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Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 189 (1010)
名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 16:50:32  ID:hCgAGob3.net
( ´・ω・)  Let's have too-sweet cafe au lait and chat!
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Hey!!! All you NEETs, nerds, YouTube link spammers, pedophiles, neo-Nazis,
Yukorin enthusiasts, Nanako SOS admirers, Part-Time-Preachers,
Diplomats' spoiled sons, losers who can't remember Kanji characters,
Big-boobs fans, Weeaboo from around the world, learners of Japanese
who are too lazy to update their Japanese blogs very often, cunning
linguists, stupid fan girls of Johnny's Boys, Touhou pirates, and
that electrical super-gay who suffers from mental disease - This is your thread!
Let's hope the Internet-addicted housewife will come back soon!

We all wish for permanent world peace!

[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 21:26:52  ID:PMRNhYlCS
Thank you for making a new thread.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 22:55:21  ID:ZaTnL90R!.n(2)
>1 Thank you for making the thread. Glad to see the copy-paste back too. Good job!

In February I am planning to do an internship for my Bachelor abroad somewhere (if possible).
Do any of you have experience with a study or internship abroad? What were your experiences and where did you go to?
I want to get out of my comfort zone for a half year.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:24:47  ID:VUMruaFE.net
others are flocking to this thread.
Chat in English Part 189

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/11/29 23:29:03  ID:ZaTnL90R!.n(2)
>4 Thank you for mentioning, I just replied to this one because it was the first new thread I saw.
I will post in the other thread from now on.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:55:11  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
welcome to a new thread. ⊂(゚Д゚⊂⌒`つ

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 13:59:18  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net(5)
Thank you for your kindness.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 14:07:33  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net(5)
Industrialized nations fear that IS may increase its influence, cashing in on the unstable situation in the Mideast.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 14:09:14  ID:hDG0EU9l.net
Most of gaijins here are absolutely ria-ju!!
they will not stop by here nor remember the thread during christmas season.

and I'm about to leave home for a date too!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 14:16:47  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
you are dating with gaijins?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 14:46:01  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net(5)
The rise in the dollar's value will deal a heavy blow to US heavy industry which relies on exports.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 14:57:32  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net(5)
In 1986, the ill-fated Space Shuttle Challenger manned by seven astronauts including a female teacher exploded after takeoff.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 15:12:16  ID:vo8LJWP6!.n(2)
>9 Good luck with your date.

I have a question for you all! As English learners, is there a particular contraction you find difficult?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 15:51:09  ID:DnV/KJJ6.net(5)
Wittgenstein's lectures at Cambridge are difficult for me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 16:02:17  ID:tq5r5MiG.net(2)
What do you mean by "contraction"?
I'm not sure where your question is coming from,
Could you elaborate?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 16:13:05  ID:6zslSiC0!.n(2)
I suspect they're difficult for everyone.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 17:35:21  ID:kXkM9BT0.net(5)
Please call me taxi.
Please call me a taxi.

do you know any difference between them?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 17:37:41  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
I always think Christmas is stupid but this year I'm going to take advantage of it like as someone in this thread I'm going to buy half-price Christmas Cake too!

But still Christmas is so stupid like Americans

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 17:42:24  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
half-price war is so tough. so you should thoroughly prepare it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 17:44:32  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
Yeah! I think I need to go to a shop hours before!

If I can, I'll brag about it here ^^

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 17:55:14  ID:fUS7bSBv.net(3)
i let some vicious comment occupy the 999th comment in the previous thread...so lamentable

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:05:13  ID:1Q8QQd3S.net

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:27:27  ID:c0L8bf2v!.n(4)
Speak of the devil and I will appear. Merry Almost-Christmas amigo.

>Please call me taxi.
This is asking to be called "Taxi" as a name. If your name is Taxiさん, then this is correct.

>Please call me a taxi.
Means "Please hail a taxicab for me." This is the appropriate way to make a request.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:27:43  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
You're calling my posts "vicious"? Wtf

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:31:45  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
then how about "call taxi" and "call a taxi" ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:33:54  ID:fUS7bSBv.net(3)
oh! it's just a typo.
i wanted to say "victorious".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:37:20  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
TOO LATE. Fuck you

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:40:03  ID:kXkM9BT0.net(5)
thank you.
but if what you are saying is true, this definition from collins cobuild dictionary is strange to me.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:44:26  ID:c0L8bf2v!.n(4)
"call taxi" > "call a taxi"

Just saying "call taxi" sounds like a caveman. "Call a taxi" is correct, and more like a command or suggestion.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:46:40  ID:6zslSiC0!.n(2)
"call taxi" is almost always incorrect. You always need an article; "Call a taxi" or
"Call the taxi". If you don't have an article, you're either talking about an abstract
thing (the essence of taxi, more or less), or a quasi-proper noun form (if, for instance,
there were only one taxi service available, that might be acceptable - but I think most
people would still say "call a taxi".) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/冠詞 and the
総称表現と冠詞 section might explain things, or maybe https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/英語の冠詞
(the Japanese is too complex for me; I can't tell how helpful it is or not.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:53:53  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
Omfg now another gaijin called Kurt is here...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:56:59  ID:iyte8gtc.net(2)
I went to イクスピアリ... but tons of couples were creating きゃっきゃうふふ atmosphere.
My life gauge is nearly zero.
Can I go there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and get a half price cake?
I don't think so.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 18:58:43  ID:kXkM9BT0.net(5)
however all of them die in the end.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:04:05  ID:c0L8bf2v!.n(4)
lol. Funny that the word "dickhead" is the example. But still, that's a good point. Maybe the difference is that when calling a taxi, "call" means to hail, to address, to beckon.
However, "Call him a dickhead" means to refer to him as a dickhead, to greet him as "dickhead". Also:

>He called me a dickhead.
>He called me "dickhead".

Are both okay to say. In the second sentence, it's because "dickhead" becomes an exact quote. It's okay because after "called me", the speaker repeats what he was called verbatim, exactly as it was said.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:05:05  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
thanks. caveman means a rude man ??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:06:17  ID:fUS7bSBv.net(3)
oh, i let two more lowsy comments be posted this thread...i feel sorry.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:09:11  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
you're holding grudge against me because you couldn't post 999 in the previous thread?

If so, I want to do this.


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:09:20  ID:iyte8gtc.net(2)
That's the undoubted truth.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:12:57  ID:c0L8bf2v!.n(4)
I think the word is 穴居人. It means a pre-historic man.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:37:40  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
"call taxi" means like "call (someone) caveman"?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:37:48  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)
One day, at the receptionist's desk of a shabby hotel:

   MAN: Please call me taxi.
   WOMAN: Oh, pleased to meet you, Mr. Taxi.

The following day:

   MAN: Okay, then, please call me a taxi this time.
   WOMAN: Sure, I will. Say, Mr. Attack-see, what are you
     going to attack and see now?

The day after that, in that same shabby hotel:

   MAN: Well, I don't know what to say any more,
     but I'm going to give it another try.
     Please hail a taxi for me. And don't make fun of me
any more, okay?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:44:26  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)
<< Sequel to the conversations at the shabby hotel at >41 >>

  WOMAN: I've never shown any disrespect to you, sir.
    You see, sir, the yellow cab over there? That one
    is the most beautiful of all the cabs in town.
    I can't ever get tire of looking at it. Okay, that's it.
    I "hailed" a taxi for you. Have a good time, sir.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:50:34  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)

    I can't ever get TIRED of looking at it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 19:50:51  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 20:10:25  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)
One stupid day in a weird hamlet in a crazy God-forsaken country,
a muscular, heavily-tanned, wild-looking man comes out of a cave:

EUROPEAN: (Spotting the man from the cave)
Excuse me, but are you a caveman?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: A caveman, huh? How dare you call me
a caveman!!! You should know better!

EUROPEAN: Why, you DO look like a caveman, with your muscles and all.
Besides, you've just come out of the cave!

MAN FROM THE CAVE: But I'm not a caveman!

EUROPEAN: What would you call yourself then?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: I'd call myself a "vexman."

EUROPEAN: What the heck's a vexman?

MAN FROM THE CAVE: I'm vexed because of your stupid remark.
So I'm a vexman, nothing else, of course. Don't make me state
the obvious! Besides, no part of my body is concave, so I can't
ever be a caveman. People who bear children are called cavemen.
We, people who make them bear children, are called vexmen
because a part of our bodies is convex, not concave.
Where did you go to school, on the Antarctica? You should've
learned all that at your kindergarten!

EUROPEAN: (Dumbfounded.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 20:43:34  ID:Y4vdDy0A.net(8)
your responses are so funny and intellectual...

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 20:55:57  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)
Gee, thanks for your compliment. I am usually hyper-serious and
I keep writing super-long comments on dead-serious topics
every single day. But sometimes I get into funny mode and
some idea or other comes to my mind and I just let my mind
play with words and flow with funny ideas. Then I come up with
some texts that may even surprise me.

Being a native speaker of Japanese, I naturally love writing in
Japanese. On top of that, I love writing in English too. When
writing in English, I feel like a bird flying freely in the sky.
I wish I could write much better English, though, just like a
highly educated native speaker. Only then would I be able to
write much better, colorful comments and stories.

I'd like to write poetry -- love poems, poems on life, poems on just
about everything -- both in Japanese and English some day.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 21:17:57  ID:kXkM9BT0.net(5)
MAN: Please call me a taxi.
WOMAN: Oh, pleased to meet you, Mr. me.
MAN: ???
WOMAN: You said, "call me あたくし."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 21:23:50  ID:kXkM9BT0.net(5)
chotto muriga atta

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 21:37:40  ID:rciNmVye.net(6)
No, that was funny enough. It's a good joke for bilinguals.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 21:54:26  ID:jw9MXcXm.net(3)
The linear motor car trunk line linking Nagoya and the Tokyo metropolitan area will be inaugurated in 2027.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/23 22:34:02  ID:vo8LJWP6!.n(2)
>14 >15
I meant 短縮形。 Sorry.
I have a friend who is quite capable with their English, but it seems that when there's a contraction using 'd, like We'd, they are often unsure if it's short for "We had" or "We did" or something similar.
I was just curious if there was others who faced this challenge.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 23:03:30  ID:tq5r5MiG.net(2)
I've never heard of people having that sort of problem.
But then again, people I know are having much more fundamental problems and not capable of noticing it. I don't know.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 23:14:27  ID:jw9MXcXm.net(3)
The Emperor and Empress visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki this year, praying for eternal peace. Many atom-bomb survivors later died in great agony.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 23:36:43  ID:jw9MXcXm.net(3)
Considering about the new consumption tax, the wage increase is a nominal one. The workers' demands will include a small allowance for an improvement in living standards.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/23 23:54:38  ID:CBfn9OVL.net(7)
I'm just curious. You're stinky as I can see your handle name.

Race matters when it comes to smelliness?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 02:08:54  ID:4tF/X7jJ!.n
Yes, actually. Dry earwax means you're less stinky, and dry earwax is usually
mostly in East Asians. https://www.sciencenews.org/blog/gory-details/what-your-earwax-says-about...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 02:14:16  ID:XVJLh5fY.net
The British singer, Joe Cocker passed away after his long struggle with lung cancer.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 04:37:47  ID:TGECAEPc!.n(3)
It's tough because native speakers sometimes just combine whichever words they want. If someone contracts too many words, it can sound like mumbling that can't be understood.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 05:29:47  ID:Bfg9uHc8!.n
Interesting, thanks.
I just thought it would be funny to have as a name.
I meant basic contractions that we'd learn in elementary school and which is commonly used in print. Not contractions because of speech.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 07:01:50  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
I don't think learners who've literally mastered the basic grammar
would find it hard to tell what word each contraction actually comes from.


(1) I'd like that.
This "I'd" should be "I would" (or in British English, "I should")
and nothing else. Nobody with a good knowledge of basic grammar
would confuse it with "I had." "I had like that"? That just doesn't
make sense.

(2) . . . before they'd done it
This "they'd" couldn't be "they would." "They would done it"
just doesn't make sense.

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 07:41:44  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
Perhaps Japanese people don't actually find contractions to be so difficult.

I don't see it being much more complicated than similar shortenings in Japanese...

の to ん, or と to って, for example.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 07:42:38  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
Omfg another gaijin!!!!!! Welcome!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 07:44:26  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
Contraction is fine as far as I'm concerned.

The sound between R and L is much harder for me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 07:57:21  ID:f+k0WWah.net(3)
English speaker here. Am I welcome to post here? Or no gaijins allowed?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 08:14:13  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
Yes and no.

If you're 害人 it's not

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 08:18:49  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
Thank you!

Most English-speaking foreigners know that Japanese people have trouble with L and R sounds.
The difference between them is very subtle.
Don't worry about it too much.
It isn't a big deal, in my opinion.

Are you posting from Japan, or using a VPN?
Your ID seems to indicate you're using a Japanese IP address!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 08:22:01  ID:f+k0WWah.net(3)
I'm posting from New Zealand without a vpn or anything.
Are non-Japanese IPs supposed to be blocked?

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 08:23:55  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
No, but I've always been under the impression that non-Japanese IP addresses are indicated by an exclamation point at the end of the ID string.

Maybe I've been mistaken!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 08:53:24  ID:Wjknppk9.net
it's a bit difficult for me to tell ずくなし from なしくずし at a glance.
what does it mean??
it doesn't seem to be an anagram...

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 09:22:32  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
In English, it means "loser."

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 10:13:24  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Everyone is welcome here. No one sets rules. Some weirdos seem
to be calling some others gate-crashers. Actually, however,
it's they themselves who are gate-crashers.

Besides, who would hate English-speaking people from abroad
as long as they write as good English as you do? This is supposed
to be a thread for English learners, not English destroyers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 10:30:47  ID:/usm6C+h.net(2)
I used to have a same problem,but I can tell pronunciation of L and R now.
Sound of L is little bit stronger than that of R.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 10:38:37  ID:/usm6C+h.net(2)
ずくなしmeans lazy in Nagano prefecture areas?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 11:15:34  ID:f+k0WWah.net(3)
Yea, there's no written rule but from reading the last thread, I can't tell if many of the posters are being tsundere/using low tier banter or genuinely disapprove of gaijins. So I was hesitant to post here.
But whatever, It really doesn't compare to the western image boards so I don't mind.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 11:39:53  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
If you think Nanking, comfort women,731 and Bataan are truth and that whaling is evil, you must be 害人.

But I also welcome 害人s, because I can learn English for beating 害人s.
There are a lot of 害人s all over the world.

"We all wish for permanent world peace!"

害人s cannot tell fact from fiction. 害人s are illogical and ignorance.
They are enemies against permanent world peace.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:01:25  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
I understand. Yes, some people do seem to be really xenophobic.
Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.
It's not just that they hate people from abroad. They hate themselves,
their parents, and people in general.

As for me, I am a misanthrope myself. Or rather, more accurately,
I am afraid of people. I am afraid of the fact that humans and
other living things have to exist here in the world as we know it.
I therefore hate myself and all others in general.

However, I am unlike those xenophobes in that I am keenly aware of
my own lowness as well as I am aware of all other people.

In any case, although I hate and fear people, I DO love to learn
things and talk about intellectual topics with people.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:15:46  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
No logical, no intellectual.
Fact is fact.
False is false.

You are coward.
You have to clear your positon about Nanking, comfort women,731,Bataan and whaling.
You say intellectural, but your thinking is not intellectural.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:21:39  ID:TGECAEPc!.n(3)
A great man named Linus once said: "There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:25:24  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
You cannot think things on your own?
Proverbs can be a tool of going blank.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:28:18  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
What is color of your underwear!

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:34:35  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Yeah, Linus really is great, even greater than Socrates.
By the way, Kurt, could I ask you if you're a native speaker of
German or other Germanic language? I was just curious because
your handle sounds like someone from some of the countries
of Germanic languages.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:40:11  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
>I understand. Yes, some people do seem to be really xenophobic.
>Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.
>It's not just that they hate people from abroad. They hate themselves,
>their parents, and people in general.

At first, he(or she) said the above provocatively and illogically.

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 12:58:57  ID:TGECAEPc!.n(3)
I don't speak German, but I can see why you would ask. Kurt is a very German name but English is my native. Technically it is a Germanic language, but I know that isn't what you meant.
I would love to learn German, though. I heard that going from English to German is easy.

By the way >41 >42 and >45 are hilarious

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:01:48  ID:6suiTrJq.net(2)
The US President declared to take retaliatory measures against North Korea, which interfered with the act of broadcasting the ironic movie.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:08:05  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
It's very much "The Wall of Fools."
A lot of people cannot distinguish between what they cannot understand and what they don't want to understand.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:11:50  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
This ability is a must to be an "Intellectual."

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:18:16  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Ah, yes, I almost forgot English is another Germanic language.
Unlike the other Germanic languages, which seem to remain
much like what they used to be in ancient times, English
has lost much of its Germanic origin as you may know very well.

English as we know it today is half-Latinized (or French-like)
and half-Germanic. So much so that half of the words in a
big English language allegedly come from Latin or ancient French.

As for German, I've once learned it for about a year by myself and
for a month at Goethe Institut. Since then I've never spoken or
read the language, so I've forgotten most of what I learned. But
I remember much of the basics.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:31:02  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
There is a possibility that OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo is a 害人.
It is on hold.......〆(・ω・` )

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:51:35  ID:6suiTrJq.net(2)
Taking account of the yen's decline against other major currencies, the prices of imported goods are not necessarily high.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:59:13  ID:a5WJLp7t.net(2)
lately i cant encounter zero cola-kun in this thread, i hope he can get half-priced zero cola.;;

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 13:59:58  ID:a5WJLp7t.net(2)
no. i hope he can get half-priced christmas cake.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 14:36:16  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
I thought Zero cola-kun is GOD...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 14:38:31  ID:5J6fTSUT.net(3)
i see...loser...a more positive name would be better wouldn't it?

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:05:43  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

In other words, names aren't important.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:07:34  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Handles meaning "loser," "stinking American,"and "OED Loves Me Not". . . .
These names are all self-deprecating, self-effacing, and negative.
But I don't think they're always worse than names that most
people seemingly think are "positive." In fact, people who
use self-deprecating expressions and names about themselves
may even be really strong people.

Why? It is because it is only
the strongest who can look straight into the darker side of their
psychology and existence. It is, at the same time, only the
weakest who cannot face their own weaknesses and pettiness.
That's why they want to limit themselves to "positive" words,
images, ideas, books, and stories.

Having realized keenly how petty, weak, and bad they are,
the strongest-willed people go on to tackle the most difficult
mission: incessant, persevering self-improvement. On the other hand,
many (note that I'm saying "many," not "all") "positive" thinkers
just accept their pettiness and just sit back and accept themselves
as they are: lazy,

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:16:34  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
That is certainly an interesting way to look at things.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
By the way, you seem really skilled with English.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:21:01  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Aaahhhh!!! "Romeo and Juliet"!!! An exquisite tale! If anybody happens
to feel like it, I urge them to listen to this scene from the play
performed by two sweet-voiced, highly-talented actors:

Act 2 - Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Just listen to twenty seconds of it, and you'll surely fall in love with
the performance of these actors.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:36:15  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Thank you for your compliment about my English proficiency.
And I thank you for how you feel about my thoughts too.
I never expected anyone to actually read my lengthy comments.
Most people just don't want to read them. Not only that, they even
attack me for writing anything.

As for my English skills or anything else for that matter, I'm the
kind of guy that never gets satisfied with himself. My whole life
has been and will always be an incessant series of self-improvement.
Not talented or intelligent enough as I am, I am firmly determined to
read a great number of classics and other important books written
in English until I become quite comfortable with the English and
American cultures. I even dream of writing beautiful prose and
poetry in English in the distant future.

It's not that I hate my mother tongue (Japanese), mind you.
It's just that I love all languages and to tackle a hard challenge.
For me as a native speaker of Japanese who has spent and will spend
most of his life in Japan, the English language is quite a challenge.
It is far, oh far, from everyday life. That's why I love to tackle its
challenge. And my struggle will continue until death do me part.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:36:26  ID:XEfNWx8X.net
facebook https://www.facebook.com/julia.aralka.bernard?

Hello! I want to go to Japan in July 2015 but I need your support.
I want to perform in Tokio, Sapporo, Oosaka and Hiroshima.
Could you please help me? I need some support with the organization of my concerts.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:38:01  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
Oh, you are Japanese/(^o^)\

ずくなし[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 15:52:52  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
Those comments of yours which I have seen are thoughtful and interesting.
Such a drive for self-improvement can be a wonderful quality, one that I envy.
However, I hope you're careful not to let it cause you any suffering.

As far as writing poetry and prose in English, I think you're more than skilled enough to begin attempting those things now!

Say, do you like English poetry? Are there any particular poets or poetic styles that you admire?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 16:05:17  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
very funny

>I understand. Yes, some people do seem to be really xenophobic.
>Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.
>It's not just that they hate people from abroad. They hate themselves,
>their parents, and people in general.

Your poem will be based on this kind of thinking.
Probably, very boring and hypociritical ones.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 16:57:35  ID:5J6fTSUT.net(3)
names are very important for me.
if roses would be called otherwise, they would smell differently at least for me...though the smell is objectively and scientifically the same...
i believe in power of words.
a long time ago, japanese parents tried to name their child 悪魔 which made me feel very sad.
the choice of words have effects on people like me who believe in power of words and care for the choice of words...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 17:01:00  ID:5J6fTSUT.net(3)
some people say 名は体を表す...you might snicker at them but you can't deny there is this saying.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 17:19:58  ID:CqylpjYF!.n(8)
Fair enough.

Perhaps it's merely a cultural thing.

In real life, I was named after a soap opera character.
My parents did not even give me the name; it was given to me by my mother's sister-in-law.
It was chosen very suddenly and without much thought.
In the USA, the meanings of names are not very important.

However, most names in Japan have a very obvious meaning.
The characters are chosen very deliberately (at least, that's the impression I have).

I had never heard the saying 「名は体を表す」 before.
It's interesting!

(also, I apologize for not using sage in my previous posts)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 17:27:06  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
So many weirdos in this thread recently...

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 17:43:25  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
Well, English poetry is still very, very hard for me to appreciate well enough.
But I DO like reading (or at least I try hard to read) the poems of
Shakespeare, Emily Bronte, William Wordsworth, John Donne,
and Edgar Allan Poe. Of all these, Poe and Wordsworth are the
most accessible to me. As for their poetic styles, I'm afraid
I don't know enough to tell which is which.

As for poems in foreign languages, more than ten years ago, when I
was deeply in love with a Romanian woman, I wrote dozens of love
poems in Romanian for her. My love for her was unrequited, though.
And I was not fluent enough in Romanian to come up with rhymes
either. All those poems were unrhymed, very clumsy.

However, the twenty or so Romanians who read those poems
appreciated them enthusiastically and praised me a lot. They said
lingjuistic proficiency was not everything in poetry. It's the heart
(the passion, the mind, the feeling) that counted, they said. And
my clumsy poems seemed to appeal somewhat to Romanians.

Well, if it's the feeling that matters, then I think my poems were
persuasive and impressive enough, because I often cried while
writing my poems. I was that filled with passion.

