The genie said, “Your wish is my command,” and the Englishman disappeared
in a flash of smoke.
The Scotsman thought for a moment and said, “I wish I was sitting in my
favorite pub in Edinburgh drinking a large whisky.” The genie said, “Your
wish is my command,” and the Scotsman disappeared in a flash of smoke.
The Irishman looked around for a short while, and then said, “It’s lonely
here alone. I wish the other two were here.”

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 00:56:30  ID:iyte8gtc.net
Take it easy. This thread is rich in variety.

KG2ch[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 08:06:46  ID:VWy7ycPy!.n(3)
Watching Suteki na Sen taxi now.

KG2ch[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 08:08:21  ID:VWy7ycPy!.n(3)
2重書き込みのため表示しません 内容を確認する

KG2ch[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 08:11:38  ID:VWy7ycPy!.n(3)
Apologies for the repeated message.
I was not able to post for a while as there is a ban on some UK IPs.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 08:16:31  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 08:34:20  ID:7G1IHxtl.net

サトラレ2[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 09:25:01  ID:mmKRUN8T.net

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 11:09:11  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net
Reflecting the economic recovery, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently recorded high in the US Stock Market.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 12:30:59  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 12:46:03  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
2重書き込みのため表示しません 内容を確認する

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:21:49  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
It's good to see no gaijins recently in this thread and so peaceful.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:45:53  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
Fuck gaijins

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:46:29  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
Fuck イギリス人

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:46:46  ID:e2gaxZp9.net
Yeah, they can all go and die.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:47:49  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
Fuck fuck fuck

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:48:22  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
健全でない言葉が含まれているため表示しません 内容を確認する

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:49:19  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
Go die asshole

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:49:49  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(10)
If this post is 999, the baka British imperialist will be deported

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If this post 1000, all gaijins in Japan will be dead!

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実況 ◆ フジテレビ 84147 [無断転載禁止]&#169;3ch.net (58)フジ実況
実況 ◆ テレビ朝日 48879 ぐっもに (449)テレ朝実況
おはよう!時代劇 暴れん坊将軍5 #4(第5話)[字][再] (650)テレ朝実況
NHK総合を常に実況し続けるスレ 136908 メジャー (936)NHK実況
はやドキ!→あさチャン! 20170817(木) ★ 1 (313)TBS実況
有吉探検隊★3 (735)テレ朝実況
良かれと思って!【初公開!芸能人自慢の家を住宅のプロがメッタ斬り】 (965)フジ実況
【マターリ】クレイジージャーニーSP★2【マターリ】&#169;2ch.net (852)TBS実況
【詐欺師】YouTuberヒカルがインサイダー疑惑で炎上 疑似株式サービスVALU(バリュー) ★11 (1001)音楽・芸能ニュース
【話題】<牛乳石鹸>広告が炎上!「もう買わない」の声「意味不明」「ただただ不快」批判殺到!★4 (1001)音楽・芸能ニュース
【詐欺師】YouTuberヒカルがインサイダー疑惑で炎上 疑似株式サービスVALU(バリュー) ★10 (1006)音楽・芸能ニュース
【テレビ】しくじり先生:テレ朝の人気バラエティーが今秋終了 3年の歴史に幕 (238)音楽・芸能ニュース
【話題】<牛乳石鹸>広告が炎上!「もう買わない」の声「意味不明」「ただただ不快」批判殺到!★3 (1001)音楽・芸能ニュース
【詐欺師】YouTuberヒカルがインサイダー疑惑で炎上 疑似株式サービスVALU(バリュー) ★9 (1001)音楽・芸能ニュース
【長野】ワナにかかった子グマ見てたら親グマ出現 男性が頭かまれて重傷 親グマ逃走、子グマ殺処分★2 (1004)ニュー速+
【話題】<牛乳石鹸>広告が炎上!「もう買わない」の声「意味不明」「ただただ不快」批判殺到!★2 (1001)音楽・芸能ニュース
セレンさんの経歴・英語力を検証するスレ21 (53)
セレンさんの経歴・英語力を検証するスレ20 (1001)
【コテハン禁止】TOEIC L&R公開試験各回統一スレ262 (1002)
英検一級スレ Part154 (676)
【コテハン禁止】TOEIC L&R公開試験各回統一スレ263 (84)
オンラインDMM英会話★36レッスン目 (145)
TOEICer総合スレ 8 (558)
スレッドを立てるまでもない質問スレッド Part 336 (486)
翻訳家・翻訳者を目指している人 トライアル 26回目 (631)
英検準1級スレ part151 (877)
DUO3.0 part57 (859)
Chat in English (英語で雑談) part 201 (1001)
なんでも翻訳してやるから英文持って来い 15 (276)
英語はディープラーニング (939)
英語の発音総合スレ Part38 (849)
【セルビア】DMM英会話【ボスニア】 (595)
【NHKラジオ】高校生からはじめる「現代英語」 (883)
日本人男性が英会話教室以外で米英人と会話する方法 (235)
【NativeCamp】ネイティブキャンプ4【ke**出禁】 (531)
おとなの基礎英語 9 (276)
月間480円で英語学び放題 (955)
英語のディープラーニング その99 (397)
多読のすゝめ 7冊目 (925)
高学歴なお前らが英会話にオススメの参考書 (106)
英検一級スレ Part149 (980)
【NHK】実践ビジネス英語【14】 (951)
紙の英和辞典について語るスレ 12 (619)
■英文法書総合スレ Chapter34■ (817)
新スレ・NCC綜合英会話学校 (832)


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