Sadly, I discarded all those poems two years or so after I wrote them,
and I'm now very, very rusty on my Romanian.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:00:50  ID:yeX01rUh.net(10)
I said I like reading Shakespearean poetry. But his sonnets are
rather hard. His plays are also poetry but much more accessible to
me. I enjoy reading his plays and watching or listening to performances
of Shakespeare's plays. I've never been to a theater to see any of
such performances but I DO watch and listen to performances
posted on YouTube. I appreciate the rhythm and melody of the
poems in his plays. But I'm afraid his histories are very difficult.
His comedies, romances, and tragedies are easier.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:20:49  ID:wWqzWBUC.net(5)
fuck アメリカ人

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:21:31  ID:wWqzWBUC.net(5)
fuck アメリカ人 I wanna kill you!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:26:42  ID:wWqzWBUC.net(5)
fuck Krautchan.net Aller Deutschen muss sterben!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:27:29  ID:wWqzWBUC.net(5)
fuck 4chan

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:36:33  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
I'm taking some nap to rest my body and then go shopping for half-price Christmas cake!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:39:36  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
I thought ID:wWqzWBUC is GOD, but I'm wrong.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 18:41:33  ID:wWqzWBUC.net(5)
Humm authentic GOD appears, good bye guys here!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 20:03:29  ID:WR03dplo.net(4)
I got haribo from a german friend today!!!
the only gift for this christmas was my soul food!
a friend in need is a friend indeed!! (´ε`*)muah

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 20:08:15  ID:WR03dplo.net(4)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 20:45:21  ID:cymOsXZS.net(3)
The prolonged life span attributed to advanced medical treatment and improved diet.
But the policies of the LDP lack social welfare including old-aged pensions to live up to an increasing number of elderly people's expectations.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 20:49:07  ID:5qHHBvBq.net
The funny thing is that 4chan's Japan related boards like /a/ and /jp/ are full of Japan haters and racists towards Japanese.
They are beyond saving.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 20:57:47  ID:OHTrqsaW.net
I wanna know what brought you here.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 21:40:03  ID:cymOsXZS.net(3)
The four small islands off Hokkaido held by Russia are inherent Japanese territory.
The Russian leader conceded to return two of the four islands to Japan after the conclusion of the bilateral peace treaty.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 22:04:55  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
I just got home from shopping and I was able to buy half price cakes at イオン but damn the cakes were freaking huge!

I was literally roaming around the shop for like 15 minutes to decide if I get one or not and I decided not to because I can't eat whole cake!!!!

But still I managed to buy half price ドリア yay!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 22:05:21  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
What is the black one?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 22:15:17  ID:w7w4GCXj.net
I truly admire your eagerness for improving your English.
But I wonder you have enough time for it. Do you have a job?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 22:46:35  ID:I9Z1M2vz.net(3)
I think It's fool although we're not Christian, we cerebrate Christmas. Nobody think about Jesus, right?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 22:59:09  ID:ffOBhqk/.net(8)
This might offend Christian gaijins here but I don't believe in the existence of Jesus thing.

But I always make the most of it like getting half price items lol

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:01:50  ID:WR03dplo.net(4)
it's a swiss army knife.
very tinyl one with only a nail clipper, scissors and a paper knife.
good for a trip :-)

take it optimistic.
when you join any Matsuri in japan, do you think about those gods?
nah! festivals are nowadays just for destressing, and this is a good way
to overcome religions

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:04:51  ID:cymOsXZS.net(3)
Christmas is regarded as one of annual festivals in Japan. That is no regional meaning.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:09:05  ID:WR03dplo.net(4)
anyway, merry christmas, you guys :-)
I'm busy for red-clothes thing .... i mean ho-ho-ho thing!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:46:37  ID:iHvHHZL6.net(13)
I couldn't get any half price cakes.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:47:57  ID:I9Z1M2vz.net(3)
True. We have no religious in a positive way as you said.
Although I know, It's my bad habit that I take things too seriously.
If I could take things easy, I could live more easily.
I just hate the people that are in festive mood. But it's not a bad thing actually, I guess. I'm just a contrary person.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/24 23:57:24  ID:I9Z1M2vz.net(3)
I want a good GF for my Christmas present.
I'll prepare sox beside my pillow so that you can leave what I want in the sox.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:08:07  ID:1+/SFSY0.net(4)
I'm enjoying the ドリア now and I found a very short hair in it wtf...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:11:22  ID:cfstMIQD.net
An American friend of mine asked me why Japanese people eat cake on Christmas day.
So I said "It's Jesus's birthday, isn't it? What's wrong with having a birthday cake for Jesus?"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:15:10  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:17:17  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
I made a misposting. I'm fuckin' embarrassed!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:28:10  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
The image of Christmas is Santa Claus, reindeers, christmas trees, cakes, chickens,couples and presents.
no Jesus

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 00:33:51  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
I will tell my colleague!
I'm in charge of blondy-blue-eyed guys sleeping naked!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 01:29:20  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
Be honest with me. Is there anybody that had a sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend on Christmas Eve?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 01:34:57  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
Alright, I'll have my hair dyed to blond and wear contacts colored blue without wearing any clothes.

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 03:00:25  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
Your English is impeccable. I can't find anything wrong with your sentences. In fact, I think the only problem is that your vocabulary is too large, lol.
I can tell you've read a lot of books, because your posts read like a book, with lots of vocabulary most people wouldn't use in normal conversation.
I should know, because I'm American. I like to hang out here on Japanese forums to practice my Japanese, and sometimes I drop by here, too, but I rarely post.

Anyway, I don't think your dream of writing beautiful Japanese poetry is as far off as you think.
After all, poetry isn't all about grammar and vocabulary. It's about using what you have and creating art with it.

Good luck, and good luck to all of you other English learners as well. You guys inspire me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/25 03:52:53  ID:auXSZ0QE!.n
white pig go home

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 04:22:23  ID:37dxkMe6.net(2)
I'm not the person you are referring to but thanks for your warm comments.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:04:28  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
I've been a freelance professional translator for nearly three decades.
So learning English and reading lots of books in English are part of
my job, in a way.

Besides, I have no TV, no radio, no CD player, no nothing to
entertain me otherwise. I have no time for all that. I spend all my
spare time on learning English and other foreign languages.
While the majority of people are idiodically playing with their genitals
while wasting hours of cyberporn or video games every single day,
I strive to overcome my carnal pleasures and study.
Is that a crime or what?

In any case, assuming that someone is jobless just because
they're enthusiastic about something that looks to you like
just another hobby is definitely NOT a good habit.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:15:41  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
Gosh, Daniel, thanks an awful lot for your encouragement!
Every time I read something written by a well-educated native
speaker like yourself -- especially someone who has even been
learning Japanese, which is linguistically far away from
their mother tongue -- I cannot help but sigh. How beautifully
they write! How beautiful English sounds and looks! (Here again,
I'm not saying I hate my mother tongue. I adore all languages.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:19:53  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
>the majority of people are idiodically playing with their genitals
>while wasting hours of cyberporn or video games every single day,

You are arrogant.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:24:40  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
No, I'm not arrogant. I was just responding to someone who
insulted me, insinuating that I was jobless just because
I'm an enthusiastic English learner.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:44:00  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
There's no person who insult you are jobless or not here.
You should change "the majoritiy of people"→ "I"


"I understand. Yes, some people do seem to be really xenophobic.
Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.
It's not just that they hate people from abroad. They hate themselves,
their parents, and people in general."

I don't like the way you speak.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:49:00  ID:E0HcX9LL.net(2)
Don't get jelly. I don't like the way you speak either.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 07:51:07  ID:E0HcX9LL.net(2)
service at Panera is bad. Why are they do slow?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 08:03:32  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
You are illogical. You ignore the time series of commnets here.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 08:16:59  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
According to TV programs, an increasing number of foreigners tells reporters in fluent Japanese about their opinions including Japanese domestic affairs, the international changing situation. their own countries' problems and so on.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 08:52:59  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
ah, you were a veteran translator such a long time.
your writings stimulate me as the same japanese...

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 09:50:58  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
Thanks a lot for your encouraging words. I've been getting tons of
DIScouraging remarks every single day, whether in real life or
in cyberspace. You're one of the very few people who encourage me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 09:54:40  ID:Tcj9IejB.net
I agree with >147 I seem that OED looks down philistines from ivory tower.
For me,I'm not interested in any of poet nor literature such like Shakespeare neither.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 10:02:45  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
It's okay to not be interested in things like literature.

What are your interests?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 10:13:50  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
When did I ever look down on anybody not interested in literature
or things like that? I've just been saying I love literarture and
language. Period. I was just counter-attacking people who keep
insulting me.

As for my mention of playing with one's own genitals
over porn videos and video games, it was of course a figure of
speech designed to talk back to people who keep denigrating me
and picking on me just because I love what I'm doing. If they are
that jealous of me, why don't they just quit being lazy and do
something better? That's what I'm saying.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 10:21:04  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
You are ignoring the time series of your commnets.
Who insulted you?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 10:31:45  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
Prime Minister Abe formed his third cabinet yesterday and emphasized the stagnant domestic economy, the reform of social welfare, the right to collective defense and the revision of the Constitution.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 12:15:12  ID:pFGyPEu/.net(2)
I just blocked some annoying posters and now I only can see あぼーん. lol

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/25 12:30:55  ID:2dCZ84RF.net(2)
>I am firmly determined to read a great number of classics and
>other important books written in English until I become quite comfortable with
>the English and American cultures.

What is your motivation for improving English skills?

あぼ〜ん〔レスあぼ〜ん〕[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 12:45:16  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 12:58:12  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
My motivation? To make a very long story short, here are some of
the factors that motivate me:

  (1) English pays. English proficiency allows me to pay the bills.
    Without it, I wouldn't have survived. I would have become
    a literal beggar, then fade away and die early.

  (2) English is one of the languages I adore. English is like music
    to me. When learning, reading, listening to beautifully-written
    texts in English, I don't need real music or any other art.
    English, just like other languages, allows me to satisfy my
    aesthetic desires.

  (3) English is an effective (in fact, the world's most effective
    and efficient) language with which you can learn most of the
    things in the world. Whether you like it or not, you can't deny
    that English is by far the most widely-spoken language in the
    world. If, therefore, you want to study, read, hear, or experience
    just about anything in the world (say, world literature, movies,
    songs, academic studies, arts, sports, and all other parts of
    civilization), English proficiency allows you to learn them
    better, more efficiently, more cheaply than when you try
    to learn them in any other language (say, in Japanese
    or Cambodian). I know, of course, that knowledge of many
    languages is much better than the knowledge of your mother
    tongue and English alone. However, if you don't have enough
    time or energy to learn all those languages, then it's a good
    idea to learn English in addition to your native language.

(to be continued on Part 2)

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 12:59:08  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
Part 2 of my response to >162

  (4) Improving my English skills is like mental (or even spiritual)
    training to me. When you push yourself hard to your very
    extremes (to the limits of your abilities), you can transcend
    your petty, stupid, ape-like self and become something better,
    however momentarily or meagerly it may be.

Maybe still other factors motivate me to improve my English skills,
but I can't hit upon them now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:06:19  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
×you can transcend your petty, stupid, ape-like self and become something better,
○I can transcend my petty, stupid, ape-like self and become somthing better,

You are arrogant after all.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:26:07  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
Say, how does everyone here study English?
I am curious.
Do you take English lessons, or do you study by yourself?

I studied Japanese at my university for two and a half years, but now they are not offering any more courses.
Because of this, I will have to study on my own.
I am not sure how well I will be able to do this!
After all, I am a ずくなし.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:28:40  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
Warning: this post is just garbage. You shouldn't better read this. And just go add me to your NG list. Nothing worth to read.

Some friends of mine visit me sometimes in order to encourage me. Apparently, they believe that I can come back to fuckin' society. They think toooooo highly of me. I'm just a piece of shit. Completely worthless to live.
I know I'm favored. I'm glad they visit me. But I've kept letting them down for long time. Over time, nobody will concern about me. Then I'll be abandoned.
I wish if I could die instead of someone who wishes to live.
But I don't have courage to die. I'm afraid of death. Even I don't know what the fuck I'm saying.
By posting such a negative words, I'm making everyone nervous. Please forget what I said. Sigh. Haha.

I'm sorry about messing the thread.
I hope everyone other than me can be happy.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:31:37  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)

If any native speaker of English is around, would you please tell
me if the "YOU in general" may read to anyone like the
"YOU in particular"? By the "YOU" here, I meant nothing but
human beings in general, including myself. In this case, if I
had used "I" and "mine," my text would have sounded funny, I think.
What do you say?

    When YOU push yourself hard to YOUR very
    extremes (to the limits of YOUR abilities), YOU can transcend
    YOUR petty, stupid, ape-like self and become something better,
    however momentarily or meagerly it may be.
    ( Excerpts from >165 )

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:33:02  ID:zs1CnS/H!.n
His use of the rhetorical second-person was completely correct.

Anyway OED, it's great that you're passionate about something. I wouldn't call other people who aren't passionate "dumb apes playing with their genitals and videogames", though. lol.
Nothing wrong with a good video game. But I'm sure you were exaggerating.

And Merry Christmas, to anyone who cares about the holiday.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:36:12  ID:8HifjvUi.net
kansai people say merry christmasやねん.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:39:47  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You'll be dead soon enough. "Life is short," as they say.
In the meantime, don't worry about living up to expectations.
Find something that gives you pleasure and let it make you happy.
In any case, I hope you find that.

You are correct. "You" may be used generally, with implications that the statement is applicable to many people.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:47:41  ID:5YlPEjSR!.n
Although it's more formal-sounding, you can use 'one' in place of 'you' to be unambiguous.
e.g. "When ones pushes oneself hard to the very extremes (to the limits of one's abilities)"

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:48:01  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
>168 --- I don't think your post is garbage at all. In fact, yours is
THE most honest comment I've ever read in a long time here in
cyberspace or in real life.

I wonder what exactly makes you say those things. I wonder how
old you are, what exactly you've been doing in your life, how
you were raised, how your parents are, how your parents and friends
and everybody else around you has been treating you, and so on.
You don't have to tell me all that. I was just wondering.

Without a full knowledge of how your life exactly is, I'm afraid nobody
could give you the right kind of advice or sympathetic words to you.

Let me say one thing anyway. YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your
pessimism. If you are truly worthless and deserve to die, then
everyone else in the whole world is worthless. In my opinion,
no one on the earth deserves to live. All mankind (or personkind?)
should perish from the earth to give room for better beings, which
I suspect does not exist in the universe.

Either I or somebody else will always read your comments with
much sympathy and love. Keep talking. Your messages are very
interesting and instructive. Your words makes me think profoundly
about life in general. Your so-called "negativeness, pessimism,
garbage, whining" and all that are an absolute must to all humankind.

In fact, positiveness is just one of the two sides of the coin.
The other side is dark, negative, sad. Only after you seriously
face the darkest side of your psychology and existence will you
begin to live in the true sense of the word.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:53:11  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)

Three native speakers have responded to me for my question
about the "general you." Thank you. And, as one respondent
said, I think it's a good idea to use "one" in some sensitive
situations. Thank you again, guys!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 13:58:37  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
Recovering from the business recession, the United States appears set to continue on a path of moderate growth.
Thanks to the brisk US economy, the Nikkei average recorded high in the Japanese stock market.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:00:10  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
>I understand. Yes, some people do seem to be really xenophobic.
>Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.
>It's not just that they hate people from abroad. They hate themselves,
>their parents, and people in general

is rhetorical? I don't think so.
This mind produce "you can transcend your petty, stupid, ape-like self and become something better,"
very arrogant

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:05:03  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
His(Her) "you" is nearly "I" or "I and other Japanese or people who don't study foreign languages"
They have never answered "Who insulted you?"

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:07:20  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
The way he said that makes sense. English speakers do this all the time, especially in colloquial speech.
"you know when you walk into a room, and you can't, for the life of you, remember why you went in there?"

Technically it should probably be "one" instead of you, since it is generally accepted to not directly address the reader in formal writing, it would be
"Like when one walks into a room, and they can't, for the life of them, remember why they went in there."

Usually you wouldn't use "I" unless you were speaking of a specific story from your past. The "you"/ "one" form indicates relation to the speaker.
This isn't a problem in Japanese, since you don't need to specify a subject in the sentence.
Something like that.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:08:03  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
They have never answered "Who insulted you?"

He has never answered "Who insulted you?"

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:22:42  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
Exactly. If you would have used I, it would have seen oddly self-centered.

If I said the exact same thing, I actually would have used "we."

  (4) Improving my English skills is like mental (or even spiritual)
    training to me. <I believe that> When we push ourselves hard to our very
    extremes (to the limits of our abilities), we can transcend
    our petty, stupid, ape-like selves and become something better,
    however momentary or meager it may be.

This is probably how I would have written it. This way, you include yourself, and make it clear that you are speaking in a general sense.
The way you said it works just fine, but the way I said it just seems slightly more natural. It's hard to explain.

Also, I don't know if I can concisely explain why, but I changed "momentarily" and "meagerly" to their adjective forms, because it sounds better to me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:26:06  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
"you" means "one"? not "any person in general?"
I took "People who don't study foreign languages can transcend their petty, stupid, ape-like self and become something better"
But it's worng? That's a very difficult nuance. Thanks.

However, >77 is very arrogant.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:26:58  ID:yMy3AWNI!.n(2)
Are people happy that the Christmas songs are at an end? No more Wham's "Last Christmas" for another year?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:31:59  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
It is difficult for me to understand various nuances of meaning.
By the way, IS troops took a Jordanian pilot captive. Ethnic conflicts in the Mideast intensified recently, the conflicts may develop into a large-scale war.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:43:44  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)
Thank you for you detailed explanation, Daniel. I've learned a lot.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:47:05  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
The execution by police of a black young man provoked a black community in the United States, and the ensuring violence spread through the town.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 14:56:47  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
>some people do seem to be really xenophobic.


>Those kind of people, it seems again, have very low self-esteem.


>It's not just that they hate people from abroad.


>They hate themselves, their parents, and people in general.

Is that as a joke by any chance?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:01:13  ID:BYRnCz56.net(12)

If any native speaker is around, could you please tell me
if my English translation sounds awkward or wrong?

   ★[Japanese original]

   ★[My English translation]
   I still can't go back home to Okinawa.
   I'm afraid to risk a recurrence of my illness.

     Excerpts from the Japanese-English translation thread
     日本語→英語スレ Part400

The main issue here is whether my use of the phrase
"risk a recurrence" sounds wrong. For your reference,
I'm putting here an alternative translation of the Japanese original:

   ★[My alternative translation]
   I'm afraid that I may contract my old disease (illness)
   again. I therefore can't go back to Okinawa yet.

   ●Explanation (I imagine that this is what the author means.)
   I don't want my old disease to recur. So I cannot go back to
   Okinawa. If I go back to Okinawa, anything that may happen
   during transportation or in Okinawa may cause me to
   contract my same old disease. Even if I stay here (in Tokyo?),
   I may contract the same disease. But here, I could easily go to
   see my doctor. In Okinawa, I might not be able to get a good doctor.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:14:42  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
i like neither the wham's song nor Mariah Carey's.
i want push these following songs.

Alexander O'Neal - Thank You For A Good Year http://youtu.be/8chrEoJ4e6U

Someday At Christmas - Stevie Wonder http://youtu.be/BmG0mPoWMkA

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:17:41  ID:yMy3AWNI!.n(2)
"risk a recurrence" sounds a little awkward.
I would just say "I still can't go back home to Okinawa; I'm afraid I would relapse."
(Relapse implies something negative, usually disease or bad habits.)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:22:05  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
See, as I said, once you feed the lonesome old geezer (OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo),
he will start crushing threads with tons of shitty lengthy 自分語り.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:22:46  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
Your translation sounds fine.
It's not a very casual sentence, but it is a perfectly suitable translation.

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:28:58  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
I would say
"I can't go back to Okinawa because I don't want my sickness to (break out / act up / return)"
"I can't go back to Okinawa because I'm afraid my sickness might (break out / act up / return)"

"recur" is a very formal word. I wouldn't use it most of the time. "Illness" is also a little formal.
I think I would choose "sickness" or "disease" in most situations, but it feels weird not to mention the sickness specifically.
"My asthma might break out" or "My allergies might act up" or "My rash might return". Cultural difference, maybe?
When you just refer to it as "illness," it sounds like you're going out of your way to be vague about it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:29:45  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
i head to half-priced cakes war around PM6:30.

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:33:58  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
Eh. To me he seems more diligent than anybody else here. He's very good at English and still eager to learn.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and you're right. He is talking a lot, but he is saying interesting things, and he's asking legitimate questions, so I'm answering.

If you want some feedback, feel free to ask. I'll be around.

Oh, and if you don't get that expression...

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:39:35  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
Hah, I had never heard this word before.
Thanks for teaching me something.

Let us know what you come back with!

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:40:14  ID:PQyHttVt!.n(6)
Some people really love Christmas songs. Shit, I've met people who listen to them year round...
I think they're okay, but I'm definitely ready for them to end. I like non-traditional Christmas songs, like

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:41:58  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 15:42:37  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
dear ずくなし and Daniel.

↓this is one of threads he's spoiling now.

once the thread was full of animated discussion, but see, now almost his memo.
are you guys want him to crush the thread like that?

he's a professional translater with a careed of 30 years or something.
it sounds totally ridiculous when you praise his english.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:00:22  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
It looks delicious!
How did it taste?
This year, will you buy a different kind of cake, or something similar?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:07:43  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
Matcha is now getting popular even in Europe!
it's a good gift, not very cheap but very light and easy to take.

They usually say it smells like hay the first time I gift them ....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:08:03  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
Oh,,,he is a very senpai. I don't know the history.
He must be skillful in English. He doesn't need 自分語り.

抹茶!? It seems very rare. I envy you.
I've been waiting for 釧路マン in ■売れ殘り■割引クリスマスケーキ情報■半額■ 33 /お菓子板, being taught at the privious thread.
Of course, I'll really get one today,too.

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:16:23  ID:2dCZ84RF.net(2)
This is my favorite Christmas song.

If Every Day Was Like Christmas

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:21:18  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
If you are still interested in, visit the following threads.



My Endless Soliloquy【隔離孤立】英文で独り言)

Daniel will like them :-)
I'm happy OED has a good friend to talk with there, not here.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:23:47  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
it tasted green tea.
> This year, will you buy a different kind of cake, or something simila
it depends on stocks of the store. i have avoided charactered cakes such as 初音ミク cake because the taste is lacking for its price.
but this year i plan to buy it because the 初音ミク figure (a free gift of the 初音ミク cake) can be sold at yahoo auction around 2000yen.

釧路マン seems descended on the thread this year too! ww

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:24:04  ID:o8MNZaNV.net(4)
no matter how many times this thread is crushed, this thread will recover from that, like a phoenix rising from the ashes...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:25:54  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:46:53  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
I see!
Green tea cake sounds really nice.
To be honest, I didn't know such a thing existed.
I don't eat very many different kinds of foods, so my knowledge of food is very limited.

Say, if the figure sells for 2000 JPY, how much will the cake cost?
Is it low enough to make a profit off of the Miku figure?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:47:35  ID:o8MNZaNV.net(4)
lightning bolt!!!
aurora execution!!!
diamond dust!!!
ペガサス流星拳!!! (←翻訳できない)

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:48:51  ID:+d0jW9Hy!.n(8)
>ペガサス流星拳!!! (←翻訳できない)
Pegasus Meteor Fist?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:51:08  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
green tea is 緑茶, on the other hand the cake is matcha flavor ...
matcha(抹茶) is matach in English too, not green tea ...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:51:36  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 16:54:35  ID:u9E9ql4I.net
powdered green tea??

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:00:19  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
regular cost of the 初音ミク cake is 4000 yen. but we are half-pricers, we should buy it 2000 yen.
so we can enjoy the cake free if i could get it being half-priced.
moreover, the 2000 yen seems bottom price of ミク figure via yahoo auction jpn. it is liable to be sold around 3000 yen.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:02:59  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
Thank you.
First of all, I don't know what I should say for getting such warm words from you. I'm speechless. Actually, I'm a real speechless person in particular situation due to psychological stress.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:03:28  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
exactly. but i abbreviated it thinking the difference is sutble..

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:03:51  ID:eJYxFsCE.net(7)
Thank you.
I have nothing to lose. So I answer as many as I can.
>I wonder what exactly makes you say those things.
I'm tired of trying to be a normal and at the same time, afraid of being said abnormal.
>I wonder howold you are,
29. Some says young some says ossan.
>what exactly you've been doing in your life,
Worked for music store as a salesperson while acting my own band->a salesperson selling cells. <-I screwed up this job. And I realized how useless I am.
>how you were raised,
Maybe normally. Except for having half sister. (we get along)
>how your parents are,
Wasn't getting along before my mom get cancer. So far she's fine.
>how your parents and friends
getting along when they come to my place.
>and everybody else around you has been treating you, and so on.
They're too kind. I don't have to be worried about eating and drinking. They should kill me right away. I don't wanna die though. And hopefully also they don't want to.
>could give you the right kind of advice or sympathetic words to you.
Yes I just wanted to be said some kinda sympathetic words. I know I'm just a fuckin' kamatte-chan. I really hate something like that of mine.
>no one on the earth deserves to live. All mankind (or personkind?)
>should perish from the earth to give room for better beings, which
>I suspect does not exist in the universe.
My point exactly. I've always been thinking as you said.

Because my skill is poor, I don't know if I could have said what I want accurately. And when I say so, someone says me don't worry about it. I know I don't have to say. I'm just afraid of being hated by people. I'm obsessed.
I'm sick. Most people around me don't believe that. Nahhh.
Anyway I appreciate you guys' comments.
I'm glad.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:09:56  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
hmmmm it's a bit complicated ....
ordinary green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis grown in full sunlight.
matcha is of course from the same plant, but one grown out of the sun, like this ↓

but maybe you can call it green tea as well in English, i'm not sure hehe :-P

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:18:03  ID:gw3L6dKu.net
I was looking at a collection of funny posts made by Japanese posters on 4chan's international board.
Then I wondered if there's an international board on 2chan and 2ch, so I made my way here.

Oh yea, Merry Christmas everyone.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 17:33:13  ID:pFGyPEu/.net(2)
So many disgusting gaijins recently fuck them all

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 18:16:32  ID:1+/SFSY0.net(4)
My screen so many あぼーんs.
I don't know what's going on. lol.


512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 18:19:26  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
The linear-motor car, which attained a maximum speed of more than 500 kilometers per hour, will be put into service.
It will link Nagoya and the Tokyo metropolitan area and will be inaugurated in 2027.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 18:31:41  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
He seems to have some fans.
Why I have known him for several years.


160 名前:無銘菓さん[sage] 投稿日:2014/12/25(木) 16:10:38.96 ID:???

167 名前:無銘菓さん[] 投稿日:2014/12/25(木) 16:12:31.47 ID:Y1/W/+/3

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 18:33:08  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
the 160 is me. ww

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 18:44:21  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
Arab countries repeatedly protested against Israel's annexation of eastern Jerusalem in 1967.
Israeli forces crushed PLO strongholds within the blink of an eye in 1973.
Following the oil crisis in 1973, housewives devoted themselves to impulse-buying of daily necessities such as toilet paper and detergents in Japan.
At that time, the Japanese government sent a missionary to the oil producing countries in the Mideast to secure stable oil supplies.
Later, Israel agreed to return its occupied territories and approved the provisional autonomy of the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:05:21  ID:NgqowAxt.net(8)
Thanks to "Abenomics", female workers are catching up with male colleagues with regard to monthly salaries.
About two decades ago, female workers are often forced to retire at a younger age than male workers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:05:46  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
Oh wwwww

I reread it.
I must not laugh at the news, but I feel something like humor because of the gaps of the context.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:24:01  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)

somehow i could get hal-priced cake this year too.
but infomation got complicated, it was tougher than previous year...
i couldnt see ミクcakes.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:38:45  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:44:26  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
I'll try to go to Familymarts in the indutrial and warehouse area later by car.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:49:04  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
But..there are some people, in the 半額ケーキ thared, who go into 賢者 mode.
I won't lose by the mode.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:49:21  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
yes. that is common knowledge at the half-priced cake thread.
but you know freezing technique become superb nowadays such as imported tuna for sushi, so i think we dont have to care about it.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:55:45  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
Is there a special thread only about half-priced cakes!!
2ch is such huge ...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:56:50  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
part 33! whoa!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 19:59:57  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
*really huge

huge is adjective (blush

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:00:39  ID:/a5lKkov.net(12)
you should hurry! now is the peak time at conveniene stores.
if you have シャトレーゼ near your area, there may be another chance tomorrow and later.

that response is also me. www
every year i satisfied with only the result, i become 賢者mode quickly.
may be tough to eat a 14cm cake by a 30s shabby man alone in various meanings...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:32:46  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:36:45  ID:1+/SFSY0.net(4)
No earthquake in my area

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:41:17  ID:OLbfuMYI.net(14)
the focus is somewhere in Ibaraki.
not that big here in tokyo fortunately :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:45:58  ID:1+/SFSY0.net(4)
I don't like シャトレーゼ their products are super cheap taste

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 20:53:12  ID:o8MNZaNV.net(4)
i want to throw a whole snow white cake at someone's face someday.
just as people do in japanese comedy tv programs.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 21:53:29  ID:o8MNZaNV.net(4)
i want to get aquainted with シロガネーゼ.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 21:54:43  ID:JO+CXYve.net
The earthquake with a magnitude of 3.0 on the Richter scale was hit in the Tokyo metropolitan area tonight.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 22:48:17  ID:W1iQXIyR.net(18)
Oh, I always read your postings there?
You must be having so much fun in the thread. wwwww

By the way, it seems 釧路マン finally got a cake as you know.
But I couldn't get any cake.
"One with information controls the half price cakes." I fully realized that.
I have never gone to シャトレーゼ. Yes, it is close.
Thanks for the information.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/25 23:31:26  ID:37dxkMe6.net(2)
If you look down on jerking off lovers, you have problem of personality.
Don't you know the word "refreshing"?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 01:31:14  ID:Rf9clyOT.net(2)
It can be confusing to understand because of trying to translate. I need to understand in English without translation. But it's really tough.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 01:45:26  ID:nhP249bD.net(5)
You need to study more.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 01:52:14  ID:nhP249bD.net(5)
But actually I need to study more too.
My English is disgustingly terrible as some gaijins here pointed out before.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 02:34:14  ID:cL4/0+Wn.net(3)
I need 駅前留学.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 03:20:15  ID:nhP249bD.net(5)
I can't sleep.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 06:32:50  ID:REYai9Zi!.n(2)
Too bad that you couldn't find the Miku cakes!
Still, the one you brought back looks pretty tasty.

I have never experienced an earthquake before.
Where I live, we only get storms sometimes.
Lots of wind, rain, thunder, and snow... but no earthquakes!

Are antihistamines such as diphenhydramine available in Japan?
They are famous for having drowsiness as a side-effect.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 06:38:39  ID:Rf9clyOT.net(2)
Exactly. My study workload isn't absolutely enough.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 06:58:49  ID:pRmt/cxe.net(5)
>190 >192 >193
Hi, 害酷人, ずくなし, and Daniel, thank you for your another round
of kind, detailed answers to my second question. I've learned
a lot from you.

(I think I've thanked all the respondents. If I overlooked any
respondent, that is absolutely unintentional and I'd absolutely apologize.)

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/26 07:38:56  ID:8cJJWZSB!.n(2)
No problem, OED.

I'm gonna keep checking back here, from time to time.
So, if any of you guys have questions for a gaijin, native English speaker, ask away!

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/26 08:59:50  ID:jNoGUgwc.net
>(1) English pays. English proficiency allows me to pay the bills.

You have been a translator for about 30 years, right?
If so, I don't see why you still have to improve your English skills to pay the bills.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 09:51:11  ID:BuoOoq6z.net(2)
yse. 釧路マン seems got it somehow.
yo know half-price war means information war.
i owed a lot to the people who gave me information near my area at the thread.
i had lost all before until the man near my site decended to the thread.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:08:06  ID:kObIuf8S.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:09:50  ID:BuoOoq6z.net(2)
so why not point out it in english?

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:15:32  ID:pRmt/cxe.net(5)
=====  Why I have to keep improving my English skills ======

The labor market is harsh. It's particularly harsh on freelancers
and part-timers. We workers therefore have to be vigilant
all the time. However experienced we may be, the industrial world
may get rid of us at any time. To remain competitive, we must
keep improving our skills.

One more thing, as I said before, my other motives to improve
my English abilities involve learning something new through the
language. I always intend to spare as much time of my waking hours
as possible for learning something new (especially literature and

This learning process takes a tremendous amount of time. I have to
find every odd minute in my everyday life and add up all those
minutes together and devote all of them to my studies. Then, in
order to find as much time as possible, I have to minimize my
working hours. Then again, in order to minimize my working hours,
I have to improve my professional skills. It is because, the more
highly-skilled you become, the more likely you are to earn the same
amount of money in any given time.

That is a rough explanation of why I have to keep improving my
English abilities despite my relatively long experience in my job.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:24:03  ID:pRmt/cxe.net(5)
Such guys as >257 are everywhere at all times. They think they
understand English. Actually they don't. They desperately want to
prove they're better than others. That's precisely why, the moment
they find the slightest thing that they think proves they're right,
they start picking on, and even attacking, the target.

These targets tend to be among the most prominent in the crowd,
such as native speakers in this thread or other better speakers of
English elsewhere. The trolls never pick on people who evidently
write awkward English.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:33:33  ID:kObIuf8S.net(3)

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 10:42:53  ID:pRmt/cxe.net(5)
Lots of guys here on the "英語板" (the bulletin board for English
learners) claim they understand English well even though they're
still clumsy in speaking and writing it. Actually that's completely

They don't speak or write the language well enough either.
The fact of the matter is that, as every sensible learner of any language
already knows well, the better you become at speaking and
writing it, the better you understand written and spoken texts in the
language. The opposite is also true. Those who are clumsy in
writing and speaking English are almost always (or perhaps completely
always) inadequate in comprehending spoken and written English.

So, stop lying, >261 !

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 11:19:04  ID:zPLAZ7Ww.net
You just do あぼーん
You should not take care loopy guy.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 11:27:04  ID:kObIuf8S.net(3)

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 11:34:44  ID:4a9mKi91!.n
Fuck all the gaijins. Give them hot sexy times. Oh yes.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 12:34:17  ID:Q6R32b25.net
English please?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 12:35:41  ID:CeUKxMFr.net(4)
A survey indicates that the record low turn-out in the Lower House election mainly stems from the startling disparity between the rich and the poor in this country mainly due to the rise in stock prices.
So voters turned their backs to politics and were dissatisfied with the opposition party's policies.
Japanese voters had been irritated by the lack of leadership on the part of opposition parties.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 12:45:11  ID:CeUKxMFr.net(4)
As the result of rising stock prices, a few large stockholders earned windfall benefits.
Employees of small and medium size companies are suffering that the wage increase is a nominal one.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 13:00:26  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)
HAHAHA so funny!! XD

OED has been playing up to you guys in 媚び媚びモード here,
but now reavealing himself day by day!

And you will make out soon why he lives all alone in real life without friends :-)

Somebody said he is in an ivory tower, but that's not true.
He's merely a technical english translator, not a scholar,
There is no place for him to deliver his "study" besides here in 2ch as graffiti of the can (便所の落書き)
and he's been developing a complex with the fact.

What did "literature and linguistics" days give him?
Only 2ch life! What a damnable reality!!

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 13:04:55  ID:pRmt/cxe.net(5)
OK, I'll meet the challenge:

(1) あんまり書くとかわいそうだから
  Pitying you, I don't want to write much too harshly on you.

(2) これが最後だけど
  So, let me make this one my last.

(3) 英語で生活している人ならすぐに気付くことだよ
  That's what anybody using English
  in their everyday life would notice in a flash, you know.
(4) 嘘つきと言われるとさすがに頭に来るかな
  You called me a liar and that sort of made me mad.

(5) 嘘でないのはわかる人には分かる
  Sensible people would notice I'm not a liar.

(6) 本当にこのスレにネイティヴを引き入れたいのなら
  I thought that, if you really want to lure native speakers
  into this thread,

(7) こういう自演はやめた方がいいと思ったから
  you should stop pretending to be multiple posters that way.

(8) 余計なこと書いたけど
  That's why I wrote something
  that I feared might turn out to be superfluous.

(9) 言っても無駄って分かった
  And I've found I've wasted my breath after all.

Daniel[lawnmower16@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:01:27  ID:8cJJWZSB!.n(2)
I'm pretty sure it's not the people you think are liars preventing gaijin from posting here.
It's calling the fucking gaijin that come here liars that will prevent us from posting here.
If I was going to get pissed off and leave, I would have done so a long time ago, but a weaker-willed person than I would be gone after reading your posts and anti-gaijin shit like >220.

I really don't care if you don't believe I'm a genuine gaijin. You can just keep being ignorant. No skin off my back.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:17:54  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)
well, once you feed OED, you are supposed to be involved in some conflict ...
just prepare for it ...
I will never think you are 自作自演, though.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:19:11  ID:REYai9Zi!.n(2)
This post has made me painfully aware of how poor my Japanese is...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:28:30  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)
hmmm he ommitted almost all subjects.
that's why it looks hard to understand for japanese learners!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:32:52  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)

This is very Japanese expression, I think.
come to think about it, it's actually tautology!!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 14:36:08  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)
people who can understand it can understand it
people who know it know it

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 16:57:15  ID:cL4/0+Wn.net(3)
I made light of it, though I was introduced to the thread enough before the war.
I think the regular price are for families and especially for couples.
I am a single. The half price is a spiritual fair price for me.

Oh, that's just "The Wall of Fools."

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 16:59:14  ID:CeUKxMFr.net(4)
It is well-known that the Japanese people's longevity to the fact that their traditional diet is low in cholesterol.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 17:01:14  ID:i5wZ46rj.net(2)
when 留学 was considered a quickest way to master english, the copy of 駅前留学 must've been very appealing and catchy.
but now, a variety of useful methods other than 留学 is available and the copy has got out of date...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 17:02:56  ID:CeUKxMFr.net(4)
I have made a mistake.

Many scholars attribute the Japanese people's longevity to the fact that their traditional diet is low in cholesterol.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 17:12:01  ID:i5wZ46rj.net(2)
i should have gone to a shop and tried to discount a half price cake by fifty % from the half price...
shop clerks mustn't have met such a kind of customer.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 18:02:30  ID:cL4/0+Wn.net(3)
But Yoro Takeshi himself has also the wall

That's right. I am using this term as "to attend an English conversation school."
In contrast, 自宅留学 is, for me, used to mean "to attend an on-line English conversation school."
I have never used both of them, actually.

loser[]   投稿日:2014/12/26 19:28:35  ID:BnWBGqyu.net
I have never gone abroad or used any on-line English
conversation school. Self-educated.
I managed to pass the Pre-First grade Test of the STEP.
But my English is a paper tiger. I wonder if I can go
abroad alone.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 19:31:16  ID:Hu25jkbj.net(6)
Go to Hawaii or Guam or the like.
you can use both English and Japanese there.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 21:48:29  ID:d2+TN1zL.net
A number of refugees are increasing in the Middle East unless urgent measures against terrorism are not taken.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 22:26:48  ID:nhP249bD.net(5)
My mom is so called "tiger mom" so I had to pass 1 grade of 英検 before getting into college.

Of course I didn't have any experiences of studying abroad nor traveling.
So that was hard. The writing test was a piece of cake but the interview was such a torture....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/26 22:30:38  ID:nhP249bD.net(5)
But whatever

Gaijins are disgusting anyways!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 00:31:41  ID:5Vws0lbR.net(5)
Think of it as an adventure. Maybe challenge yourself to go abroad.
Once there, you'll be forced to use what you know, and probably pick
up more even faster.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 00:36:48  ID:YgL9yrun.net(5)
It's been a while! You're still in Nagoya eating cheap Nagoya girls?

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 00:40:07  ID:5Vws0lbR.net(5)
It has been a while! But no, I'm not eating anyone right now. Strangely,
most of the girls I know in Nagoya are from Mie-ken.

Ah, I found a Kaldi Coffee, but it didn't have what I was looking for.
However, it wasn't a very big shop. Maybe the one at Kanayama Station
has more variety.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 00:47:03  ID:YgL9yrun.net(5)
Oh a lot of Mie people are in Nagoya? That's new!
By the way, I'm dating white gaijin now.

I like カルディ because they have a lot of Asian foods especially exotic tastes of Asian noodles!

Last week I tried root beer or something from カルディ and it was horrible!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:05:04  ID:5Vws0lbR.net(5)
A lot of people commute to Nagoya for university, I guess. In the UK,
there are maybe just 1 or 2 universities in each city. In Japan, there
seem to be loads!!

I see! What nationality is this white gaijin?

Ahh, I'm not a fan of root beer at all! However, I do like ginger ale.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:31:20  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
What a waste!!
Every time I'm in europe, I become a cum pig :-P

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:35:26  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
I'm doing a self piercing on my septum right now.
lots of pain!!! (>_<) but I wanna be a hipster!!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:43:01  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
fuck!!!! runny nose runny eyes!!!!(><)

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:43:08  ID:5Vws0lbR.net(5)
I like to take things slowly, so I want to make sure I meet the right person.
The person I was interested in kind of stopped replying suddenly. No idea why,
after two years. But now some girl who really likes cats wants to go to the zoo
next Friday. So I'll see how that goes...

One of my best friends has a septum piercing. But rather than a hipster,
he's a heavy metal drummer. I can only imagine how much it hurts. I really
don't like needles, so have no piercings or tattoos.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:51:32  ID:KkRIspNr.net(3)
When the time Ichiro was in his prime, an announcer of Seattle said "Holy smoke laser beam strike from Ichiro!"
Because of this word, Japanese announcers have begun using cheaply "Laser beam". They take chance to say it if some plays are even ill-fitted to be said so.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:54:07  ID:YgL9yrun.net(5)
True that! Especially Nagoya is a big city so lots of uni there! My

The white gaijin is American!

I like ginger ale too! What do you recommend?
My fave is ウィルキンソン ジンジャエール辛口 from Anahi! There are two flavors and the spicy one is just die for! You have to try it out!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:57:15  ID:KkRIspNr.net(3)
Don't say Laser beam to one-hopper balls.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:57:34  ID:YgL9yrun.net(5)
I'm totally fine with needles like getting anesthesia at dentist, getting anesthesia at plastic surgeon to get eyelid surgery etc etc...

Speaking of which, finally I'm going to get permanent nose hair removal laser yay!

Goodbye to plucking!!!!!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 01:58:55  ID:5Vws0lbR.net(5)
I'll give it a try, thanks! Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is pretty good too,
especially if you like something with a kick. There's an extra fiery version
that really does warm your throat. I'm not sure if it's available in Japan

Good luck with your American! Is he living here long-term?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 02:05:23  ID:YgL9yrun.net(5)
That sounds good! I'll check it later!
I love beer so much people often called me the king of beer or whatever in college!
I'm super strong about alcohol!

He's lived in Japan for 3 years now! But his Japanese is on survival level!

I'm sleepy! Good night! I have work today...wtf

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 02:08:12  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
ok, I got it! wow, what a hot man I am!!!!


haha, yeah I thought you are kinda sheep, not a piggy like me!
Hope everything goes well and leaves some nice whity seed in Japan :-P

Are you straight?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 02:10:06  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
When you get a piercing at a clinic with anesthesia, it costs 20,000 yen...
That's why I did it by myself ... ><

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 02:14:08  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
> and leaves some nice whity seed in Japan

I meant, you leave :-D

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 02:16:00  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
he must be the gay guy. anyway night :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 04:57:27  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
i just know tiger balm

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 04:58:40  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
hey a caw!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 04:59:14  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
have you gone 喫茶マウンテン?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 06:01:56  ID:1+MBOwcX.net(2)
English is not based on heart. In a way it makes sense, but it's a passive way.
English is based on letters. So, reading, writing and pronouncing are necessary.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 06:08:40  ID:1+MBOwcX.net(2)
Communication is nice. I'd like to go to cat island to learn authentic communication.
Catholic people must have been liking to go there as well.

ずくなし[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 07:56:01  ID:kIQvPgVq!.n
>cat island
Do you mean the territory in the Bahamas, the island in Mississippi, or 田代島?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 09:44:56  ID:6TpSf5dD.net
So many gay guys cum in this mouth right?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 09:48:41  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
how old 英太郎 is?
if he is round face and chubby, i may be temped.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 10:56:48  ID:zkO8adVV.net(5)

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/27 11:32:39  ID:D0YKROTI.net(4)
>To remain competitive, we must keep improving our skills.

Let's say that you are trying to translate a technical document in the field of electrical engineering. I think you've got enough English to do that.
Maybe you need to increase your KNOWLEDGE in that field, but it's not a problem of your ENGLISH skilils.
However, if you are trying to translate a Japanese novel by, say, Yukio Mishima into English,
you definitely need VERY advanced English skills.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 11:38:46  ID:71yNrLbM.net(2)
Yes, I know.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 11:39:04  ID:JQCmLTil.net(5)
During the era of the bubble economy, the department stores were said to be seducing customers with high-price commodities in the late 1980's.
Land was said to be the most valuable property to inherit in Japan, so the land prices were skyrocketing.

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/27 11:49:26  ID:D0YKROTI.net(4)
>I think you've got enough English to do that.

I think you've got enough English skills to do that.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 12:39:21  ID:JQCmLTil.net(5)
Outbursts of ethnic violence were reported from Central Africa, many people had been killed and wounded.
Ethnic conflicts have continued for decades in Central Africa.
So, Central Africa is said to be the poorest country in Africa.
A UN official said he could not remain detached when he thought of the plight of the people.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 12:44:18  ID:MZe/7x6t!.n(3)
The cuts between his responses make me wonder if he had to take a long time to answer the questions, but when he did,
his speed was very constant and natural.
I had to watch 0:18-0:20 about three times and I'm still not sure what he said, I think it was "primary tormentor", but other than that
I think he has spent a lot of time studying pronunciation and speaking.

Overall it's quite good, and there were very few mistakes that would not make it hard to converse with him, other than the one I noted at the beginning.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 13:29:20  ID:jTTm39QJ.net
They cut out their question parts, hence the gaps.

Could the lady watching over him like a hawk be his publicist or a PR person from the film company?
It's understandable that they are extra careful not to stir up any racial tensions considering the nature of the film and all.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 13:30:30  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
I don't think so.... only a few people like to swallow haha XD

I have a such round face but not chub!!!
you can see my cute eyes too :-)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 13:35:34  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
I have to admit he looks nice though I don't like him.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 13:51:19  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
The luck bag of Yodobashi Camera is comming to me on the 1st Jan.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 14:01:30  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
When I get a video camera, I mean from Yodobashi, I wanna make a movie of my old mom and dad ><
It really hurts they are getting old (´;ω;`)ウゥゥ

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 14:40:13  ID:MZe/7x6t!.n(3)
I'm aware of why they did the cuts, but since the question was about how he sounds to a native, I would have liked to have been able to judge his time to think about responses to questions.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 14:45:40  ID:zkO8adVV.net(5)
"I would have liked to have been able to ..."

omg this sentence is too difficult.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 14:46:31  ID:ShrnlTut.net
Think simply to use each word.
restaurant is a place to take a rest.
seat has a meaning of where to eat.
hear contains a meaning of ear.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 15:00:03  ID:JQCmLTil.net(5)
Thanks to the Pontiff's efforts, the US and Cuba make headway toward the normalization of bilateral relations.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 15:00:31  ID:zkO8adVV.net(5)
I think 開封する is unboxing.

David Bitcoin Robertson[onegengo@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/27 15:03:41  ID:4pd6Dooj.net(2)
健全でない言葉が含まれているため表示しません 内容を確認する

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 15:44:41  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
Being bitchy is good! We need more babies now!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:08:07  ID:5H4zGeBa.net(3)
i will post the 333th comment in this thread...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:08:49  ID:5H4zGeBa.net(3)
oops, the 333rd comment...

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:24:29  ID:MZe/7x6t!.n(3)
I wanted to judge how long it took for him to answer the question.
I could not judge it however, because they did not show the questions being asked, just his answers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:28:19  ID:5H4zGeBa.net(3)
tiger balm is a trademark of products manufactured and marketed by haw par corporation limited in singapore.
龍角散 seems to be an importer and seller of the products in japan.
they make several adjustments to the original products so that the products can fit skin texture of japanese people.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:32:30  ID:rNesEbYM!.n(2)
Overall, pretty good. He's clearly been around native speakers and conversing with them, from word choice,
structure, and filler words ("um" and "uh" and "er" instead of 「あの」or「えっと」. There are traces of
both American and English accents there. There were also clearly words that he's read more than heard
aloud, and a bit of trouble with some of the vowels (like the schwa in "person" at 0:55 or "passionate"
at 1:18.) No way he'd be confused for a native speaker, but quite intelligible.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:54:55  ID:JQCmLTil.net(5)
The government plans to raise the consumption tax by 2 percent effective April first, 2017.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 16:57:46  ID:zkO8adVV.net(5)
hi, 512M
i can't understand "...clearly words that he's read more than heard aloud".

David Bitcoin Robertson[onegengo@gmail.com]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:00:37  ID:4pd6Dooj.net(2)
David Bitcoin Robertson https://www.facebook.com/dcrozi/about
LINE davidmaal
企業サイト facebook.com/onegengo/timeline
メアド onegengo@gmail.com

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:01:21  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
Fuck Angelina Jolie!
Fuck Americans who watched and have good opinion of her movie!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:07:51  ID:rNesEbYM!.n(2)
It was obvious that he had read many words that he had never heard spoken by somebody.
(Even as a native English speaker, I also still occasionally mispronounce words that
I don't use in conversation very often.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:24:47  ID:GtQf89i6.net(3)
Actually, Angelina Jolie is English.
And the movie is not that hot.
I've seen some film critics on BBC and they were saying that when you have
"The Bridge on The River Kwai" and "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence",
there is no point making any new film on the same theme except you've got
something brilliant to show for which Angelina's film lacks.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:27:57  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
How many times did Americans do large-scale slaughters of Japanese in WW供

Hiroshima holocaust !
Ngasaki holocaust !
Tokyo holocaust !
The other cities holocausts !

But Americans often say two atomic bombs needed!
They are 頭おかしい.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:29:49  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
I think so at first but

【映画】アンジー監督作、残忍な日本兵登場の「アンブロークン」全米首位 公開初日の興行収入(c)2ch.net
【映画】アンジー監督作、残忍な日本兵登場の「アンブロークン」全米首位 公開初日の興行収入 /芸スポ速報+板


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:34:08  ID:zkO8adVV.net(5)
judging from his appearance and because he is a musician, i thought he learned english by his ears.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 17:44:53  ID:GtQf89i6.net(3)
Can't agree with you more.

We were not the one who was invading their soil.
America could end it anytime but choose to persist and experimented A-bomb on us. TWICE.
If you've wanted it ended sooner, why didn't you leave?
That's what I want to know.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:10:40  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)


My English skill is this. I don't understand what you are saying.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:27:13  ID:GtQf89i6.net(3)
A part of your translation is wrong, but over all you've got what I said.
So, if you don't understand what I'm talking about, it's not about your English skills, I don't think.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I totally agree with you.
I also think some Americans are nuts because their excuse
"We needed those A-bombs to end the war." doesn't make any sense.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:40:35  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
Thanks. I stopped going to reddit this time.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:42:10  ID:znvM54gc.net(2)
The dropping of the A-bomb was intended to show dominance over the USSR (the new upcoming superpower).
They were hoping by doing this that the USSR would become more manageable in Europe and Eastern Europe (stopping the spread of communism).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:49:06  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
Japan were fighting both communism and western colonianlim( and Sinocentrism.)
Korea and Manchuria needed against communism.
China continued irresponsibly to stick to Sinocentrism.
The Chinese Communists finally won.
America was the boss of the western colonianlim.
America was evil. Japan was justice.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 18:58:50  ID:h1tQdDBz.net
I don't know the true intention of it, but yours sounds more plausible than saying "We needed those A-bombs to end the war."
I mean, I don't know what makes some Americans believe they can get away with that stupid excuse when they were actually on our soil invading and can go home anytime they like.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 19:06:01  ID:VmKbANB+.net(7)
colonianlim → colonialism

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/27 19:16:55  ID:znvM54gc.net(2)
I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject but if I remember correctly, peace negotiations with Japan were unsuccessful as Japan refused to surrender.
An invasion of Japan would of been devastating for both sides, possibly with even more loss of life than at Hiroshima and Ngasaki.
If the invasion had gone through, Japan certainly would of been divided between Russia and the US (just like Germany and Berlin).
That would of been the worst possible outcome for the US.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 19:35:12  ID:JQCmLTil.net(5)
My vocabulary is based on books about English composition published by the Japanese company.
I have learned examples of the books.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 19:37:09  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
i can feel cuteness from your eyes, but also feel ヲタ aura.
i suppose you are not my type
but i suprised you are young. you must be under 30.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 19:54:02  ID:BI6eGOi3.net
The US kept at it because they wanted to occupy Japan as a whole.
So, they could say "We needed those A-bombs to occupy Japan."
They didn't need those to end the war because they had many choices to just end it, really.
They could go home, for example.

Japan was hopelessly incapable of accepting the defeat and America was greedy.
That's all there is to it, the way I see it.

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:02:02  ID:D0YKROTI.net(4)
>peace negotiations with Japan were unsuccessful as Japan refused to surrender.

Because the Potsdam Declaration did not say anything about the treatment of the Emperor.
The U.S. administration knew well that it was key to the surrender, though.
The Declaration just demanded Japan's UNCONDITIONAL surrender.
You may naturally wonder why it said nothing about the Emperor,
considering the fact that he and the Imperial Household survived after the war.
HINT: the A-bombs.

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:11:30  ID:D0YKROTI.net(4)
So you don't have to improve your ENGLISH skills to pay the bill.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:36:14  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
Suzuki Kantaro cabinet was trying to proceed with a peace negotiations
by the agency of USSR, and, I thought, not sure, actually the cabinet were
sending Konoe Fumimaro to USSR. They refused him, because USSR and US
had a secret agreement that USSR starts to make an attack on Japan, ouch!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:37:08  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
I have been alway claiming I'm a fuckable yummy twink, but they can't accept the fact :-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:42:57  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
i synthesized 英太郎's face.
this picture reminds me よゐこ有野. www
but you know many gay people loves round face, so 英太郎 must be welcomed by many foreign gays even if his body is not fitted.
i feel sagacity and sociability from his face.

OED Loves Me Not ◆5o7MC4F0bo [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:43:15  ID:71yNrLbM.net(2)
Why are you saying that? It's useless. Whether I'm illogical or not,
what is important here is to improve ourselves. Or are you by any chance
saying it's better to do nothing and lead a lazy life?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:48:04  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
thick eyebrow = symbol of manliness

That's why i won't shave or trim or anything.
I hate sissy boys!!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:50:21  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
pfffffffffff!!! wrong 比率!! too big month!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:52:07  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
anyway i envy after knowing 英太郎 is リア充...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 20:52:41  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
hey 有野 wwwwwwww

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 21:14:24  ID:kjrEE+mf.net
I memorized many examples and wrote the current incidents based on them.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 21:47:11  ID:Bg8uZ2Wd.net(17)
I got to study other languages hard to date with gaijins comming here next year!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 22:03:34  ID:mELPuf0G.net
The candidate supported by the reformist parties, including the communist party, defeated the conservative candidate in the general election.
The critic warned that anti-military movement in Okinawa should not be underestimated.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 22:25:12  ID:uJdT3sj0.net(9)
by using jack'd i searched asian bears or chubs at ソウル, 広州, 香港 and all.
but,,, i noticed jpn is most fitted to me...i wonder .
i suppose the reasons are :
1. jpn is a historically economic giant.
china is superior to jpn in the means of economy, but i think they have reagional differences still.
and i think categories such as chubby and bear have not matured yet not as japan and other western countries.
and they may dont use app to meet each other. i heard public gay bars become flourish in china, so they dont have to use app.
2. they hesitate to come-out who live in non-advanced nations
i like モンゴル人 such as sumo wrestler, but i cant find any モンゴル人 by the app. ww

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/27 22:45:07  ID:KkRIspNr.net(3)
No matter how much I complain, it can't be solution.
My mind is filled with creepy-crawlies.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 01:35:53  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
(´-`).oO ( I was a little surprised there are still some people watching baseball )

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 01:41:04  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
If you prefer asian guys, why don't you go to fridae.asia ?
It's a Singaporean site and loads of chinese there once.
they probably have its app now, but not sure, because it's been ages since I quit that.

as for the mainland chinese, they tend to use domestic services such as 百度 instead of google,
I know next to nothing about them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/28 04:23:02  ID:SF819Q5j!.n
Would any of you be kind enough to post my song in the proper thread on one of the music boards? Or the 神聖かまってちゃん thread.

I'm a filthy american and can't myself.


Thank you!!!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 05:23:34  ID:1MjeCpHQ!.n

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 08:20:44  ID:MLUyTVP1.net(4)
oh,, thank you.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 10:36:34  ID:0Uth0nAt.net
At the working level talks between Japan and North Korea, both sides' views seemed to remain far apart on the touchy abduction problem.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 10:41:13  ID:0A5PipEj.net(3)
Ew I though he was cute when I saw his eyes but....... This is awful

777 ◆TFWBMdHdF7zL []   投稿日:2014/12/28 10:59:16  ID:UpFlvZlC.net
>Or are you by any chance saying it's better to do nothing and lead a lazy life?

You misunderstand me.
I'm just saying that you don't have to improve your English skills TO DO YOUR JOB,
because you've got enough of them already.

Yes, I know.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 11:03:42  ID:jASVCz3r.net(3)
The Great East Japan Earthquake reminds scholars of the fact that a forecast of earthquakes is important.
They hope that what they learn from the study will enable them to make better predictions of tidal waves caused by big earthquakes.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 11:11:16  ID:vnNixXr1.net(5)
Are you also a translator in real life to make a living?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 11:26:59  ID:jASVCz3r.net(3)
No, translation or interpretation is my pastime, not hobby.
I worked at a cramming school about two decades ago.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 12:02:07  ID:vnNixXr1.net(5)
I feel a sort of relief to know that many Japanese of good English writers in this thread are pro or ex.
I am absolutely an amateur in English which means I've never involved in English for living. Never have been to abroad either orz.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 13:59:27  ID:yxj5gFSC.net(2)
let's travel abroad when you can afford to.
your english skills would be good enough to enjoy the travels in countries where english is spoken.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 14:28:48  ID:vnNixXr1.net(5)
My wife wants to travel abroad with me but I don't like those packed tours.
She loves them because it's easy and inexpensive.
And insists that it's a given to take a pack tour when you go overseas for the first time.

However I'm not sure I will be able to afford the second time.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 14:38:16  ID:vnNixXr1.net(5)
I have many children and grand children so my money flies before I fly.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 14:40:01  ID:MLUyTVP1.net(4)
packed tour secures sefety of yours.
but i think needless sightseeings are included and make you buy needless goods.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 14:49:06  ID:vnNixXr1.net(5)
My hope is going to a remote place with a great scenery and staying long to take a walk around.
To the contrary, she is a typical Japanese.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 16:49:59  ID:jASVCz3r.net(3)
The question of IS seems to be a stumbling block in an effort to bring about peace in the Middle East.
The refugees in the Middle East are keeping a low profile and guarding against guerrilla attacks.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 16:57:23  ID:EU1D76Jt.net(5)
I'm at Burger King again! This time I ordered the same menu like クアトロ cheese burger and flies and cola zero!

But this time I got Apple pie! Excited to try this out!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:03:53  ID:MLUyTVP1.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:06:55  ID:EU1D76Jt.net(5)
That's korean company!

Also ロッテリア is usually super crowded as hell

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:16:31  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
Japanese can't do 不買, but ネット右翼 believe Japanse are all 嫌韓.
very funny.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:22:24  ID:EU1D76Jt.net(5)
What I really like about バーガーキング is there are so many cheap side menus!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:26:29  ID:EU1D76Jt.net(5)
Okay I'm digging in the apple pie!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:27:21  ID:EU1D76Jt.net(5)
Ewwww so so bad!!!!!!

The apple pie from McDonalds is so much better!!!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 17:39:16  ID:MLUyTVP1.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 18:09:08  ID:yxj5gFSC.net(2)
sorry to tell you this, but burger king is an affiliated company of ロッテ, a korean company...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 18:35:04  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
"Don't Korea!" is written in my New Year's cards this year.
Of courese, I don't have anyone to post them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 18:56:18  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
○ Of course

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 18:58:41  ID:lsoDQvbv.net(5)
Omfg really? In that case, I have to look for another hidden spot to have a rest wtf...
The バーガーキング was a secret hidden spot for me but damn!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:03:18  ID:lsoDQvbv.net(5)
Speaking of Korea, today I hang around and this guy asked me to do some interview
at first I was reluctant to do this, but I thought it was going to fun to post this experience here...

Anyways, it turned out that the guy was a member of 統一教会 and he did easy questions for me and then he even asked me to go to "study room" or something where people can learn the basics of 統一教会...wtf

Apparently he lived in Korea for 7 years and I suppose he was brainwashed there

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:04:20  ID:lsoDQvbv.net(5)
Don't Korea!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:08:12  ID:lsoDQvbv.net(5)
The lesson I learned today is to never speak to people in the street!

You'll be fucked up!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:08:39  ID:lsoDQvbv.net(5)
Like Koreans!!!!!!!! Am I right?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:44:37  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
very interesting!
I had a similar experience before.


Wrong. It's too early for liking Koreans yet, I think.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:55:11  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
Speaking of humburgers, I want to try to eat 佐世保バーガー, but I have never eaten it.
I love ラッキーピエロ. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to go Hakodate lately.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:55:57  ID:s7TX20SQ.net(2)
i heard a burger joint chain called carl's jr is coming to japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 19:56:11  ID:/AdDnpRU.net(6)
○ go to Hakodate

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:05:06  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
I wanna go to Onsen!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:08:26  ID:0A5PipEj.net(3)
Scrutinize other men's cocks?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:17:28  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
Why not!!!
Even straight guys peek others' cocks in onsen.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:19:39  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
well, the montage lacks balance, which is most important in beauty.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:29:05  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)

This is a pic from my boyhood.
He can't grow ugly, can he?
I just wanted to prove my face is not that lousy.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:34:29  ID:0A5PipEj.net(3)
You had a pattsun hair...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:38:49  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
Yeah, my mom wanted a daughter.
People used to think at first glance I was a girl.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 21:48:50  ID:1S8r/gn4.net(8)
I've heard there used to be a tradition in Europe that people bring up their sons as girls
to avoid some bad luck.

↑This is Jean Renoir (a film director) in his boyhood, painted by his father Renoir, the famouse impressionist.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 22:30:56  ID:wokP6tg4.net(2)
A program called Big cat diary tells us cruelty of nature.
Lions attack warthog to eat. Timon and Pumbaa are unreal. (´・ω・`)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 22:51:16  ID:wokP6tg4.net(2)
I'm watching a program called Later With Jools Holland. Tonight's guests are Cold Play, Foo Fighters, Graham Coxon and so on. What a fuckin' fuckin' fuckin' greaaaaaaaat!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 23:18:02  ID:s7TX20SQ.net(2)
were you already gay?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/28 23:42:25  ID:+Xf9a8Dw.net
Jean Renoir,master of Luchino Visconti who famous gay director!
And the actor Helmut Berger lent his a** for get protagonist of his films.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 00:29:30  ID:5xeiDGyy.net(5)
When I listen to Japanese songs, I sometimes cry due to its poetry.
Though I love UK and US music and am fuckin' impressed, I don't think meanings of lyrics then.
It's fuckin' wasteful. If I can understand the meanings sensuously, my view could opened up.
I want to get closer the sense that be had natives.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 00:39:03  ID:5xeiDGyy.net(5)
How to disappear completely.
No alarms and No surprises.
These are exactly match what I'm feeling now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 00:46:54  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
I love this movie called ghost world.

This one has a mysterious sense of humor and I got so obsessed with the story because I can relate?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 00:53:43  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
Nope. I remember I had a crush on a girl, Suzuki-san, at age 12.
Also remember I beat off thinking of a male English teacher, Yoshida-sensei at age 13!

Pasolini too! His looks are shit hot as well as his movies!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 00:57:21  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
I like Thom Yorke's teeth. very british. they don't care irregular teeth.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 01:16:07  ID:5xeiDGyy.net(5)
I've never thought about his teeth and it tends to be said about his eye, I think.
You know a good thing when you see it.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 01:16:07  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
I absolutely hate Xmas and new year cards!!!!
troublesome troublesome troublesome!!!!
don't send me such crap!!!
skype is enough!!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 01:20:58  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
his eyes are not symmetrical either, which reminds me of this lovely painting.

I love asymmetry, something not perfect.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 01:22:09  ID:5xeiDGyy.net(5)
I'll send you one. Do disclose your address.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 01:39:44  ID:5xeiDGyy.net(5)
I didn't know the picture you showed me. And it's lot of work to read for me because I can't understand what it said quickly without translation while using a dictionary.
But I know you're one who are cultured for some reason.
Nah, I'm an immature.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 02:16:27  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
Hehe, I didn't say anything difficult, but look at her eyes, asymmetrical.
The right eye is lifted up :-)

By the way I finally saw the original one in Germany last year, yay!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 03:20:29  ID:PQzjgCz7!.n
Oh no! My sister's name is Lotte. It's a conspiracy.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 03:41:45  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
ロッテ derives from Lotte in the Goethe's novel, die Leiden des jungen Werthers:-)

I think the catch line "your month's lover"お口の恋人 sounds so naughty!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 05:15:02  ID:HDSIr5Ty.net(3)
i want oral lovers !

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 07:56:48  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
Public works projects played a major role in sustaining stable economic growth during the period of high economic growth.
But these plans are out of date now.
The government should stimulate the economic incentives for small and medium size businesses.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 11:16:40  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
If Japan changed an anti-Korean nation, Japanese economy wouold go up soon.

However, Japan lost the information war agaisnt Korea.
A lot of media are stolen by Koreans. Media are bases in the information war.
Japanese are indirectly controlled by Korea.

It became the virtual Japan-Korea economic community.
Korean companies can be just like Japanese government companies(Korean government companies, exactly).
Furthermore, they can use Japanese small and medium-sized companies under the same conditions as Japanese companies.
Japanese companies are forced to compete with them.
Of course, Korea has always been stealing technologies from Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 11:26:59  ID:FcKRg2Ee.net(2)
So many gaijins in this thread recently.

Is this good or bad?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 11:45:05  ID:JV3b0lLr.net
did you invent the way of ejaculating all by yourself!?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:00:58  ID:HDSIr5Ty.net(3)
your teacher's age is 13 !? omfg

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:10:26  ID:zfJ4EMEr.net(2)
So deregulation is needed.
It may risk the stable society of Japan but only way for brand new development.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:17:00  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
外人 is OK.
害人(Nanking believers, 731 believers, Bataan believers, comfort women believer,
anti-whaling people, and so on) is also OK.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:24:15  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
There are a lot of 害人s in reddit, but no 害人s here.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:32:01  ID:FcKRg2Ee.net(2)
They don't have balls to come here lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:34:47  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
add to >445

"Mega massacre by two atomic bombs and tons of air raids" naysayers
"Japanese are discriminating against Korean" believers
"Japanese are discriminating against Ainus" believers
"The Ainu is a original inhabitants of Japan" believers

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 12:44:34  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
There seem to be a few 害人s here a several yeras ago, but no 害人s here now.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 14:36:06  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
College education has become so common that it does not necessarily guarantee high social status.
What is most necessary for Japan's education today is to help students develop the habit of thinking for themselves.
So, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is urged to adopt a new standard nationwide test for higher institutions.
They will emphasize hearing, speaking and writing in the English test.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 14:37:30  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
If Japan changed an anti-Korean nation,
If Japan changed to an anti-Korean nation,

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 14:53:44  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
About a few years ago, a parliamentarian made an issue of Takeshima Island, which is held by South Korean troops.
He insisted Takeshima Island is an inherited Japanese territory.
Japan and South Korea moved close to a diplomatic break in a row over the territorial issue.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 17:17:20  ID:rmgF/as/!.n
How much does current Japanese educational curricula (high school or college) emphasize critical or
independent thought? I got the impression that a lot of higher education in Japan was rote memorization and 形.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 17:20:40  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
Who is the parliamentarian?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 17:47:56  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
Do you have any problem with it?

Westerners love to criticize Asian education all the time saying like lacking creativity or whatever whenever international academic ranking stuff is released lol

Because top countries are dominated by Asian counties lol
westerners desperate self esteems are completely shattered every time lol

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:02:54  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
I don't know the current school expenses. For me, to be sure, school expenses for a private university cost about seven hundred thousand yen a year three decades ago.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:04:16  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
The author-turned politician, Mr. Shintaro Ishihara.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:22:13  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
You can raise your score of IQ test easily by special training,
so the result doesn't always reflect how much intelligent are you.
For instance, South Korea is always in TOP 5,
but what kind of good things have been comming from there?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:23:19  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
* how much intelligent you are.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:24:45  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:30:54  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
I graduated from Sophia University, not so bad university, I suppose.
I graduated from Sophia University, not so bad university, I suppose.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 18:50:00  ID:WwBJI7Ot.net(7)
Please delete the second sentence.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 21:03:23  ID:zfJ4EMEr.net(2)
If you don't mind my question,
What did you do after graduation, aside from cram school teacher?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 21:35:45  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)

The very important thing in life.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 21:42:39  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
I had worked at an extra-department body of the Ministry of Home Affairs for six months and became a cram school teacher.
After that I inherited apartment houses from my grandmother.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 21:46:23  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
I heard that there are literally tons of returnees in Sophia university. Is that true?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:14:11  ID:1oyE8xon.net(9)
Oh, I didn't know Sophia is 上智.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:18:46  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
Most of them studies in the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:19:06  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
I always have a good image about 上智...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:23:59  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
I also heard this rumor before. Even if they're not a returnee or whatever, they speak foreign languages in the campus like English, French, German you name it.

If so, super crazy and cool!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:25:25  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
I have made a minor mistake.
studies → study

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:30:45  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
We, most Japanese study in "Yotsuya Campus".
But foreign students and others study in "Ichigaya Campus".

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 22:59:44  ID:hmPPEicN.net(9)
They are good at image-building strategy at least in Japan.
Do you know who run Jo-chi?
The Army of Christ, one of most conservative and bigoted orders in Catholic.

people who know christion affairs well are confused like how dare they can named it Sophia XD

Anyway in Japan christion schools are all in all successful.
上智、ICU、青山、同志社、関学 etc.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 23:02:47  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
I think because they have a long history that's all.

Basically university with a long history are considered to be good I guess

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 23:27:13  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
Imposing tight measures, airport officials are scrutinizing law-evading drugs from abroad.
An increasing number of young people tends to buy law-evading drugs out of curiosity.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 23:46:32  ID:6we1VBJD.net(6)
About thirty years ago, Japanese and Soviet official reached an agreement being allowed to gather edible sea tangle in waters around four islands off Hokkaido.
Of course, the islands are Japan's inherited territory.
Conservative politicians say Japan cannot be so generous to concede its claim in the territorial dispute with Russia.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 23:51:53  ID:HDSIr5Ty.net(3)
i am participating amazon vine program which distributes maker's samples to the members and take feedback reviews from them.
this program is invitational and the one who contributed by writing many and good reviews are invited by amazon as vine reviewer.
vine reviewers regulary have chance to get samples which are displayed at each special pages according to their past reviews and purchases.
lately i couldnt encounter expensive samples such as audio system and video camera but today i could got a earphone priced around 30k yen!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/29 23:55:49  ID:n+jlOxTo.net(8)
Omfg! I want to try it out!!!!!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:16:37  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
I have never reviewed on any net stores.
I always think those reviewers are absolutely energetic....

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:23:41  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
How many reviews on amazon.co.jp have you written so far?
I want a sample too!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:26:01  ID:djG74Mtm.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:36:31  ID:Mw9twSRa.net(2)
you should write at least 100 reviews and make sure write FIRST review of the goods, needless to be a high review ranker. because i was invited at my rank around 7000.
but i wonder chances are still left now. because there have been no new vine member coming since March 2012.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:41:59  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
damn it! then I will be a yodobashi premium reviewer...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 00:48:52  ID:Mw9twSRa.net(2)
but perhaps new members have been coming. i said so regading the following thread.

Amazon Vine 先取りプログラム 131品目(会員限定) [転載禁止]?2ch.net
Amazon Vine 先取りプログラム 131品目(会員限定) /Web収入板

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 01:00:29  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
yippee! I'm reading it, thanks♪ m(u_u)m

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/30 06:37:30  ID:/Dw9/nRr.net(2)
>484 perhaps www maybe it's been a while to hear someone saying perhaps.
it's like I have to go to middle America or something.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/30 06:45:05  ID:/Dw9/nRr.net(2)
someone said

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 08:17:39  ID:jo4kuKSA.net(4)
Playing video games is waste of time. But I can't quit. It's similar to quitting smoking and abstinence from alcohol.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 08:28:46  ID:djG74Mtm.net(2)
"perhaps" is weird?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 08:55:01  ID:0QuInat6.net(3)
i think that it is worth playing video games if they evoke strong feelings in yourself...pleasure, satisfaction, anger, grief...
strong feelings connected to some experience should be an important part of your life, not waste of time.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 08:59:01  ID:0QuInat6.net(3)
is the antonym of bachelor "spinster" ??
but spinster has a scornful meaning in it according to a dictionary.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 09:22:56  ID:jo4kuKSA.net(4)
True. But being into them too much is not good, I think. Occasionally, they make me blown away. But when I have something other to deal with, they disrupt me to do that.
I tend to think about games when I do other things I have to do.
Maybe I'm addicted. It's my bad habit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 09:37:44  ID:0QuInat6.net(3)
aren't you distracted when playing video games?
say, thinking about other things you have to do as you play the games?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 11:06:38  ID:Iv/762+t.net
I have a date today! I'm so excited (///ω///)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 11:15:02  ID:jo4kuKSA.net(4)
Yes I am. Chiefly, the thing what I have to do is to go outside to get a job. But I have APD and manic depression. Besides, I've never had any career.
Someone says it's emotional dependence.
That's true. I'm just a lemon.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 11:18:23  ID:jo4kuKSA.net(4)
Good luck! Be sure to wash your dick or pussy before you leave. Just kidding. Hope you have fun.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 15:12:59  ID:pk4AlG4Q.net
According to the broadcast, the United States is expected to normalize relations with Iran after solving the suspected nuclear development issue.
Iran demanded the lifting of economic sanctions.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 18:32:11  ID:GRAToNYb!.n
"spinster" is kind of the female equivalent of "bachelor", but yeah, it's got negative connotations.
It's not an antonym for bachelor - that'd be "groom" or "married person".

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 19:23:39  ID:XZbGJUvw.net
thank you!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 22:01:38  ID:04iqWerk.net(2)
I used to called historical revisionist or right wing activist from westerner.
but recently westerner call me Japanese apologist.
Which word is better,historical revisionist and Japanese apologist?
(I think both are bad nuance.)
I don't want to talk politics here.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 22:30:37  ID:wCKtk2CR.net(4)
A critic said there are many loopholes in the present law regulating political funds in the radio program.
He emphasized the revision of the Political Funds Control Law.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 22:32:32  ID:wCKtk2CR.net(4)
Sorry, I have not read your post yet.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/30 22:48:31  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
> Een direct verband met het Koreaans lijkt het meest voor de hand liggend maar door
> de slechte verhoudingen tussen de twee landen wordt hier weinig aandacht aan besteed.

A direct relationship with the Korean language seems most probable but because of the bad
relationship between both countries this doesn't get much attention.

Whoa! Some stupid dutch wrote it! He should've read some english articles on wikipe!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 22:51:57  ID:04iqWerk.net(2)
No problem,
Just I don't want to talk comfort women issue and Nanging incident here.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 23:20:12  ID:OD2t9KRQ.net(3)
I lile various kinds of topics!
But gaijins here think comfort women are false history.
They are very logical, but minorities.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 23:22:53  ID:OD2t9KRQ.net(3)
I correct an error.

But gaijins here think "comfort women" is a false history.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/30 23:29:33  ID:OLFiHIBu.net(6)
"Comfort women" and nasty procurers who decieved them did exsist.
The point at the issue is whether it was kind of like compelling by the Goverment or not.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 23:42:57  ID:wCKtk2CR.net(4)
A government report says crimes involving stimulant drugs and law-evading drugs have become rampant in Japan.
On the background, smugglings of these drugs are increasing recently.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/30 23:52:45  ID:OD2t9KRQ.net(3)
Koreans say 200,000 were forced to be comfort women, but the IWG report denies the forced women.
Comfort women issue is all a lie.
And Hisotrian 秦郁彦 made it clear that Korean paretns sold their daughters to Korean brokers.
"nasty procurers " are about 100% Koreans.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 00:06:54  ID:wCKtk2CR.net(4)
South Koreans insisted that 20,000 Koreans were massacred by Japanese right after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923.
It is doubtful whether their claim is true or not.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 00:15:44  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
【話題】魚住昭氏「ヘイトスピーチが横行する世の中で、関東大震災が起きたらどんな惨劇が…想像しただけで身の毛がよだつ」★2[12/28] /東アジアnews+板

I think Koreans and left-wingers will make up a story that Koreans are killed by Japanese in the next earthquake.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 00:41:38  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Today is the last day of 2014. What is your today's plan?

Mine is to cut a big rice cake into small pieces and clean my room.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 00:52:03  ID:fz+sMe7c.net(4)
While cleaning my room yesterday, I happened to find old photographs of my younger days.
These photographs reminded me of the happy old days.
Today, I will translate Japanese interesting news into English sentences as usual.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 00:53:37  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
I buy a どんべい for 年越しそば!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 01:06:06  ID:gNw7ohZr!.n
>503 It wasn't me! But seriously, things like that is why Wikipedia is an unreliable source. Anyone can change it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 01:37:05  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Actually I'm one of those people who is super lazy and don't make 年越しそば and always buy cup ones but this time I'm going to make it from scratch!

And order a delivery pizza too! Omg I don't even remember last time I ordered delivery one...since delivery pizza in Japan is expensive....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 01:38:45  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
I have a pizza leaflet at hand and the most expensive one is 3,980 yen! It's called 極旨 ウインタークラブ!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 02:41:50  ID:fz+sMe7c.net(4)
The radio station airs a program featuring Eiichi Otaki numbers to commemorate the deceased one of versatile musicians in Japanese contemporary music.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 02:59:43  ID:27XTX2tY.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 04:39:31  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
I buy a 緑のたぬき, too! I'll eat two!

Bean jam seems to be in the Yomoki 餅...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 04:48:37  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
Yomogi 餅

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 07:07:46  ID:fz+sMe7c.net(4)
Officials say Ebora hemorrhagic fever is not expected to spread in the United States although they found a few germ carriers.
The patients are recovering from the epidemic.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 07:29:31  ID:fz+sMe7c.net(4)
IS military strength increased its influence in the strongholds in Iraq and Syria this year.
IS attracts the young generation worldwide.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2014/12/31 07:52:07  ID:/TWJsKBo.net
I have watched the program that Kurds are against to Islamic country which are building across Syria and Iraq.
I'm against what ISIS does.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 11:41:41  ID:zUU6tWgl.net(5)
About half a century ago, the Soviet leader reiterated that the settlement of territorial issues is a precondition for the conclusion of a peace treaty with the Soviet Union.
Even now, the Russian leader says the same thing.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 11:47:27  ID:27XTX2tY.net(2)
yes. tonight i plan to head to a year end hal-price war.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 12:05:21  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
I'm still in a futon. Nice and warm (^ω^)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 12:55:41  ID:zUU6tWgl.net(5)
During the high economic growth era in Japan, the pollution caused many ecological problems.
Mercury waste was discharged from the factory into the bay and contaminated fish in Kumamoto prefecture.
As a result of that, many people in Minamata city were suffering from the Minamata disease.
Many patients were confined to bed with their limbs paralyzed.
We must not forget the SMON disease.
At the same time, the SMON disease was linked to taking the drug called quinoform, which was used for treatment of intestinal disease.
During the same period, people were annoyed with the annual nuisances - photochemical smog.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 13:58:28  ID:5iD21MMR!.n
The two are related, but different.

An apologist is someone who defends something - a country, a religion, a way of doing things.

A historical revisionist is someone who interprets history differently from most people, and
the term often has the implication of saying that some facts are more or less important than
is usually thought. For instance, a historical revisionist might say World War I was not fought
because of the interlocking treaties, but because it was a way to pull their countries out of
economic stagnation. (Some people also use 'historical revisionist' to mean 'historical
denialist' - that is, that some facts generally thought to be true are actually false or did
not happen at all.)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 14:06:09  ID:zUU6tWgl.net(5)
Prime Minister Abe says that, in future public investment, priority should be given the development and encouragement in rural and under-populated areas to prop up the stagnant economy.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 15:15:23  ID:zUU6tWgl.net(5)
According to the broadcast, former Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki proposed the shelving of the controversial territorial issue over the Senkaku Islands while he was in office.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 15:50:39  ID:cCx/qhYe.net
You'll be fatty :P

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 16:16:16  ID:zUU6tWgl.net(5)
The Bank of Japan continues to loosen monetary controls to get rid of the prolonged deflation and urges small and medium size employers to invest equipment.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 18:33:32  ID:bIvN9GAd.net
that guy will come again to strip you of the futon...
come out of the futon.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 19:24:38  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Who is that guy?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 20:47:04  ID:NYXFzN7p.net
Oh Bill Cosby ! Is he Jekyll and Hyde ? Or is he a victim of racism ?
He fell from one of the most adimired African Americans to
lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 20:49:34  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
Bean jam goes well with どんべい?

By the way, I bought a 毎年恒例年末ぼったくり shrimp tempura for 298 yen a piece.
I couldn't wait for it to be attached a 半額 sticker on.
I wish you good luck!

I ate them and a tempura. Now I've had a 胸焼け a little. But I am slim!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 20:50:53  ID:asV32hnv.net
I couldnt win the year-end-half-priced war!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 20:55:39  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Are you guys going to get a lucky bag?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:00:47  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
I didn't fight in the war.
I didn't buy any lucky bags...
I want to buy a ヨドバシ one day.
Have you got lucky bags?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:03:06  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
Oh wwwwww
They are still not selling.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:12:52  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Last year I got a lucky bag from 無印良品 and I got a lucky bag of stationary!

It was just 1000 yen but the value was over 13000 yen! But so many useless stuffs lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:27:50  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
1000→13000 !
I googled it and I knew the bag is ”中身の見える福袋” !
Thank you for an useful information !

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:34:04  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Yes! That one!
But you have to wait for a while to get that one! In my case I was lucky because I happened to get without lining up.

This year I applied it online but I didn't win.

So I will go to 無印良品 on second January to get 紳士服 XL.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:44:21  ID:1MKyD1yj.net
Thank you so much.
Japanese apologist seems "neutral" expression.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 21:46:08  ID:BIluqWw1.net(9)
I understood the difficulty now.
It seems like I was a spoiled brat.
Life is a battle.
I wish you good luck!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2014/12/31 22:06:31  ID:oW8HZff1.net(9)
Thanks! I'll do my best and hopefully I will post a picture here!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2014/12/31 23:04:39  ID:Sh6k6eZr.net
yoi otoshi o♪

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 00:03:27  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
New new year for everyone!!!!! Except gaijins...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 00:06:06  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
Ake ome!
Japanese people are living in the future.
Others are living in 2014.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/01 00:10:25  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
ake ome, koto yoro!!!
I wanna get married this year!!!

!omikji 【598円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 00:26:26  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)

【1等組違い】 【1784円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 00:26:51  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
2重書き込みのため表示しません 内容を確認する

【大凶】 【1251円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:04:40  ID:He8tylv1.net(3)
Happy New Year to everyone! That includes gaijins!

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:06:17  ID:He8tylv1.net(3)
Horrible result. Obviously rigged by GOD.

【モナー】 【776円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:09:27  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
why are you celebrate new year?
how can i believe 15 years have passed since milleniam.
i am so misery so that i drunk dry-gin tonight.

i have no 元気 to check my spelling errors.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:41:57  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Now you're blaming me? Wtf

イギリス人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:48:37  ID:He8tylv1.net(3)
Even ebola is all your fault.
Still hope you have a good new year though.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 02:57:40  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Wtf? This british prick needs to be deported now! 害人!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 03:01:18  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I think all conflicts and civil wars etc etc in Africa can be ascribed to the British rule so the fucking British should take fucking responsibility and apologize sincerely and pay compensation money.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 06:37:03  ID:ReDb8MuP.net(4)
You are being rolled on his palm.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 06:55:57  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I'm at a shop outside to get a lucky bag! Freezing cold! I have to wait for 2 hours! Crazy!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:00:07  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I'm planning to get 2 lucky bags! And hopefully I can upload here and brag about it hehe ^^

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:22:49  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I still have to wait for 100 minutes...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:23:38  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I'm listening to BBC on podcast to kill time!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:24:46  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I'm jot wearing groves so my hands are numb because of coldness. This is so hard to type on my iPhone.?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:31:51  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
Okay 90 minutes left...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 07:59:05  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
60 minutes left! Feeling cold!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:19:45  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
Here is the evidence!

Just in case baka gaijins which can't read Japanese...


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:30:22  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
30 minutes!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:46:50  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
14 minutes!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:53:11  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
Omfg omfg I was interviewed from local tv program!!!!!
Not sure if it's going to be ボツ or not, but I will be TV debut?! This is something I always wanted to do!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:54:44  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
Maybe because I'm so so handsome (///ω///)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 08:55:33  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
5 minutes!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 09:17:16  ID:ReDb8MuP.net(4)
I've just seen GOD hand first time of life! Lucky new year more than getting a lucky bag, right?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 09:26:53  ID:gcqX09Gz.net
Did you get it?
How was it?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 09:52:18  ID:5C5AgS8Q.net(14)
I got them!!! But I can't do "haul" right now my hands are full of shopping bags now!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/01 10:21:23  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
I got a lucky bag of Yodobashi Camera waaaa!!!!

Video Camera bag for 20,000yen

JVC Everio GZ-E80-s
SD+micro SD reader PC-SCRW3-K

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:10:50  ID:z2gerkvK.net(2)
please calm down, sir.
look into the mirror and check if you are really handsome again...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:12:41  ID:z2gerkvK.net(2)
i hope that everyone in this thread can keep in good shape throughout the year of 2015...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:25:55  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
I envy you.

Very international numbered tickets!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:32:55  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
Just back from Ito Yokado, where I bought a snack lucky bag (¥1,080).
Now I need to be in 賢者モード and save money.

My impression of Muji's clothes is like black, white, grey ....

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:38:58  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
Muji's lucky bag has a good reputation as well as Yodobashi,
so that lots of Chinese reseller (転売ヤー) will gather ....


【モナー】 【453円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:47:10  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
i got the almost same model of JVC camara at amazon vine one year ago !

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:51:36  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
Amazon so generous!
But I found out I'm so lazy to write lots of lines there (blush

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:55:53  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
Nice photos! A person is looking at this way.
I don't want to recognize it, but they are one of 風物詩 in this period.
You didn't lost to them!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 11:57:15  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
lost → lose

【大吉】 【1833円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 13:26:42  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
i felt homesick and nostalgia when hearing the sinkansen's melody.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 16:12:28  ID:O+7Gz5NI.net
The major dailies pointed out that Islamic radical movements are gaining momentum in the Middle East.
Tensions have mounted throughout the region after air-raids by industrialized nations were reported in their strongholds.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:15:00  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I just did haul of lucky bags from 無印良品.
First off, I got 中身の見える福袋 紳士 XL which is 3000 yen.

The contents are
織りマフラー グレー 1550
織りマフラー 黒 1550
Vネックカーディガン 4980
Vネックベスト 2580
ブルゾン 5980
Total value is 16640

Also I got 中身の見える福袋 ファブリック as well.

The contents are
マット 2500
高密度繊バスマット 1000
収納袋 1200
洗えるキルティグラグ 3900
2 random cushion cases (both don't have price tags...)
Total value is at least 8600

Also I got two 福缶 which is 2015 yen and it has gift card valued of 2015 yen and a small bag and a cute figurine!

This is good or bad? I don't know.
I don't wear MUJI clothes outside so the closes I got today will be only "at home" clothes!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:16:15  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Oops 中身の見える福袋 ファブリック is also 3000 yen!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:22:00  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I know. I don't look super handsome but I was asked to give "buttons" to girls when I was in junior high school like graduation ceremony.

学ラン had around 9 buttons( 5 buttons in front, and 4 buttons at cuffs area if I remember correctly) and all of them were gone! I'm not kidding.

But whatever

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:23:38  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I know! These people are already selling them online or wherever!

But I don't see any Chinese maybe I live in rural area where there are not so many gaijins.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:24:29  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Thanks! Seems like I'm really "GOD" lololol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:25:23  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I know! But no Korean on the card! Yay

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:41:23  ID:6OyokvoY!.n
I feel the same way when I hear the Yamanote chimes (especially for Ebisu.)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:42:43  ID:ASXqIi09.net(6)
I have a french friend who admires muji.
It's quite reasonable because he love wearing black clothes.

I think they are ok for nighties at home, but look geek outside...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 17:58:17  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
I was asked to give my ガクラン itself to a boy student and i generously gave it to him (^ω^*)

I think "very good" Becasue I am a ユニクラー all year around.
my image
ユニクロ≦しまむら≦無印<紳士服系列<エディバウアー、モンペルなど<BEAMS<the wordl I don't know. very frightening

Yeah! 無印 don't korea!
But there're a lot of frying pans made in Korea there...

【凶】 【1046円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 18:05:04  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
you mean regular total price are 16640yen and 福袋 is 3000yen?
how much is 中身の見える福袋ファブリック ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 18:14:35  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
don't → doesn't

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 18:31:36  ID:Ux/mivIm.net(2)
i will post the 600th comment in this thread...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 18:35:06  ID:Ux/mivIm.net(2)
i'm suffering strange weariness...why does this happen...is it related to the low atmospheric pressure?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 19:23:20  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I'm also a ユニクラー too right now I'm at home and the clothes I'm wearing are all from ユニクロ because ユニクロ is super near my house! It's like 2 minutes on foot!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 19:27:00  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Yes that's right! And the price is 3000 too!

【犬】 【1837円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:08:52  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
please upload the contents of 中身の見える福袋 紳士 XL

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:19:17  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
I know every clothing looks good on "super handsome"men, no matter what they wear. (´・ω・`)

【大吉】 【969円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:24:25  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
you are a ユニクラー whearas you hate ユニクロ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:45:49  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
I'm so shocked to see this because today I was in line and waited for 2 freaking hours and it was literally 瞬殺.
but I happened to find this at local 無印良品 just 30 minutes ago...


名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:46:40  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Wait a second please! I'm watching 芸能人格付けチェック on TV.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 20:58:51  ID:CXG4Zndq.net(8)
Yes and No.
There are a lot of clothing I want to wear, but I don't have money.
I am wearing some ユニクロ clothing I don't want to wear.
I don't have clothing I want to wear from the bottom of my heart.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 21:06:22  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
These are what I got!

They are super simple and not my taste but I'm gonna wear them only at home!


【小吉】 【799円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 21:30:02  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
thanks, as you say, these are so simple and good for business use.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 21:39:49  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
That's true. I wish I have some opportunity to wear them!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 22:29:07  ID:ReDb8MuP.net(4)
You are so tall to look gorgeous when wearing imported luxury brand clothes.
So mottainai! GOD should be like GOD.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/01 22:35:28  ID:+sL5NIl8.net
How have you been?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 22:43:13  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Wow! I'm impressed you remember I'm tall?

Unfortunately I'm not into foreign luxury brands at all.
I only use Louis Vuitton wallet.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 23:15:49  ID:ReDb8MuP.net(4)
I think everybody remembers what you are like.
Because you are the center person of the thread. I mean it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 23:28:28  ID:Z4UNNwBy.net(18)
Oh... That's unexpected...

【大吉】 【558円】 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/01 23:36:02  ID:E/7STdTA.net(10)
Im fitted with ユニクロ xxl.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 06:04:14  ID:OYS/sfbL!.n
>611 It's funny that you have XL size, because I only buy M or L here, while we are the same height. It must be confusing for people if they want to buy clothes from another country I suppose...
>549 A happy new year to you too!

And a happy new year to all of you guys ofcourse!
What are your new years resolutions (if you have them)?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 06:32:23  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)
I will learn more English in order to fight against anti-Japanese people.
All is for "We all wish for permanent world peace!"
The world is short of logical thinking.

I don't want to see to occur WW.
But a lot of foreign major media are making anti-Japanese articles.
They are very baka, so they don't notice anti-Japanese articles will occur war.
If WW occur, most of western countries will have a resposiblitiy to occur the war.
Fuck wrong history believers! Fuck anti-whaling people!

※wrong history ・・・ Nanking, 731, Bataan, comfort women and so on. 

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/02 07:21:03  ID:xLyZ6BpJ.net(5)

Rabbi Raphael Alilalo の Kabbalar Glossary。

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 07:22:51  ID:xLyZ6BpJ.net(5)
oops, sorry for my wrong bombing (><)

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 07:34:47  ID:pPPNtIYK!.n(2)
Uniqlo's XL is closer to Western XL; Muji's is still a little small.
I had a hard time finding clothes in Japan that would fit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 08:20:13  ID:2ocFrEZt.net
I wonder if they sell lucky bags outside Japan.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 11:15:31  ID:+xCXkJGc.net(4)
The labor leaders charge UNICLO with having too long working hours for the employees.
Workers of the country were requested to work instead of demanding the overtime pay.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 11:15:36  ID:xLyZ6BpJ.net(5)

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 12:06:11  ID:pPPNtIYK!.n(2)
Huh, never heard of it. I'm back in the US now, but I have a Japanese friend
who might be interested; he's 200cm tall and has talked about visiting the US
just to buy clothing and shoes.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 12:23:30  ID:xLyZ6BpJ.net(5)
Go to the US just to buy big clothing ... omg ....
He should check first American Apparel or American Eagle online.
every time I visit there, plus size clothing is unsold and on sale ....


512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 15:11:23  ID:+xCXkJGc.net(4)
According to the broadcast, the Japanese artificial satellite called "Hayabusa" will be in orbit round the sun, collecting information such as atmosphere and composition of rocks of a planet this year.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 15:29:53  ID:+xCXkJGc.net(4)
The government report says corporations have generally been increasing their inventories reflecting the recovery of business recession since last year.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 15:32:38  ID:XT1nLkwf.net(4)
Awwwww I'm so touched you remember we have the same height?! (Seems like I'm THE celebrity here lol)

Yes! I have some troubles when online shopping from abroad and carefully look into "size"!

Oh I gotta say happy new year to you!

My resolution is getting a hair removal laser and then get a hairless nose lol

【小吉】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 15:43:25  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
uniqlo's XL size is used be bigger than now.
now that i cant fit uniqlo xl anymore and i netshop uniqlo xxl(not for sale on-site)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:13:18  ID:XT1nLkwf.net(4)
I always considered Uniqlo as the shittiest clothe brand in Japan but I just checked up on the clothes I'm wearing, everything is from Uniqlo lol

Heat tech shirt from Uniqlo
Underwear from Uniqlo
Swear pant from Uniqlo
Socks from Uniqlo
ももひき from Uniqlo
上着 from Uniqlo

Omg I'm the complete Uniqlo user...but I'm at home so that's kinda forgiven right?

【酔っちゃったぁ】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:19:49  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
a complete uniqler at home is not shame at all.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:33:07  ID:lAKEm0/q.net
your new year's resolution is......what?

【凶】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:39:01  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:41:03  ID:CzFWsfhe.net(3)
Where are you? Tokyo?

【はずれ】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:42:53  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
osaka city

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:44:08  ID:CzFWsfhe.net(3)
Oh...that's where there are tons of Koreans...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 16:53:02  ID:+xCXkJGc.net(4)
I heard Osaka city is one of Japanese famous sightseeing spots for foreigners.
A certain chaos attracts them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 17:29:05  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)
I lived in Osaka! Osaka is a very Korean prefecture!
I was taught football made Korean by a Korean who came to our elementary school in a moral education class!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 17:30:21  ID:CzFWsfhe.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 17:51:52  ID:IUklkbzf.net

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 18:39:00  ID:QClSADv5.net(2)
I'm at バーガーキング again! This time I ordered avocado ワッパー with of course cola zero and onion rings too!

And after ordering I remembered バーガーキング is a korean company...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/02 18:41:02  ID:tzEeS9Za!.n

It's a Canadian company now.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 18:44:40  ID:QClSADv5.net(2)
That's a big relief now!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 21:09:50  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 21:36:08  ID:XT1nLkwf.net(4)
I remember about 2 years ago I went to Osaka first time in my life and visited the Osaka castle and literally TONS of Koreans and Chinese!

What I came up with in my head was the end of the world....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 22:04:27  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)
I won't go to Amagasaki and Nishinari in the Kansai region under any circumstances all in my life.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 22:09:03  ID:XT1nLkwf.net(4)
Why is that?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 22:36:37  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)
Simply, it is because a lot of Koreans live in the both.
I have never been to Shinokubo for the same reason.
Sorry, very boring reason.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 22:52:14  ID:xLyZ6BpJ.net(5)
How about Airin-chiku? I wanna go there out of curiosity :P

【大吉】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 23:09:41  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
i grew up in osaka and have gone osaka castle many times but i didnt noticed such things.
you hate koreans and chinese whereas love those also, dont you?
anyway there are many people plunge korean topics eagerly which are very trivial things for me, i cant understand.

【小吉】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 23:20:31  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
the area is surely homeless people roaming around, but these are almost old people so there is less danger than Umeda.
you may know but there are many hotels for foreign backpackers where originally used as 日雇い宿.

【豚】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 23:34:55  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
amagasaki is birthplace of 中島らも who has grown up by doctors father and entered 灘 school at excellent. record.
typical nishinari's image concentrates on あいりん area, but nishinari itself are adjacent to high class residential areas and no differences exist especially compared to other areas.
it is your privilege to avoid such things, but how about move without letting yourself to gossips flying on webs?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 23:49:34  ID:p7sLn+oI.net(6)
Yes! It is my privilege!
I don't waste time to change the image.
There are a lot of beautiful and enjoyable places in Japan.

【hoge】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/02 23:54:44  ID:NAbcg7W8.net(8)
i think the most disguting people are not korean but the man who is too touchy about korean things and keep adhering it even on 正月.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 00:02:16  ID:N/LTg2x3.net(5)
Who is the man exactly?

【大吉】 !dama[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 00:03:33  ID:3j7vYWeP.net(5)
i think most wasting time is attack korean things many times such the trivial thread...lol
your responses cant stir up me of beaty and enjoyment of jpn aside from korean.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 00:15:52  ID:0cDDrYG/.net(5)
You are probably good at English.

I don't speak English well, so it is not wasting time to write thigns which I feel as it is.
I hate Korean, but I am more enjoying writing English than that.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 00:44:34  ID:ncvyK0HR.net(2)
Oh, sounds safer than I expected, doesn't it?
I mean I expect Airin is a really lawless area like this copipe ↓

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 01:10:57  ID:3j7vYWeP.net(5)
i assert it is so unlikely to be hit by someone to commit burglary.
most residents there are misery and shabby old men who are so useless to do violence.
but you should not taking photographs as the man of the thread says, which may make them angry just same as homeless people do.

if you have interstes in あいりん area and around, this brog can be a proof of safety.
and if you want to know about あいりん topics in a decent manner, you may read the book.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 02:25:44  ID:Jlo/MRv5.net
i totally agree with you.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 02:37:16  ID:N/LTg2x3.net(5)
Do you guys know how to enlarge penises without surgeries?

I want to make my penis bigger like porn star!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 03:03:26  ID:ncvyK0HR.net(2)
ohhhh! thank you for the helpful information!
You can stay 1 night for ¥500-2000, incredible, haha!

I got to guide one of my gaijin friends next sping,
and he's eager to visit Osaka XD
I don't know well, but he learned something from a guidebook.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 04:54:36  ID:0cDDrYG/.net(5)
I hate you.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 04:57:28  ID:0cDDrYG/.net(5)
I hate who hate me.
In the first place, you agree to "the most disguting people."

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 08:57:20  ID:y9F15KAp.net
somebody, would you set me up with a nice lady.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 09:48:42  ID:mSHjB6aF.net(5)
hey, native english speakers!
i have a question.
some 40 year old or something ossan posted a food photo with "so yummy" on tumblr.
i thought "yummy" sounds feminine and "so" makes the word more feminine.
is it ok for ossan people to use the word?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 10:06:16  ID:mSHjB6aF.net(5)
just out of curiosity, i'm interested in 飛田新地.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 10:47:44  ID:Morq28s+!.n
>670 I would say that yummy does sound a bit childish or feminine. And the word "so" just makes the word more powerful, but the word "so" itself is not feminine or something at all.
I think it's perfectly fine to say something else like "This food is so good!".
I am not a real native English speaker though, I am sorry if you didn't want my answer!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 10:58:29  ID:GEd6k/gn.net(3)
On New Year's Day, the precincts of the Meiji Shrine were crowded all day by over 100 thousand visitors.
The Meiji Shrine is very popular among the Shinto believers and other nationals.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 11:24:52  ID:mSHjB6aF.net(5)
no worries you're welcome.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 12:18:31  ID:GEd6k/gn.net(3)
President Obama declared that the US is determined to intensify sanctions against North Korea and the countries that support North Korea.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 12:59:14  ID:GEd6k/gn.net(3)
Student radicalism was at a peak in the early 1970's. They struggled against the Japan-US Security treaty. They claimed that Japan could do without armaments as stipulated in the Constitution.
The Japan-US Security Treaty holds good unless one of the parties notifies the other of its intention to terminate it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/03 13:07:54  ID:FE16I+s2.net(2)
How have you guys been doing?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/03 13:24:53  ID:FE16I+s2.net(2)
I hadn't known Mexico's society has been bad especially in its safety.
The US is far better than Mexico as a state of law.
And that is too bad ISIS is building a country across Syria and Iraq.
I'm not sure what kind of country the Islamic state is gonna be, but certainly Islamic states can't be a nation of hi-standard with sublime ideology.
It is considered that Islamic state will not produce anything productive for the future and for its society. Still, European civilization has a value of winning.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 14:21:18  ID:HFkkJsw7.net(2)
There are profound religious differences between Arab nations and other industrialized countries.
Ethnic conflicts mainly stemmed from the end of the decades old Cold War era.
Before the Cold War era, Arab nations lashed out at Israel, the United States and other western countries.
On the background, there exists the Palestinian problem in the Middle East.
The Palestinians repeatedly criticized Israel's annexation of eastern Jerusalem in 1967.
Israel increased its settlement in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Conflicts often broke out in the Middle East.
Islamic radicals insist that they never admit other religions.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 14:26:56  ID:HFkkJsw7.net(2)
Before the Cold War era → Before the end of the Cold War era

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 18:44:44  ID:3j7vYWeP.net(5)
i went 北欧館 for the first time since 2015 and messed around some macho guys whose quality is better (at least for me) than at ordinary days.
but to tell the truth i need chubby guys with normal hair style and just wanna bury my face to his belly, i dont need momentary sexual intercourse but long lasting tender love and laugh.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 18:57:13  ID:UQMsqYwY!.n
"So" is not feminine at all. It's neutral, it just adds emphasis. Yummy is not necessarily feminine, but it is really informal.
However, it would not be too weird if a 40 year old used it; he might just be trying to sound youthful or casual.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 19:30:54  ID:3j7vYWeP.net(5)
fundamentally i think あいりん area is as safe as other osaka areas.
but as you could see from the blog, chaotic world exists there. it depends on you whether you feel enjoyment or hatred on it
you maybe know あいりん area is the model of じゃりン子チエ.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 19:38:46  ID:HhE/2qG/!.n(2)
This is all very opinionated, so caveat lector.
I'd have to say that "so" intensifies the genderedness of the phrase.
"Yummy" by itself is childlike or effeminate. "delicious" is mostly neutral but maybe slightly feminine,
"tasty" is neutral to slightly masculine, and "good" is slightly masculine.
"so yummy" is effeminate and girly-girl (or おかま弁). "so fucking good" would be manly-man.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 19:44:26  ID:3j7vYWeP.net(5)
so "fuckin' yummy" means manly-girl ???

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 19:47:07  ID:MArTwLcg.net(3)
Fucking gaijins should not use Japanese.

It disgusts me so much...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 19:54:38  ID:0cDDrYG/.net(5)
If Fucking gajins are anti-Japanese gaijins ( including Koreans), I agree to it.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 20:14:13  ID:MArTwLcg.net(3)
Ugly ugly ugly

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 20:18:20  ID:HhE/2qG/!.n(2)
"fucking yummy" mostly sounds really strange; "so fucking yummy" even more so.
I can imagine a man using stereotypical homosexual speech patterns saying it, but not really anyone else.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 20:23:35  ID:MArTwLcg.net(3)
Gaijins kimoi gaijins kitanai gaijins kusai

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 21:29:33  ID:mSHjB6aF.net(5)
any other feminine words which non english speakers often use?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 21:33:57  ID:mSHjB6aF.net(5)
i avoid using "happy" as much as i can.
because this word sounds feminine and bakaish to me.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 22:15:44  ID:N/LTg2x3.net(5)
I'm eating Reese's chocolate now! I hated it at first because it's too sweet but somehow I'm totally addicted to it now lol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/03 23:06:33  ID:aVVe0/ck.net
Fuck Germans,Germans are so arrogant Germans are racist
FX Dutch well educated that do not racism but Germans are not.
They pretended very regret past but I seem they are still same as Nazis!
Fuck Germans.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 23:07:43  ID:N/LTg2x3.net(5)
I heard Germans are very racists toward Asians....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 23:20:43  ID:N/LTg2x3.net(5)
So I've been calling them nazis ;)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 23:48:05  ID:0cDDrYG/.net(5)
Fuck Korea!
Fuck Glendale!
It became clear that Comfort Women issue was completely a lie!

I will become a broken radio...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/03 23:50:06  ID:kPFL773d.net
I don't care natis.

where countory would you like go in sightseen in this summer?

I'm gonna go to CAIRNS.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 00:43:09  ID:AW6V/Ct7.net(2)
I would say I want to go to Thailand

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 00:46:54  ID:o0qyfXda.net(5)
I've met a German for work as a salesperson several years ago. When I faced him, I felt looked down on by him. Because I couldn't speak English well. He said me Japanese should better to study English harder. Nah, he was right. Mine is fuckin poor.
However, I don't say all of German are shit. I know a good German guy who is a friend of a friend. I don't know about him a lot though.
Many men many minds, I think.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 00:51:42  ID:AW6V/Ct7.net(2)
Because German is soooo similar to English and they don't have any fucking idea how hard speaking English is for Japanese.

It's a piece of cake for them to speak English.
See? They think they are the center of the universe like Koreans!

Hence they are 害人!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 01:00:49  ID:BCmuGM1z.net(2)
I don't know much about Cairns but you will go to this summer
mean you will go winter in Australia. I'm confused.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 01:09:27  ID:BCmuGM1z.net(2)
Yep yep Mercedez and VolksWagen these are sometime allied another automotive companies,
but these alliances are soon corrupt,why?
Because Germans are not consider another companies are equal partners.
Really fucking arrogant guys.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 01:47:48  ID:kKgmxHlS.net(4)
Today technically yesterday I got my drink at ドン・キホーテ.


512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 03:12:58  ID:n9HdPW4t.net
Before the sudden opening of the Berlin Wall to the West, East Germany demanded foreign diplomats show their passports in addition to identity cards to cross East and West Berlin.
Moreover, East Germany was attempting to have the boundary between East and West Berlin as an international border.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 05:46:08  ID:/4q0pWwm.net(2)
The world has not established a peace.
The causes are not only conflicts and terrorism but also illogical thinking.
Anti-Japanese are very illogical. They are enemies against world peace.
The topics about them is very important.
You don't see it, you can スルー.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/04 09:23:57  ID:y3MA8ZuP.net
Milk intake and risk of mortality and fractures in women and men: cohort studies

A summary in japanese

This may explain one of a reasons Far East Asians keep their looks young.
We are not used to milk historically and lots of people are lactose intolerance (乳糖不耐症).

> The frequency of lactose intolerance ranges from 5% in Northern European to
> more than 90% in some African and Asian countries.

Anyway I should avoid milk from now on ...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/04 10:12:01  ID:Vyt1cGeR.net
>701 heck Japan was a center of the world in 80's I tell ya.
I think it's time to build Japanese cities in all over the world.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 10:12:20  ID:EG1rDfa8.net(2)
What the heck people wanted milk in the war?
Milk looked magic treasure to gain nurture in Hadashi no gen back in third grade.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 11:22:52  ID:qCZ4UvJW.net(2)
Highways were congested with a rush of cars leaving the rural areas to the Tokyo metropolitan area.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 11:27:21  ID:qCZ4UvJW.net(2)
Even during the bubble economy in the late 1980's, some scholars doubted that Japan could replace the United States as the world's largest economic power in the 21st century.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 11:32:04  ID:HzkMWUHd.net
every time i went to gay crusing sauna, i feel emptiness and the gap between real life and at the sauna.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 18:09:43  ID:0a1x4gqe.net
I enjoyed the ramen from 一風堂 today and I ordered 替玉 for the first time in my life!

What a good service!

Corgi ◆Z9TFIIPD3c []   投稿日:2015/01/04 18:21:26  ID:XEdcmKqZ.net(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 18:57:03  ID:kKgmxHlS.net(4)
Corgi is not cute

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 19:11:40  ID:4plAyw5z.net
so cute!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 19:22:46  ID:kKgmxHlS.net(4)
I like 柴犬

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 20:39:32  ID:/4q0pWwm.net(2)
[EN/日本語] America's Sneak Attacks to Japan - だまし討ちをしたのはアメリカ!

Americans should know Japanese don't think Pearl Harbor was evil thing.
Japan only lost WW. Justice was ours.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:01:11  ID:o0qyfXda.net(5)
I hate to be criticized.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:04:04  ID:EG1rDfa8.net(2)
Getting room neat, cooked meal, and my last holiday is done. Tomorrow I have to restart the work. Wth my life.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:04:45  ID:o0qyfXda.net(5)
Oh, Jane's Addiction are on tv now. If you're a gay you should like Dave Navarro's appearance, I guess.

Corgi ◆Z9TFIIPD3c [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:44:43  ID:XEdcmKqZ.net(3)
I am sure at least my corgi, who is sleeping now, is well prepared for tomorrow.

Morning walk and play with my retired parents.
And grooming and food served by same servants.
Then, looong nap waiting for his evening walk.

Same routine day!

Corgi ◆Z9TFIIPD3c [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:47:36  ID:XEdcmKqZ.net(3)
I assume you have to prepare yourself for interviews by your colleagues,
like "How about your holiday?"

If I were you, I just say "Corgi is my life; I am his humble servant!"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 22:48:32  ID:k2aXUwgw.net

Roosevelt was "PRO CHINA"and hated Japan that's all.
It's very ridiculous that Americans still believe own absolute justice.

Perhaps >718 and I,very tired of waves of Japan bashing about comfort women issue by Jew York Times,Washington Post etc.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 23:00:43  ID:o0qyfXda.net(5)
Sorry, that's not what I meant. I meant individually. It's just my problem. Haha.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 23:46:56  ID:kKgmxHlS.net(4)
I'm not an animal person at all.

I had 4 baby セキセイインコs when I was a kid and they somehow died and I had 2 ハムスターs but they were gone and I got アロワナ but one day I changed the water in tank, shortly after it it died (apparently アロワナ is so sensitive to water)
Also I got so many golden fishes and guppies and so on but they were gone too.
Also I got クワガタ and カブトムシ but I got tired of taking care of them and they were gone.

So at the age of 13, I decided I will never own any pets.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/04 23:56:27  ID:o0qyfXda.net(5)
Good decision.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 00:42:43  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
tonight i went to another ハッテソ場! i could have relationship 2 men, whose quality is so-so.
lately i feel mood and aura are most important factor to be applauded at gay crusing sites.
i dont know what the source comes from, but i can say when i can lure イケメン easily, i become proud myself by some reason.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2015/01/05 02:51:50  ID:fPnjBYvG!.n
Are カブトムシ really difficult to maintain? They seem like a cool pet to have.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 03:20:41  ID:OKg8I0xN.net
I'm so hungry right now.
And that's it.
I hope you enjoyed this soliloquy.
Take it easy, bye-bye.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 03:28:15  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
it is compartive easy to maintain カブトムシ, but they cant live on winter except larva.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 05:16:56  ID:ys7+1rZM.net
Oh,I have to read it, using all kind fo dictionaries. Thank you very much!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 06:50:11  ID:X0si5BGU.net
The Japanese auto maker, Toyota plans to ship big luxurious cars made by its affiliate in the US back to Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 07:50:48  ID:cJWmgt42.net(2)
while i took a walk in the past week, i noticed posters saying 迎春 at the front doors or front windows of stores or companies.
i had got several pieces of information about the mysterious gay world in this thread
so i felt like deleting the wording 迎 by double bars and writing ゲイ instead.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 07:54:57  ID:cJWmgt42.net(2)
my laptop computer is acting up after i boost it up and use it about two hours...
only two and a half years have passed since i purchased this computer...

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/05 08:54:19  ID:oDQ1jN/h.net(4)
Relationship sounds like they are your partners, but actually one night standers aren't they?
I dated 2 jap guys recently, and I found out I can't get hard with them.
i should devote myself to gaijins (including arab, latin, asian)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/05 09:52:30  ID:QKBd7n9v.net
I'm depressed.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:23:45  ID:BLUFzkBA.net(4)
What's wrong with you?

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:29:11  ID:oDQ1jN/h.net(4)
Is APD is the guy with BMI 32?

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:37:39  ID:BLUFzkBA.net(4)
Nope, mine is 15.3.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:40:30  ID:oDQ1jN/h.net(4)
Ugh... not body fat percentage but BMI?
you may look like Yamane of Ungirls ....

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y []   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:46:27  ID:oDQ1jN/h.net(4)
I'm confused by who's who!
regular guys should have handles!

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 10:46:47  ID:BLUFzkBA.net(4)
yes, I didn't mean percentage. and look like Yamane as you said.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 11:17:33  ID:mKY8Hwwf!.n
What is bothering you lately? Maybe it would be helpful to vent.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 14:21:46  ID:skMZoPuU.net(3)
I don't know why but the internet speed of my iPhone has been super slow...
It's fine at home because it's connected to wifi

Do you have any idea?

It's so annoying that I almost shout like "fuck gaijins!" in the street...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 14:54:35  ID:2MZ1tbpS.net
Because it's Apple's product.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 15:01:27  ID:skMZoPuU.net(3)
I see some gaijins saying "No Asians" "Not into Asians" on gay dating sites.

Especially they are often white peoples it's kinda annoying
so my profile is like "no gaijins especially white ones" lololololol

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 16:13:28  ID:WuU1F8OE.net(3)
Do you have au iphone? because I sometimes excess monthly transfer data limit and in case of that,
we can only use slow network speed of 128kbps...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 16:34:18  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
at least wrinting at 2ch is enough with128kbps.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 16:58:01  ID:WuU1F8OE.net(3)

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 16:58:14  ID:yPAFRWC3!.n
I've been trying to think of other feminine words in common use, and can't really think of many.
Most of the 'feminine' words are childish - e.g. "yummy", "dumb-dumb", "poopy" - rather than gender
specific, but I don't think many of those are used by foreign speakers.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 18:08:51  ID:skMZoPuU.net(3)
I've been using SoftBank since iPhone has been released in Japan because SoftBank was the only company which sold iPhone at that time...

Although the CEO is a korean hage which is obsessed with making money...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 18:11:46  ID:rrHcL5od.net
Clean the CPU fan and I recommend use
Lap top on the desk direct,it trouble some,easily over heat.
Check your PC temprature to use these kind of programs.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 18:38:46  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
since 2 years have passed, there is no wonder your computer works well.
please clean up cashes and all using tools such as CCleaner.
and like 752 says, clean up dusts inside your PC case.
and check your CPU and HDD/SSD temprature using appropriate softwares, depends on the temprature you may need re-apply your CPU grease and attach extra fans to cool your HDD/SSD.
and check your boot HDD/SSD state by using CrystalDiskInfo. if errors ditected, you may have to change boot HDD/SSD.
and check your button-shaped battery attached to the motherboard, if the battery was dead, the systems unintentionally shuts down.
lastly check your machine is not charged unnecessary, in winter static electricity occurs easily, so i recommend occasionally pulling out the plug from your PC to discharge electricity.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 18:47:59  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
yes. just physical relationships. i am メンヘラ and no-fashionable so have no confidence to date even more if he is a イケメン.
"can't get hard with them." means "cant get along with them"?
anyway, i envy you have リア充 aura.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 19:02:11  ID:cU188inV.net
I've begun writing here. but may be reconsidering doing it. Too many Gay stuff's around gere. I'm not against gender free though.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 19:07:35  ID:OGE1iTsM.net(6)
too many gays be here. you may quit writing here.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 22:12:45  ID:WuU1F8OE.net(3)
Then, it might be the curst of the Hage.
sorry for I couldn't help you for that.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/05 23:41:46  ID:BLUFzkBA.net(4)
When an ambulance passes around my house, I feel it might come to take me off a hospital.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 00:42:38  ID:eTwU1rkA.net(4)
Wow so many weird characters here....love it

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 05:45:22  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
SoftBank invests in the movie "unbroken."
Anti-Japanese people flock together.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 07:09:15  ID:Jk3jdt/Y.net(5)
North Korea hoped that the move toward the resumption of dialogue between North and South Korea is an encouraging development.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 10:49:11  ID:Jk3jdt/Y.net(5)
The United States has been demanding that Japan abolish what it calls excessive protection for agriculture.
And the United States and other industrialized nations has called on Japan to open its market wider.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 11:02:49  ID:Jk3jdt/Y.net(5)
About two decades ago, the American people got angry hear that the Japanese author-turned politician who was known for outspoken critic, said that 30 percent of American workers were illiterate.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 14:03:04  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
The State Dpartment's press secretary, Jen Psaki, says
that Japan should keep the comment of Murayma and the comment of Kono.

【国際】米国務省「村山、河野談話の維持を」 中韓との懸案解決を促す[01/06](c)2ch.net
【国際】米国務省「村山、河野談話の維持を」 中韓との懸案解決を促す[01/06] /東アジアnews+板

Do Americans think about this?
Are you ashamed of your country?
The US cannot tell fact from fiction?
I cannot believe the US.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 14:37:56  ID:Jk3jdt/Y.net(5)
It seems that the US interferes with Japan's domestic problem.
The United States is conducting what it terms acts of hegemony in various parts of the world.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 15:01:59  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
That's exactly it.
The justice of the US are saying that Japan should apologize to Korean for false histories.

/ /    ヽ ::: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/      NO THANK YOU
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |.|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: :|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ  

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 16:26:16  ID:GxcV2OT5.net
This is why Americans are baka that they need to be wiped out.

I heard so many baka Americans don't know where New York is located lol

Oh my! So baka!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 17:54:41  ID:PYa76DfD.net
i got lotteria's 5段 cheese burger which tastes so good!.
but please dont be exicited about korean things.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 18:15:59  ID:Jk3jdt/Y.net(5)
On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, share prices declined across the board with the average ending today at 16,883 yen.

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 18:42:48  ID:kqTMHsP8!.n
The US has done that sort of thing since at least the late 1800s (read about バナナ共和国 if you like.)
It's actually less bad now than it used to be.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 19:10:43  ID:Fkoa4mPn.net
Oh my! You're contributing to the korean company!

But that looks so yummy

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 20:20:29  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
Gen. MacArthur left the Liberty Bell in Tokyo!


>He was essentially leader of Japan following WW2. Believe it or not though, they love him there.
>He also played a huge role in the Korean War as he was head of all UN forces (which were mostly still americans).
>Interesting stuff actually http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_War


>>Feeling so proud to be an American right now.

・・・。Americans should know Japanese people don't love MacARthur.
Americans are too ignorance.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 20:35:11  ID:eTwU1rkA.net(4)
Ignorance is a sin.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 20:58:35  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
Americans should change their mind, or the world peace will not come true.
Americans should learn real justice from Japanese people.

Oh, PropagandaBuster Tony, Max von Schuler Kobayashi ( He married a Japanese women.),
Michael Yon, kent Gilbert, Scott are very logical Americans.
If you won't learn real justice from Japanese, you can learn it from them!

However, the opinions of the US are "anti-whaling" and "Japan should apologize to Korea for false histories."
As America is a democratic country, you should feel responsible.

臭いアメリカン[]   投稿日:2015/01/06 22:04:44  ID:x3oI2ZfK!.n
That board is satire. There is one like that for North Korea too.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 22:26:28  ID:oKi4JN7N.net(6)
Is it a joke thread? OK.
but this article's reactions of Japanese people on a translation site are almost the same as I have.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:29:20  ID:XKn25Rjz.net
Russia is here

Love you guys

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:29:43  ID:eTwU1rkA.net(4)
I hate Russia

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:30:43  ID:O08D8MWf!.n(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:34:33  ID:O08D8MWf!.n(3)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:35:21  ID:O08D8MWf!.n(3)
Космопедики соснули.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/06 23:49:10  ID:eTwU1rkA.net(4)
Fuck Russians and fuck Putin!

Imperialists! Shame on what you did to Ukraine!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 02:49:45  ID:u9uWWxH1.net
sometimes when I look up the sky i feel like falling down to it.
I appreciate gravity. here is my diary.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 08:10:35  ID:Bsk1+Jsj.net
i feel that the japanese are very good at finding fault with other people or things.
so when i prepare some official document i can trust japanese co-workers and confidently let them check if there is something wrong with it.
they are kind enough to point out what are to be corrected.
the japanese unconsciously want to criticize things, not to praise them
and they unknowingly want to look at the disability, not to look at the ability, if it is not all about themselves.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 10:35:22  ID:88e24aBu.net
Japanese are known for their perseverance and diligence abroad.
Twenty years ago, major American dailies such as the New York Times and the Washington Post praised the calm attitude of Han-Shin Awaji Earthquake suffers in Kobe and its vicinity.
Moreover, Japan was the first among the G-7 countries to recover from a business recession after overcoming the ill-effects of the oil crisis in 1973.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 11:51:45  ID:VStn7w+J.net
Fuck 反日マスコミ.
Don't bring shame on me.
Psaki didn't say 「村山、河野談話の維持を」.

However, she says "the apologies extended by previous Prime Minister Murayama
and former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kono marked important chapters in
Japan's efforts to improve relations with its neighbors."

I have also been dissatisfied yet, but it is nearly neutral.

Sorry, Psaki-chan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/07 14:41:01  ID:2wZWW+ff.net
I'm staying on my bed from this morning because I have a terrible stomachache. I'd rather die.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 14:43:40  ID:vlJrj7fo.net
go to hospital.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 14:48:28  ID:+nIS5GPy.net
Maybe it's ノロ virus

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 18:35:12  ID:nXiiMPkc.net(3)
I'm super sleepy now but I have to do the laundry and feeling like sucking cock

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 18:42:04  ID:wb7gfgDh!.n

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 18:46:20  ID:nXiiMPkc.net(3)
I get ノロ virus a few times per year!
And when I was down with it, I always wish I die because it's so 辛い…

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/07 18:51:49  ID:nXiiMPkc.net(3)
Especially I'm having a diarrhea in the toilet....

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 03:51:51  ID:WvGjAZqx!.n(2)

These people are the the biggest 害人 of the world. I wonder when these kind of things will stop happening in Europe. It's a serious problem, and nobody is doing anything against it.
This has been going on for a lot of years...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 04:43:58  ID:FL/qX9zX.net
At a time like this, we say you are 滑ってる in Japanese.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 05:01:42  ID:5AOpWDE4.net(3)
Somebody said 多文化共生 is 多文化強制.
I think maybe that will be a future of Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 05:30:21  ID:5AOpWDE4.net(3)
I hate left-wingers.
They insist 多文化共生 in order to show themselves good.
They never think world peace.
However, they think "peace", "human rights" and various freedoms are words of their patent.
They think right-wingers like wars
They are very illogical and arrogant.

World peace is very difficult thing.
Left wingers are M of the SM.
Don't force their tendencies on others!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 06:09:28  ID:WvGjAZqx!.n(2)
>798 Well, for example there are good foreigners and bad foreigners in Europe. As long as Japan can distinguish 害人 and 外人 (and keep out 害人), you don't have to worry.
Japan could use immigrant workers economically though (because of low birth rates etc.). But honestly it's probably not worth it. Europe is a perfect example of where it has gone wrong.
It's silly that there are also some international laws that require to give certain people in warzones a safe home (in Europe for example).
The idea is good, but those people integrate really badly into our society and bring all kinds of problems with them.

The problem is the small minority of extremists that have infiltrated the UK, France, Germany, etc... They want Sharia law.
They want others to follow Ramadan. They want to be able to beat women, they want to be able to force marriages. These are not people who are worthy of our defence.
They can go back to whatever backwards society (ISIS or something) they came from, that imposes those same "values" that they have.

And the stupidest thing of all is; if I say something like this I get called out for being racist.
I don't care about what race anyone is, but there is just no arguing that the Islam has its flaws that just don't work over here.
I'm not against peaceful Muslims.
Sadly I don't see world peace happening anytime soon...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 07:00:48  ID:5AOpWDE4.net(3)
That's right.
Japanese left-wingers often say Japan has to follow the example of Europe,
but never mention bad examples which they cannot use.
They strongly believe a country with a homogenou population like Japan will cause wars.

Certainly, differences produced misunderstanding, and it caused wars.
But, today, people can enjoy the differences as countries with a homogenou population are now.
Emigrants should follow "What in a counrty, do as the nation do."

>As long as Japan can distinguish 害人 and 外人 (and keep out 害人), you don't have to worry.

Oh,thank you very much(^ω^*)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 08:08:29  ID:+yamHiy5.net(2)
I am not really opposed to allow to have the immigrants but
the problem is that Japan is not really attractive enough to
have someone who is smart enough to start a company and hire us
There are many difficulties here in Japan to be an entrepreneur
and as you can see Japanese economy and the govt, it is pretty rough these days

More than that, we are really concerned about our public security and
it would be so much better to keep this way

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 09:53:26  ID:rY4DR+06.net(2)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 11:18:35  ID:vPrBIAWw.net(3)
Japanese are often criticized as workaholics living in small hutches, since they spend too much time at the office and not enough at home at the sacrifice of their leisure time.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 12:15:52  ID:vPrBIAWw.net(3)
The number of murder incidents has decreased for the 12th consecutive year.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 13:01:03  ID:KsUASGhY.net(2)
No wonder those french people got shot by the muslim, since they'd blatantly provoked them

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 13:01:09  ID:ldVwl2ku.net
I don't get why woman over 20 years old with anime voice exists on TV these days.
It's rather unhealthy. Besides that there aren't any talented personality of around 30.
It's also unhealthy of TV industry of Japan these days.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 13:07:25  ID:t0rwGt4G.net
2ch is heavy.
Is "heavy" appropriate in this case?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 15:43:40  ID:ZUS8IVjQ.net(4)
French people are infamous for being arrogant and prideful so they deserve it!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 16:34:01  ID:KsUASGhY.net(2)
Not all of them so, I believe.
Though, the ones concerned in this case sure couldn't be helped.
what they'd done was just suicidal.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 18:10:54  ID:vPrBIAWw.net(3)
Reflecting mass murders in France, Americans are keeping a low profile and guarding against Muslim snipers in the Middle East.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 18:55:14  ID:TkagYwDJl(5)
We, Japanese are basically a polytheist so we do not really
understand why conflicts occur between different religions

A polytheist is rare among many countries but it is our culture
I was raised as Christian but at the same time I believe that there
are many spirits to all living things, including nature

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 18:45:58  ID:s3ZZzGB4!.n(3)
I suppose I might be a better すべり芸人 than ボケ. (Which reminds me, I still need to watch
the 2015 絶対に笑ってはいけない batsu game. Gosh, I wonder if Chono will slap Hosei again.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 18:57:55  ID:TkagYwDJl(5)
We say "Itadaki-masu" everytime before we eat our meals
meaning "we are taking spirits from others and we thank them"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 19:06:16  ID:TkagYwDJl(5)
Nowadays, I consider that some houses do not have these manners
so it might have some effect on raising morality problems on our country today.  Also there are many rules with using chapsticks while eating meals, especially, we consider the beauty while we eat our meals.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 19:09:26  ID:TkagYwDJl(5)
Although, it is quite suprising to see that few Japanese are unable
to use their chapsticks correctly and their parents are not that also good with using them neither.  I would not say this out loud but
it looks like an animal

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 18:57:22  ID:rY4DR+06.net(2)
where can i see the latest no laughing with eng subs?

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 19:05:29  ID:s3ZZzGB4!.n(3)
The subbing ain't done yet; Team Gaki had last year's batsu game done in about six weeks, IIRC.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 20:24:10  ID:ZUS8IVjQ.net(4)
I have to study....but whatever
I'll be the legend soon...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 20:26:54  ID:e09dgRqn.net(3)
害酷人san is お笑い fan?
the last year-end day i couldnt watch ガキの使いspecial any.
instead i wept out when listening to 中島みゆき at NHK.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 20:59:31  ID:ZUS8IVjQ.net(4)
Omfg today I went to gym and checked my weight! Turned out I've gained 4kg...

I believe I ate race cakes too much

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:00:50  ID:e09dgRqn.net(3)
so update your body!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:04:36  ID:EfYH1u17.net
I got a little weight too.... deff by sweets lucky bag ...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:07:55  ID:e09dgRqn.net(3)
×update ○upload

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:10:18  ID:s3ZZzGB4!.n(3)
Yeah, I quite like お笑い - but unfortunately, I don't speak nearly enough Japanese to
appreciate it properly. I get a few of the jokes, but not nearly enough.
I haven't heard much of 中島みゆき, but I do like 中山うり's version of ばいばいどくおぶざべい.
(NND nm4782924 is the most convenient audio I can find online, although dunno why it has Rozen
Maiden images.)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:31:58  ID:TkagYwDJl(5)
OMG there are all types of 2chan, like three?
some replies are not even reflected

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 21:43:51  ID:ZUS8IVjQ.net(4)
No. I'm not doing that because my body is so hot lol

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 22:18:08  ID:GTVVeIAF.net(3)
In France, an increasing number of immigrants from African countries caused the relentless attack at a newspaper company by terrorists.
North African countries are known for many Islamic radicals.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 22:33:10  ID:GTVVeIAF.net(3)
Executives of the Democratic Party reiterated that Japan will by no means become a military power again as stipulated in "the Fukuda Doctrine", which was issued in the late 1970s.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 23:06:19  ID:aaCxoNx0.net(3)
I hate to see the mirror.
Why the fuck does it show me such a ugly guy?

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 23:16:41  ID:aaCxoNx0.net(3)
Now I'm watching fuckin' CNNj. I'm seeing a narrator who has appeared day time when I saw.
He's announcing about the crime of Paris.
When does he sleep?

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 23:20:17  ID:aaCxoNx0.net(3)
In this case, "announcing" is correct? Should I have said it "reporting"? Which is correct?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/08 23:21:51  ID:+yamHiy5.net(2)
It is such a tragedy. It is so important for us to have the freedom of speech
but it is totally threatening.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/08 23:55:21  ID:GTVVeIAF.net(3)
President Obama declared to struggle with international terrorism supported by Islamic radicals and called on other countries' leaders to follow suit.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 00:22:54  ID:eDVK84Mh.net

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 00:38:37  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
Because they are assholes which love to make fun of other cultures and people.
That's why they are infamous for being arrogant and snobbish.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 00:45:30  ID:YuzKMgcq.net(2)
why you got hot?
you are a hentai person who gets hard on when be ordered to be naked ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 00:46:36  ID:W02kf9vg.net(3)
The freedom of speech is of democratic arrogance.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 00:52:45  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
Because I'm working out so I'm fit!

That's not my scene....

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:05:20  ID:W02kf9vg.net(3)
By the way, what do these words mean in English or Japanese?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:33:49  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Actually, we did not have no huge civil movements in the past
Such as Magna Carta and French revolution
Therefore, it is understandable that we borrowed "the freedom of speech"
instead of taking responsibility on our own decisions

When the Western civilization comes in contact with the Eastern civilization,
I sometimes do consider that they do not notice this at all
since it is their very own common sense

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:38:28  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Actually Japan though...not the Eastern civilization

Before the War, Japan was ruled by very high educated feudal lords.
They were the ones who made every decisions unlike today
After we were defeated, GHQ came and we had a huge change,
and we were all Westernized
So some had no chance to think about the freedom and the responsibility

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:45:28  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
When I have conversations with Western people, they always
are individuals but as you can see, Japanese education is more like
"us" rather than the individuals
It is not good nor bad but different but you know, it is our history

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:46:54  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
GHQ made a contribution to help the Japanese nationals get rid of feudalistic ways of thinking immediately after World War II.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:49:43  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
To be clear, I am not attacking GHQ but there are many
Western people asking why many Japanese do not speak much about
their own opinions and I think this is the answer

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:51:05  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
What is most important for Japan's education today is to help the students and the recent graduates develop the habit of thinking for themselves.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:52:49  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
We had very good women back on those days with help of GHQ
Like Raiteu Hiratsuka and much more

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 01:56:25  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
I believe that every people are able to think because
they know about their own culture and history
That is how we start to think because we are all different
and we all do have different opinions
Countries, town, family and finally we think and search of our own opinions

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:01:41  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
The very best part in the 21st Century is that we can read
all sorts of books and magazines
As you can see, Japanese really are in love with studying and
getting new educations.
It is just so fortunate for us to deserve a chance
to have a skill to read and write and it is our history from very long time ago

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:06:10  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Cheers to the civilization
I love romantic novels from all over the world
I also love reading comics as well since I was so little

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:07:41  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
Japan's education today emphasizes memorizing the knowledge about history, culture and so on.
Lacking in discussions in most schools in Japan is a serious problem.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:08:11  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
I don't like novels because I don't like reading. But I love reading erotic stories...

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:11:05  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
you know what, I used think that is bad but
these days I don't think so
When we study, we all need the basic skills at first
then somehow we start to think on our own

I do believe in freedom but I don't trust them much without the basic

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:13:52  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
I mean, the basic knowledge

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:22:06  ID:YuzKMgcq.net(2)
i agree. we need knowledge at first, without it we cant discuss things.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:26:56  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
Based on the knowledge, we can discuss about various issues.
But most schools do not stress the importance of discussions.
By the way, as I wrote before, the Japanese are known for perseverance and diligence in foreign nations.
That shows Japanese understand ethics in the public.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:36:48  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
Japan could catch up with industrialized nations in the field of science, literature and technology after the Pacific War, but lags behind other industrialized countries, especially the United States in the field of economics.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:37:42  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Japanese culture is pretty unique
If you have ever read "The tale of the Genji"
you can see that we think "slight secrecy and being mild" is the best beauty
We don't show everything but we use so many metaphor

So the discussion is not exactly our nature instead some

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:41:51  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
I am not quite sure but maybe it is because of our DNA
Japan is the island, more like Galapagos, where we had history
that we didn't have no contact with other countries for 4 centuries
and the numbers move so fast that many our DNA cannot really catch up with
those speeds
Although, we are good with re-modeling things on our own way

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:44:37  ID:05kM++v3!.n
>Le coran. C'est de la merde
>ça n'arrete pas les balles
"The Coran. It's shit"
"It doesn't stop the bullets"

>Mahomet: une étoile est née!
"Mohammed: a star is born!"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:46:15  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
or maybe it is because of our environment

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 02:51:58  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Although, maybe it is not correct to say we
It is more like majority and not all and we all are different

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 03:01:28  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
About three or four decades ago, pacifists (leftists) insisted that Japan can do without armaments as stipulated in the Constitution.
But now executives of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party claim that the revision of the war-renouncing Article of the Constitution is inevitable.
The current Constitution was written in English by Americans, to be sure.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 03:12:54  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
I am so frightened to think and talk about that topic
It would be so good to keep economy going in every countries
It is just not my area, it just freezes my thinking so bad

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 04:11:08  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
The Japan-US Security Treaty holds good within the framework of the Constitution of Japan.
The senior US official hoped that Japan would defend the coastal waters on its own.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 04:14:56  ID:rpTyKCB6.net(8)
Moreover, the US has pressed Japan to share more of the defense burden for the security of Japan and the Far East.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 09:31:42  ID:05YpGfZk.net
The Japan-US Security Treaty provides that the US forces will be stationed in Japan for the security of Japan and the Far East.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:06:45  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
I don't like the term "Far East" it's discriminatory

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:18:56  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
really? I like it
I like to be in a corner instead of being in the middle

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:24:18  ID:W02kf9vg.net(3)
The term "far east" shadows what they call the Orientalism.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:25:15  ID:jLE2bCPn.net
"Far east" always reminds me of "ファーイーストミラージュコア”, which is an abbreviation of "First Easter Mirage Corps."
"First Easter" is different from "Far east," but feel so.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:28:36  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
I always feel that we were so nice enough to live in the Island
where we were protected by the sea and had many good influeces
from the outside and kept the bad influences out of the land

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:33:44  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
There were too many conflicts over the sea
and it is totally destroying it's own treasures and cultures
It is just so sad

Our ancestors came from so many other countries, and mostly
are believed to be the refugees of the nobel people and skilled workers
who were kicked out from their own countries very very long time ago

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:37:31  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
Our founder of Japanese language is said to be
at first living in China→kicked out and fled to Korea
→again kicked out and came to Japan at last

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:42:56  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
So meaning "Far East" doesn't really irritate me at all
I feel pretty unique and gifted

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:49:12  ID:yNWGzeTf.net
About two decades ago, the Social Democratic Prime Minister Murayama emphasized the need for disarmament, although he admitted the Self-Defense Forces are constitutional.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 14:51:22  ID:jvjEZL7a.net(21)
We especially love Tang and Sung Dynasties and
had so many influences, customized for our own
Then shifted to Western cultures and today here we are!
Fun Fun Far East(^_-)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 18:07:00  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
I want to do it now!

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 19:18:02  ID:1ykQrmqv.net
According to the broadcast, an increasing number of people are suffering from influenza.
Please take care of yourself.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 19:27:31  ID:PNfT8tKj.net(6)
I don't like people who are ill but don't put on mask and then they even go outside

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 21:31:40  ID:PiCtJGY9.net
Sorry, I made a mistake.
people are → people is

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 21:42:26  ID:6Mvodkmh.net
I'm watching Carpenters' live at BBC in 1971. Their songs never get old though they were released before I was born.
By the way, I wonder natives feel whether they are old or not.
When I listen to some Japanese songs, sometimes I do.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 22:08:07  ID:2GEUJIis+(2)
People start to feel getting old when ・・

・a huge muscle ache a day after the activies
・start to get bald
・emit a strong odor

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/09 22:10:07  ID:2GEUJIis+(2)
It's a fate, you know
Nothing is better than being young
We will someday end up with having dentures instead of braces
What a misery

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 22:06:38  ID:/gwrC6EJ.net
One day Jesus and Moses were on the golf course and decided to have
a contest over who can make the most outstanding shot. Moses goes
first. He settles up for the shot and hammers it straight for the green.
Unfortunately, the ball falls into a water hazard. Undaunted, Moses
raises his arms to the sky, and the water parts where the ball dropped
in. The ball rolls out of the water and onto dry land, only a foot away
from the hole. Jesus looks at Moses and says, "Hey Moses, that was a
pretty good shot. Now let me see what I can do."
Jesus settles up for his shot and sends the ball screaming towards the
green. Unfortunately, Jesus has the same luck as Moses did. The ball
heads straight for the water hazard. Jesus holds out one hand and,
instead of dropping into the water, the ball bounces on top of the water
and rolls onto dry land only 3 inches from the hole. Moses says, "Wow,
that was an incredible shot!"
No sooner did Moses say this, than the skies grew dark. The wind
started up, lightning and thunder crackled through the sky. Suddenly
a ball falls from the heavens into the same water hazard where Jesus
and Moses had hit theirs. A fish swims up and swallows the ball. An
eagle swoops down, grabs the fish in his talons, and heads for the now
darkened sky. Lightning strikes the eagle and he drops the fish onto
the green. The fish opens his mouth, the ball rolls out and drops into
the hole.
Moses turns to Jesus and says, "Man! I hate it when your Dad plays!!"

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/09 22:13:03  ID:P2svmnwL.net
What a spectacular joke :-O

Kurt ◆WgtXWBwfAk [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 05:39:10  ID:s25RthuF!.n
Actually there was no mistake, you were correct the first time.

◯ an increasing number of people are
◯ the number of people is
☓ an increasing number of people is
☓ the number of people are

English is weird

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 08:26:40  ID:pOV2Ova+.net(4)
Thank you.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 08:28:25  ID:pOV2Ova+.net(4)
Recently, foreign substances were found in various kinds of foods, mainly fast food.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:07:36  ID:GXjdmIcl.net(2)
someday, a person would shout at a macdonald's store "hey, KFC's チキンナゲット is in my フライドポテト's package!!"

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:11:51  ID:GXjdmIcl.net(2)
i want macdonald's to get to the root of the case where a human tooth was found in their food.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:12:06  ID:pNTHhzdV.net(4)
they should try to prevent those thing from happening but
in the other hand, I think why wouldn't they pay more money
to eat something good, if they care about those things so much

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:13:54  ID:pNTHhzdV.net(4)
I meant on the other hand

I think the value equals the price

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:17:23  ID:pNTHhzdV.net(4)
It would be so nice to have things like cheap and good
but if we consider about the business, we all know
that there is a limit

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 09:26:07  ID:pNTHhzdV.net(4)
It is my opinion but I cannot believe some mothers gave
their child, the retort pouched foods
There are many chemicals in there. A bug must be something
so disturbing but the chemicals are much worse than that

Some children suffer allegies and it's totally unbelievable that they
feed their kids something like that

We were raised with the homemade meals for babies so it is just not our style

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 10:53:57  ID:pOV2Ova+.net(4)
Three terrorists were executed by firing squads after shoot-out in France. Four hostages were dead during the battle.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 10:55:23  ID:oppiatSM.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 10:58:49  ID:oppiatSM.net(2)
i succeeded in posting the 888th comment in this thread.
it's a chain of 末広がりの数字, three digit happy lucky number.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 16:09:28  ID:QOxT2Oas.net(4)
This thread is totally over

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 16:18:04  ID:2EkMa7sR.net

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 16:28:31  ID:QOxT2Oas.net(4)
I know right?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 19:35:25  ID:pOV2Ova+.net(4)
The package of economic measures seemed to fail to buoy up the stagnant economy in local areas last year.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 22:50:23  ID:QOxT2Oas.net(4)
I hate white people so much

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/10 22:53:52  ID:QOxT2Oas.net(4)
But I'm not racist.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[]   投稿日:2015/01/10 23:32:31  ID:???.net(10)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 00:23:40  ID:9PyK6aj2.net(5)
Ugly inside out

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 01:40:40  ID:q9Ox8tVq.net
Couple of days, I hard to connect to 2ch,
Guys here easy to access here?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 01:51:04  ID:9PyK6aj2.net(5)
I blame gaijins here

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 01:55:16  ID:9PyK6aj2.net(5)
So many gaijins here like イギリス人 オランダ人 Kurt 臭いアメリカン 害酷人 etc etc...

I don't like gaijins basically but my favorite gaijins are オランダ人 and 臭いアメリカン.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 02:28:38  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
you both hate and love 臭いアメリカンsan ?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 02:48:28  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
Gijins here think

Whaling is very good thing( or normal thing).
Two atomic bombs and tons of air raids all over Japan were big massacres to civilians.
Comfort women problem is all a lie.
Bataan Death March is a propaganda.
Nanking massacre is all a lie.
(Certanly, some civilians killed. But it is the war. and Chinese soldiers were 便衣兵, pretending civilians.
It was illegal, If Chinese had wanted to protect own civilians, they should not have done it.
A lot of Okinawans killed in 1945 by Americans. Americans think it was massacre?)
731 is only for the control of infectious desease and so on. It is also a propaganda.
Japanese are not racist.
Japan is not a women discrimination country.

If you don't think so, get out of here!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 03:14:17  ID:9PyK6aj2.net(5)
I have a mixed feeling toward gaijins.
I hate them but love them like for example I'm dating white gaijin now.

Although I don't like white people nor American...

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 06:31:46  ID:n0XyXzr3!.n(2)
There's been an intermittent DDoS attack against 2ch (or their nameservers).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 06:53:56  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
2ch just be involved with the attack that targeted at 8chan (i dont know exactly what 8chan is and is it differ from 4chan though).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 08:16:30  ID:8gLbmkit.net
Ghost in the shell gets a hollywood remake huh?

I have seen some americans claimed that Japanese are "racist" because we add Japanese characters or alter white characters to Japanese when localizing foreign works. (well, they clearly have no idea what their own country does)
It's laughable that when americans do "whitewash", they pull some retarded logics out of their ass to defend that.

Having said that, at least it could be better than Dragon Ball so I would give it a try.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 08:27:30  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
Japan is open to other countries' cultures.
America is not.
They are afraid of Japanese anime or manga.
Of course, the American public is purely enjoying them, but America like information war.
Information war includes culture.
I don't like TDR and USJ.

But I like TDR when I had a girlfriend.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/11 09:50:12  ID:+1s1BT2E.net(3)
I think Kyoto is getting be a stupid city only for caring visitors of foreigners.
I can't get anything live like Tokyo. Kyoto is duped by other prefectures.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/11 09:54:51  ID:+1s1BT2E.net(3)
>908 actually, European smells nice like well-produced alcohol.
They don't normally eat curry which is a cause of aging odor.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 11:08:18  ID:EGa1WM2I.net(4)
Is that true? I heard Europeans don't take a bath not even shower and that's why they put on the enormous amount of perfume and then they are stinky as fuck.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 11:53:09  ID:/mO7gKMQ.net(5)
whoa... it's as much as a stereotype as the belief the Japanese enjoy Nyotai-mori or something.
You should go abroad and see how they live with your own eyes.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 11:55:50  ID:Qc962IT5.net(4)
Taking the sagging birthrate into account, maintaining the old-age pension system is a difficult problem for the middle-aged people in Japan.
On the contrary, France has succeeded in increasing the birthrate.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 11:57:06  ID:/mO7gKMQ.net(5)
* as much a stereotype as

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 12:12:40  ID:EGa1WM2I.net(4)
I hate older people they are so selfish as fuck.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 12:13:50  ID:EGa1WM2I.net(4)
They always cut in line when we young people are waiting for train or something.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 12:17:31  ID:EGa1WM2I.net(4)
Because they think they are the center of the universe or something like Koreans.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 13:12:39  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
Americans often think two atomic bombs speeded up the end of the war.

Think it over.

Before the two atomic bombs, America had massacred a lot of Japanese civilians all over Japan.
If l had lived at that time, I would have thought Americans were just 鬼畜米.
They killed a lot of civilians. How do we trust them?

They went too far.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 14:09:09  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
How do we trust them?

How did we trust them then?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 14:20:30  ID:Qc962IT5.net(4)
The shortage of practitioners in under-populated areas is a serious problems for elderly people living in those cities.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 14:29:37  ID:Qc962IT5.net(4)
The dome demolished by the atomic blast in Hiroshima, which is a world heritage, stands like a symbol of atomic holocaust.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 14:43:17  ID:0L50Ic9I.net(2)
So, what do you think that they dropped the bombs for?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 14:58:37  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
The atomic bomb museum is managed by 広島平和文化センター.
The chief director of it is Steven Lloyd Leeper, who is American.
He said he would appoint Chinese and Koreans as the review committee about the exhibits.
He also said there is an idea in Asia that two atomic bombs liberated them from the Japanese colonial rule
and that he wanted to make the museum which a lot of peoples can sympathize with.

It is very strange. Why America runs the museum?
And the musuem Nanking massacre there.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 15:00:40  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
And the musuem Nanking massacre there.

And the museum has a booth which mentions Nanking massacre.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 15:20:05  ID:Qc962IT5.net(4)
The United States hoped Japan would make an unconditional surrender as soon as possible, I think.

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 15:22:35  ID:/mO7gKMQ.net(5)
You guys look 内弁慶 for me.
You're just barking at harmless sheepy gaijins here from a safty zone ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌
why don't you go preach the "correct history" somewhere there are lots of wolfy gainjins,
and prove you guys have balls!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 15:23:59  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
human testing
racial discrimination

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 15:27:56  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
I hope real 害人 come here.
I sometimes post my opinion in the reddit or youtube.
But my English is too bad.

I know real 害人 was here before.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 16:38:36  ID:5rYjPzue.net(4)
I used to posting so many comments on YouTube and Instagram and then baka gaijins immediately responded to them and I fired back like literally endlessly!

I actually made some people uncomfortable and I was blocked so many times and my baka gaijins even deleted their fucking accounts lololol because i was so persistent and obnoxious!

It's a great way to practice English! I highly recommend it!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 16:40:22  ID:5rYjPzue.net(4)
I'm at McDonald's this time and enjoying filet o fish バーガー with cola zero and French fries!

But the French fires don't taste anything not salty at all

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 17:14:04  ID:0L50Ic9I.net(2)
Very child of you

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 17:14:45  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
I'll go to reddit and write for the first time in about three weeks!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 17:17:27  ID:5rYjPzue.net(4)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 17:25:56  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
french fire! sounds so buring!

害酷人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 17:57:26  ID:n0XyXzr3!.n(2)
If they want to troll, they should go to 4chan's /int/ (if they want Western teenagers and/or
non-stop trolling) or 8chan (if they want the exceptionally socially retarded and to for all
the argument one would ever want.)

Personally, I'm happy to argue about things, but only if it's done in good faith (善意); it's
not worth my time or energy to deal with internet trolling.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 18:29:10  ID:J4UacMZt.net(10)
I am very serious for wold peace!

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/11 18:29:59  ID:???.net(10)
> 8chan (if they want the exceptionally socially retarded and to for all
> the argument one would ever want.)
As the admin of 8chan, I can confirm that this description of 8chan.co/int is accurate.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 18:34:30  ID:5rYjPzue.net(4)
Haha sorry for the misspelling!

I was eating french fries at that time holding my iPhone!

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 19:07:09  ID:/mO7gKMQ.net(5)
OMG!! the admin of 8ch is roaming around such a declining board! Σ(゜Д゜;)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/11 19:07:53  ID:+1s1BT2E.net(3)
>918 Believe me or not. Muslims are stinkier/

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 19:47:27  ID:OUQmgKXf.net(4)
Ardent followers (Aum believers) still seem to believe in their cult founder who was sentenced to death.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/11 19:52:50  ID:???.net(10)
Let's revive it! ( ゚ ヮ゚)

三年英太郎 ◆3CZBjOt3.Y [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:04:55  ID:/mO7gKMQ.net(5)
You should revive 8ch first!!! m9( ・`ω・´)

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:09:36  ID:OUQmgKXf.net(4)
It's difficult to summarize foreign reactions in the sarin incident that occurred twenty years ago in a short paragraph.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:16:06  ID:???.net(10)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:20:31  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
i noticed lately that スパーキーsan had lost from this thread.
where he has gone ?

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:22:12  ID:???.net(10)
Are you talking about 【スパーキー( ^ヮ^)】 ?
I know him from 4chan. He posts here too?

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:28:59  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
yes. he used to write here and oftne lamented his gender.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:35:05  ID:???.net(10)
I searched, and the last time he here posted was 2014/09/30(火) 06:02:25.11
Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 186

I have not seen 4chan posts from him in a long time. He used to post on /g/ and /jp/.
I also have never seen him post on 8chan. I hope he is OK.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 20:41:43  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
september 2014 sounds not so past, i think he is ok somehow.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 21:23:25  ID:OUQmgKXf.net(4)
The Arab countries failed to come up with an effective measure to prop up declining oil prices.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 22:00:10  ID:Vb02ei21.net
Eric fuckin' Clapton is fuckin' cool. I wanna be like him. But I know I can't.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 22:14:02  ID:tjMGQH5u.net(7)
why you be addicted to clapton?
i only know his song "change the world" but it is produced by a r&b singer babyface and besides that is a cover song not original of him.
if someone loves that song, i recommend the deele, L.A and babyface, and jam and lewis even though i dont know other crapton's songs.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 22:21:10  ID:9PyK6aj2.net(5)
I'm taking a shower and then going to bed today. So early!

I'm goon to get up at 5 am tomorrow...

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/11 23:25:13  ID:OUQmgKXf.net(4)
Experts predict that the United States will no longer quietly endure brutal international terrorism by Islamic radicals.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 01:00:45  ID:3VtD0CcD.net(2)
"Abenomics" causes a public discontent, that is, the startling disparity between the rich and the poor in Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/12 01:29:34  ID:MDhasAYT.net(2)
the middle is very important, you know

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 01:40:29  ID:m/MU0lT4.net

457 名前:害酷人[sage] 投稿日:2014/09/17(水) 17:37:47.01 ID:0oLKKzWD [2/3]!
Thanks! I'm sure I'll offend you soon enough, though.

460 名前:害酷人[sage] 投稿日:2014/09/17(水) 17:48:57.96 ID:0oLKKzWD [3/3]!
Now I'm going to go cry and tell other foreigners that the Japanese are
mean and no good, and Koreans are so much better. They will nod and agree.

>it's not worth my time or energy to deal with internet trolling.

I wholeheartedly agree with you.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 01:55:58  ID:Lh8dEvUb.net(3)
Don't Korea, please.

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 02:14:04  ID:3VtD0CcD.net(2)
The concentration of elderly people in major cities poses a serious problem in relation to housing, although condominiums are being built one after another.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 05:12:06  ID:ulA2T3hR.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 05:19:08  ID:ulA2T3hR.net(2)
Yes. Don't korea.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 05:42:37  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
>908 I don't know what to say, but thanks..!

Today I went to a new all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant (in Holland) with my family.
I had several kinds of sushi (寿司) and tenpura (天麩羅), yakitori (焼き鳥), gyu teriyaki (牛肉照り焼き), miso soup (味噌汁) and matcha (抹茶) ice.
It was really good. I'm very full at the moment... I think I will definitely come back there sometime.
I went to a Japanese restaurant before, but that was in Thailand and it wasn't as good as this one.
I wonder if it tastes even better in an actual Japanese restaurant in Japan.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 06:03:59  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
You're welcome! You guys seem very legit!

Have you actually come to Japan and tried the Japanese food here?
If not, come!

My recommendations are tonkotsu ramen, nabe and monjyayaki because I simply love them lol

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 06:29:55  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
I haven't yet unfortunately, but I plan on doing so whenever I get the opportunity. I am still a student with not so much money..
I was actually going there for a 5 months long internship there starting in February. It was for a small consultation office in Tokyo (目黒区).
But my university teachers rejected the internship proposal in December, because it was not "technical enough" (I am doing an engineering study).
There is not enough time now to find another internship abroad (I was also looking for other countries, but my preference was in Japan).
I doubt there is even enough time to find an internship here in Holland... I have find somethind and start in 3 weeks. Else I don't have anything until September (maybe find a temporary job and save money)
I am planning on trying to find a bachelor thesis internship there in 2016 though. Or maybe do a trip there after my study.
I want to experience living abroad for a few months now that I am still young (21) and am able to, before I get a house etc.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 06:35:18  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
>972 I have to find something and start in 3 weeks*. (instead of: "I have find somethind and start in 3 weeks" <wrong)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 06:43:11  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
That's a very unfortunate situation. I hope you can find something worthwhile for you here in Japan.

Come to think of it, so many people here are some kind of professionals and makes me think I should have majored in different studies like computer stuff.
My major was international studies and my minor was English but these are so useless as hell.

If you can actually get the opportunity to come here, let me know!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 06:44:06  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
I'm going to Tokyo today!!!!!!!!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:00:43  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
>974 Sure, I will let it know in this thread I guess! And I am doing industrial (or business) engineering (bachelor), it's probably the easiest engineering study out there. But to be honest, I don't really like it.
I choose it because I didn't know what study to do after highschool, and this one was study is pretty broad (it has business economics, logistics, marketing and engineering and more) and will almost guaranteed give me a reasonable/good job.
This is actually my 2nd study. I quit mechanical engineering after 1 semester, because that was something I didn't like at all (and my grades there were also not that good).
I did an internship last year in Holland too, but I got really depressed during that, because it was full-time doing something that I didn't like.

I am still looking for something that I really like. I envy people that have a clear dream or passion in their lives.
Now I am in my 3rd year now and my grades are good, but I am still looking for "something". I hope to find that "something" when I try out stuff like an internship abroad.
Maybe I will continue to do a Master after this, but that will cost me (and my parents) even more money and I should really like that study if I'm going for it...
I wonder what the future looks like.

You say that you find your major/minor useless, but do you enjoy it? I think enjoying doing what you do is more important than if a study is "professional" or not.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:08:09  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
>976 Ugh, there are quite some stupid mistakes again from changing some sentences. I should really proof-read better before I post. Sorry for that!
(>and this one was study is pretty broad --> and this study is pretty broad)
(>Now I am in my 3rd year now and my grades are good --> Now I am in my 3rd year and my grades are good)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:09:06  ID:f8HWux7K.net(2)
it's fine in tokyo today, have a nice day.
i need more sunlight...being bathed in sunlight is good for your health.
i feel it is true that some people suffer from seasonal depression (called 冬季うつ?) in winter.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:12:42  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
Seems like you are very capable and I'm jealous because I'm so baka like there is no tomorrow.

I also wanted to go to a grad school but I really didn't know what exactly I wanted to study more and also that costs a lot of money and I really didn't want to bother my parents anymore.
My university was so expensive!!!

I kinda liked them when I was in college and still now I like reading and watching international affairs and think how the world has changed or whatever.

I hope you can find "something" in the near future.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:15:10  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
Thanks! Hope I can enjoy while I'm there!
(I'm on an express now!)
I'm planning to go to 3 ramen shops today in Tokyo!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:15:17  ID:f8HWux7K.net(2)
condominiums are being built one after another in my town too...they're very tall like skyscraper.
i can't believe the population of japan has started decreasing, that of my town has kept on going up.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:16:10  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
Oops I'm on an express bus now!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:17:47  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
No worries. I can get your point clearly enough.
Sorry for my disgustingly terrible English by the way!

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:21:57  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
It is indeed true. In Scandinavian countries UV (vitamin D) theraphy is pretty common. They only get a few hours light per day there in the winter.

My parents pay for my (second-hand bought) books, and resell them when I am done with them. Other than that I pay for the study myself.
But I am lucky that going to university here is really cheap (the government pays for most of it if you complete the study. If you fail the study, you have to pay everything back).
They changed that law a bit, so it is more expensive now. But I am lucky that that new law doesn't apply for me.

オランダ人[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:48:30  ID:NPerbXaT!.n(7)
Oh, and have fun in Tokyo! Don't worry too much about your English, it's really good in my opinion!
Everyone makes small mistakes, you're right that maybe I shouldn't worry too much about it myself either if the message is still clear/understandable.

Why am I still here... I have to finish a report that is due tomorrow and it's almost midnight. I still have some time tomorrow though...

This thread is also almost coming to an end.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 07:52:06  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
I want to sleep on the bus now but fucking obnoxious bitches behind me keep talking and talking and talking quite loudly!!!
What the fuck kind of education did their fucking parents give to their fucking kids???
I just remembered I have earplugs in a bag!!!
Also baka assholes don't close the drapes so it's freaking glaring!!!!

I can't sleep!!!! Fuckers!!!!!!

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 08:34:11  ID:Z+C1Vg+f.net
I'm a labor standards inspector here in Japan.

I wonder what other nations inspectors are like in their job. Since we are not being able to participate in international conferences where inspectors from various nations exchange info, because of our poor English skill and low budget.

It's a shame almost all inspectors won't speak English at all. They depend on part time interpreters when English language is needed. Worse more, they don't know if the interpretation is correct or not.

The issue I think is not their currently unable to speak English but the fact they don't feel embarrassed at all about the marunage act even though they are all highly educated people graduated from decent unis.

I guess this won't happen in other countries. We should be struggling to communicate in English in this international age. At least we need to be able to greet and chit-chat in English.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/12 10:02:41  ID:???.net(10)
Good morning everyone.

Philippines is only a one hour time difference from Japan.
Have a good day at work or school (or browsing 2ch all day if you are NEET).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 10:40:01  ID:+j9kajNW.net(2)
today is coming of age day in japan
so it is a national holiday.

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/12 10:55:23  ID:???.net(10)
Coming of age day? How do you celebrate it?

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/12 10:57:40  ID:???.net(10)
Hmm, this thread is almost at 1000 posts, so I made a new one so we don't forget to before 1000 posts.

Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 190

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 11:16:00  ID:Lh8dEvUb.net(3)
I don't know your kote name.
Are you famous?

ホット・ホイールズ ★[sageteyon]   投稿日:2015/01/12 11:27:02  ID:???.net(10)
I don't think so.
I am 8chan.co and 8ch.net's 管理者 (admin).

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 11:32:18  ID:Lh8dEvUb.net(3)
I see. Thanks.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 13:04:56  ID:+j9kajNW.net(2)

名無しさん@英語勉強中[]   投稿日:2015/01/12 14:00:36  ID:MDhasAYT.net(2)
Have you already seen the pictures of a naked professor in the campus
That was really hilarious

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 14:10:02  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
I'm at the Tokyo station now slurping some つけ麺

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 15:23:58  ID:WnuWLTGp.net
Some of the Japanese communists say that they admit violation and discrimination. They seem to protest against the party's policy line, although the Communists gained their strength in Parliament in the last election. I cannot put trust in them.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 17:32:50  ID:NtD9DoyR.net(10)
I've always hated 東京メトロ since it's literally 迷路…

People in Tokyo are so cool because it's a piece of cake for them like without any hesitations at all. Like they are stalking with nonchalant lookings!

I'm literally like a confusing kid and my eyes are literally glued to google map on my iPhone...so embarrassing...

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 18:03:48  ID:algtTTkm.net(2)
I don't know why. But I do.
He's really good at covering songs.
There're not only change the world but also Cocain, I shut the sheriff, Crossroads, and more and more and more. I love his cover songs.
He has also many good original songs.
The famous are Layla, Tears in Heaven, My Father's Eyes and so on.
Rather than his songs themselves, I like his playing style of guitars.

APD ◆p.H955gxe6 [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/12 18:14:55  ID:algtTTkm.net(2)
My father took me out to Budokan to see Eric Clapton's live when I was 10.
Though I couldn't understand goodness of his music that time, I was getting to be interested in his music spontaneously.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 01:35:36  ID:13kBr7n2.net(2)
thanks スパーキー

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 01:38:24  ID:13kBr7n2.net(2)
are you a adimin of 8ch???
why you are messing around such the trivial thread?

512M ◆n0YSsccsgc [sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 14:45:16  ID:IQTx1Cvz.net
Low-tuition state-run universities understandably draw many candidates for the nationwide standard examination which is also used by many private universities.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 18:14:50  ID:cI2CfKWP.net(3)
i hope everyone has a great time in the next thread, too...

Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 190 [転載禁止]&amp;#169;2ch.net
Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 190

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 18:15:48  ID:cI2CfKWP.net(3)
generally speaking, national universities are more highly evaluated than private universities in japan
while private universities are more highly evaluated than national universities in the usa or the uk, right?
it's interesting.

名無しさん@英語勉強中[sage]   投稿日:2015/01/13 18:16:24  ID:cI2CfKWP.net(3)
i will post the 999th comment in this thread.
thank you.

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